Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Roman said in broadcasting: «Offense group redefines all things. Yes, all things, each formation, each route, each mushroom tactics, each route definition. The key is how to make the currently good offense continues progress.»

«First, I am very satisfied with the performance of them in the free market this year. I also said that we have a good high-quality employee in some difficulties this year. They give the new blood brought by the locker room Excite. We will know who will eventually join the job. «

Coach said: «His recovery did a good job, he can complete the line to walk, we feel he slowly gains, but check before the next time, he will only look at training at the edge, doing rehabilitation recovery until we have the results before making a decision. «

Hull said: «Now, speed and (coach) Ron (Ron Rivera) communication lineup, but also cooperate with the personnel department and management wage-capped department, I want to make sure I am ready when the players report to the training camp on Tuesday. «

Hernandez — Bryant completed X-rays need to continue recovery

Dallas Cowboys hope that Hernandez — Bryant (Dez Bryant) surgery recovery can take it, US time on Wednesday, Bryant completed the X-rays, as if his feet also need the next step recovery program.

After sending Joe Flacco, Lamar Jackson will become the core quadruption in the crow. Greg Roman, Greg Roman, Cheap Jerseys also clearly shows its own attitude, and Nfl Jerseys he will work hard to find ways to enhance offensive efficiency.

Despite only one year of general manager, Herne said that the boss Jerry Richardson trust him to make a long-term decision that the team may affect the team. At present, there are two important black panthers, line Weaving Thomas Davis and the proximal front-ended Greg Olsen, hoping to renew this year, but Herne did not say this It is his priority attention.

Excellent performance allowed Bayer to serve as a chance to serve as the Phoenix’s Red Championship, but his head coach did not succeed. The glory of the «Pig Trust» has no longer reappearing, and the four season winning rates he straighted never half.

Horton wrote: «I have hesitated to your future, but I finally decided to quit the rugby game. The reason is two points: First, my body is healthy. The small injuries that accumulated every year can no longer ignore, After weighing, I hope to save the power. The second is my faith, I believe I should go to the next generation. «

In 1981, when Joe Gibbs opened the red skin career, it also allowed the Bayier to join the front line coach. In addition, Bu Gal has also gained the position of the offensive coordinator and the head of the coach. Bu Garma does not stop the offensive front line, it is called «The Hogs», Barder himself is called «Boss HOG». He won the super bowl ring in the red skin.

Hordon is the University of Southern California, which is a seven-year-old competition for the panther. It is the first 35 games, and the first 15.5 kills, 24 hit four-point guard, 7 times forced the ball.