Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Bosa informed all coaches early, and he would adapt to the training in other places with a private trainer. Bosa has also trained with this coach last year. The excellence performance on the field is obvious. Although the first four games absent have also achieved 10.5 kills, it will eventually pay back the honor of the annual defense.

US time on Thursday, the official announced that the New York giant defending guard coach Lu Anarumo is a defensive coordinator. Arnaruo and Tigers are currently coach Zac Taylor, who worked in dolphins.

In the statement released on Monday, this decision announced that in the statement, the Alliance expressed «did not find credible evidence» proved that the wife of Manning’s growth hormone in 2011 in the peninsula USB 2011 .

However, Arnaruo’s defensive group in the season is not good. The giant defensive last season has been previously ranked first (the averaging is pushed 413.6 yards), the anti-transmission reversal is first (275.9 yards being passed), and the averaging is divided into the third larger (28.4), anti-run rankings The countdown is fourth (the averaging is punched in 137.8 yards).

In fact, Fitz Patrick needs a jet. The jet also needs him, but the contract of 16 million US dollars in the previous year is obviously impossible. Now the best opportunity for him is to accept this contract, and then participate Team training camp.

Message: Jet opens to Fitz Patrick 3 years contract The New York Jet didn’t give them four-point guards Ryan Fitzpatrick he wanted to revenue, according to New York Times, wholesale Jerseys I gave yourself quit a low quotation contract.

Taylor said in the statement: «I have been very respectful, he is a defensive coach who can pass people. He is very suitable for Cincinnati, which is in line with the team we want to build. At the same time, Lu also has excellent communication skills, each player They respect him, he will also learn from it. «

He said in an interview in Boston comment: «I like it very much in the university, I remember everyone, they like to spit, but they never look at their own way. That is a 12-year-old child, all It is impossible to play four-point guard, I don’t need a child to tell me what, I have been 32 years old, I don’t need a 12-year-old person to tell about how to do four-point work. «

Although Manning has been washed suspicion, the players mentioned in this report have not yet. The Alliance is still planning to talk about Green Bay packaging line, Jhuli Lee, Peppers, and Clay Matthews, front packaging workers defenders Mike NEAL, Mike Neal and Pittsburgh Steel James Harrison, James Harrison.

But unfortunately, if Vuitton continues to lift, these message will only continue, and the Sunday will face the challenge of the patriotism of the whole victory, obviously all the opportunity is embarrassing.

Before making the final decision, NFL and Manning and his wife, alliances expressed their «completely cooperated with investigation.» The Alliance also received medical records related to this matter, after reviewing these records and interviews, the alliance determined that there was no evidence that Manning was violated.

Last December, the television station reported that an interns worked in the Indianapolis clinic was secretly filmed by Manning’s wife to receive human growth hormone. It was also effective in Manning, Indianapolis Pony, was recovered from neck surgery. The intern was reported after the report, and Manning anger this report, he said the report «completely fabricated, complete garbage,».