Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

In 2012, the jet was selected at the 16th place in the Sino-Carolina’s draft selection conference, and Cumpez completed the first 28 games in 2013 and 2014, after which only 2 games were completed, 10 games were only Hand over 8 crocked data.

The game started, the packaging worker held the ball. This season made the 49-person defensive group of other teams, and immediately gave a package of the package. 49 people outside Warner Fred-Warner Fred Warner squid, Nick Bosa, Nick Bosa picked up the ball, 49 people in the first 2 yards of the packaging work area Go to 1 time. Immediately, 49 people run the TEVIN COLEMAN 2 Code Balls, 49 people 7-0 packwork.

The packaging worker offensive group could not respond to the continuous division of 49 people and discard the ball again. 49 people use this offense again to reach the reachaes, four points Guiji-Gla Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo) to the new show, Dobo, Samuel, the latter uses the speed advantage to enter the end The 42 yards of the district will be taken. 49 people 20-0 packwork, far leading.

With the packaging workers, they were once again killed by 49 people’s defensive group, and the four-speed 8 yards were strong, and the game has completely lost the suspense. But the horrible 49 people offensive group killing people, running Werattham Mostel 15 codes, 49 people 37-8 packworks.

Francis weight 330 pounds, indicating that he has always been a user who has been using the APP taxi, and recently wrote a joke in his own tweel: «Just applying Uber driver, I hope my background meets the requirements!»

The second half is prone to fight again, the packaging workers finally broke the score. Dragon 2 is connected outside the Davante Adams to Davante Adams, and is 2 points conversion. Package 3-23 behind 49 people.

He thinks so, because his contract is $ 9 million in 2 years, just to compete for this starting position, he said: «Obviously, the mode of last season is what we want, I have talked with Kelly, so this first It is important for me. There is also a chance to have a chance, but I don’t want to change. There is another year of contracts, which is a completely different concept for quarter-off. «

The team under Sanchez led last season has completed 4 wins and 4 losses. His passage success rate is as high as 64.1%, completed the transfer of 2418 yards and 14 reaches and 11 cases of copying, this is also his career Data. Perhaps this is also his source of confident.

Francis himself was unselected free players. Last year, he was in the third season of the Alliance, he got 3.18 million US dollars, and the dolphin renewal ensured his basic income. Maybe this is why he wants to make a good time.

Brown announced the signing of the four points of the Austin — Davis

Cleveland Bridge signed a new quarter-off, the team announced on Monday in local time, with the former St. Louis Rams Austin Davis, the latter was reached 2 days ago .

Last season, Davis as the ram of the ram, showed a big arrival, 8 times, and won 12 Daoxuan simultaneously by copying 9 times. Davis seems to have a higher talent and determination compared to Manzel. In the past 20 years, Brown has been looking for a four-point guard worth relying on, although Davis will not be that person, but his performance will be worth looking forward to. If Davis has the opportunity to come, he may bring a surprise to fans.

Sanchez clearly believes that they can compete for the team’s starting

With the coach of the last week, the head of the Eagle, Chip Kelly, publicly announced the team’s four-point guards, and the first battle between the eagle is more intense.

The American tiger has not yet left the coach Dem — Malone to make a decision

When the Jacksonville American tiger is approaching, the team’s Doug Marrone is still an unknown. Nfl Jerseys TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported that Malone «did have a chance to stay.»

Brown’s first four-point guard will be Josh McCown, and the order of Austin will be ranked behind Johnny Manziel. Due to Manzell injured in the season in the season, the two weeks were missing. If he could not return it in time, Davis will become a quarter from the beginning of the season.

The American Tiger has previously fired Tom Coughlin, an Executive Vice President of the Team Operation. In the declaration at the time, Khan said that Malong and General Manager Dave Caldwell will be responsible to him before finding the successor.

Before the end of the first half, the packaging workers also couldn’t find a way to promote score, and the three-speed Dragon Brother was lost 9 yards by Boba, and the packaging workers had to give up. 49 people took this opportunity, from 48 yards in the kicker, expand the leading advantage to 23 points. At the end of the half, 49 people 23-0 packwork.

But after 49 people took back the ball, they immediately made a role. The second line of the packaging worker did not see the 49-person head number. George Kittle, the latter is easy to get the 61 yard ball reachable. 49 people 30-8 packages, successfully cast the momentum of the packaging work.

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