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Rude collision inspired Saint Glaham Fighting

In the game of New Orleans defeated Carolina Black Leopard, the Saint-4-point Guardrol-Bris opened (DREW BREES) was called, and in the process of flying in this ball, black panther The queue Davis Davis (Thomas Davis hits the Jimmy Graham) close to the helmet in the non-ball area.

Bristed is still outstanding in the 2015 season, his success rate reached 68.3%, reaching a coastal ratio of 32:11, and the four-point guard passed the ball score is 101.0. Although he has been hurting, it is obvious to the performance. PEYTON Manning and Tom Brady have proved that the quarter-saving is still successful in the end of the career, Briser is no exception.

Roman said in broadcasting: «Offense group redefines all things. Yes, all things, each formation, each route, each mushroom tactics, each route definition. The key is how to make the currently good offense continues progress.»

World Best British Rugby Player will join NFL

Recently, the British football world has passed the fence. At present, one of the world’s best athletes, Jarryd Hayne, announced that it will exit English football and turn to an NFL athlete. Hayon is 26 years old, is considered to be a hot leader in British football players. However, he recently announced that he would challenge American football, which shocked all the coaches and bosses of the British Football League.

Matthew last season with Texas signed a $ 7 million contract, completed 2 copies, 3 times (career new height) and 89 times. In order to pursue higher salary, Matthew chose to hit the free market, the chief also satisfied his desired.

Glaham then said: «I just need to play passion, I think I lack emotions, and today, it not only helps me play better, but also adds the entire offensive group.» In the first half After the transcript, Glaham made a celebration of the head hit the billboard. He explained this: «I may just want to vent it, we have tried so many things this season, but the effect is not as good as People, some people even give up us, I am just for this. «

The chief will be with Safety Wei Tilan — Matthew Sign for 3 years

Beijing March 12, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the chief is expected to sign a three-year 42 million US dollars in Tyrann Mathieu. contract.

After sending Joe Flacco, Lamar Jackson will become the core quadruption in the crow. Greg Roman, Greg Roman, also clearly shows its own attitude, and he will work hard to find ways to enhance offensive efficiency.

At present, many people have begun to actively envision Haine will join which team will join. Haine’s tweet seems to have left some spider mart. He released a number of information related to Dallas Cowboy and Seattle Hawks this week, and was surprised by the Cowboy. The tweet before earlier, said his attention to the sea eagle, Yuen Yuen took a photo of the sea eagle jersey, and a manager of the Hawks and Hague Manager. group photo. There have been previous media exploding, the sea eagle intends to sign the sea sign for 1 year, let him appear as the team’s abandonment. It is just a rumor for this Hainen.

Matthews may mean the departure of Eric Berry. Berry’s contract has been three years, the sum of the sum of 200.2 million, but he has been injured in the injury in the past few years and cannot be stabilized. Since 2017, Baile has only participated in three regular competitions.

The Epis Character is grabbed, and the current column of all the four-in-one evaluation of alliances, but in the third quarter of the San Diego flash competition last week, he was unfortunately sprased the knee. After a few days of cultivation, Foste returned to training on Friday, but did not use full. On Wednesday, Foste once said that he would appear: «This is just ordinary pain, no big deal.»

Hayen said in the press conference: «For me, becoming a cheap nfl jerseys athlete has always been my dream. It may be my only opportunity to try, challenge this sport.» Hayon told in the conference How to do itself Cheap Jerseys From China a poor child that can only live in the housing committee, struggle to become the best player of the British Rugby League. Hayon, who is spanning, is a few times during the press conference. About the family, Haen said: «My dream is to buy a house for my mother, now I have done it.»

General Manager: Bris is still our quarterfield

Next season, the New Orleans Drew Brees will cause $ 30 million in the team’s salary, and there is a rumor that the saints are considering the trading of him. Last month, Bris and head coach Sean Payton publicly said that the next season will continue to work for teams.

Of course, Hayan’s decision has also been questioned. Former AFL player Ben Graham has become an NFL athlete with the abandonment of the kick, and he said that Hayen has to wait and see. Good in the British Football League to say unconditional support: «His departure is our loss, but we look forward to his dreams come true.» Several relevant personnel also sent blessings.