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In replacing the knee ligament torn, Carson Wentz was first, and after the team took the super bowl, Falls completed the rebirth and highly improved their market value. Earlier this week, Falls said in the radio: «I know that I can be traded, if I get the first chance, I will be very happy. I know my position in Philadelphia, I have already showed my own Ability. One year in the contract, I love this team, I also love this city. I am happy to return to Karson, I will do my best. «

Tourist athletes visit the University of Oklahoma football training

On August 8th, the Okrahoma’s local Terrace athletes appeared in the practice venue of American football team in the Oklahoma, and also brought warm cheers for the court while watching their training. Invite them to see the training session or warm-up match is the tradition of the team, each year, their arrival, will encourage the players and VIP fans.

The Sun Circus will build an area of ​​40,000 square feet of venues, which will be open in November 2017 and will sell NFL surrounding products and NFL film companies. The outside of the venue will have four high-level giant display to play the works of the NFL film company. In the venue interior, the Sun Circus will arrange the exhibition and a 12-minute performance, which will summarize the NFL movie company’s database, from the tension scene of the Lanbao Stadium from the NFL movie company, the tension scene of the dressing room and the big snow in the Lanbao Stadium and Low temperature.

NFL and Sun Circus want their well-known brands to help each other to increase the number of fans. For NFLs that have a serious planned NFL in Europe, China and Central South America, have a serious plan to benefit from the large international influence of the Sun Circus.

Cleveland Brown and Run Duke — Johnson Recycling for 3 years

Cleveland Brown reinforces the running guard by checking the old Carlos Hyde and choosing the new Shik Nick — Nick Chubb), but this does not mean Duke Johnson will lose his own. Location.

Eagle with quartz, Hols restructuring contract

According to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, the original 2019 has become a non-restricted free player’s quarter-Swan Nick Foles, which has been amended with the eagle. The contract is reached, and the contract includes the 2019 option.

nfl jerseys and Sun Circus cooperation will establish a display center in New York

In order to actively expand the fans group and the most in the world in the world, NFL announced that the Canadian Sun Circus will establish a venue including an aater and interactive display in Times Square.

Haiying off first task: retain Maxville

The Seattle Hawow is about to usher in the last battle of this season. With the approach of the break, the team management also begins to prepare the personnel operation. John Schneider, General Manager of Haiying, clearly indicating that the team’s number one task in February is to renew the Byron Maxwell to Maxwell.

Although Hyde and the investigations are expected to be responsible for the first two stars, Johnson will contribute to the pass attack. Taking into account the new offense coordinator Beauval.Co.Uk Todd Haley, the successful tactics developed by the Pittsburgh steel man, Johnson’s opportunity in the 2018 season may increase.

Pete — Carroll (Pete Carroll) said: «We made a mistake in tactics signal the players confused, very unfortunate opponents to complete a simple touchdown players do not get the same signal, so it was done. Has happened. «Thomas confirmed Carol’s statement, he said:» The defensive group we are in this tactics, but the other half is playing another. When we don’t communicate, things will happen. I think Sherr Man is close to the side line, he got the correct instruction, but this did not convey to everyone. «

Johnson was the most reliable offensive player last season, and he took a total of 1041 yards. In all the alliances, his number of batches (74 times) and the number (693 yard) are ranked fourth and third.

Schneider said: «Maxville is very good this year, I think he will seek a big contract as much as possible, I understand this. However, at least we have the opportunity to keep him.» The team’s current defensive coordinator Dan — Kuin Quin has been determined to transfer Atlantian Femplay after the end of the super bowl, and he may take the truth from the door to the team to leave Maxville, which is a small challenge for Schneider.

Hawks’ defensive second-line players have currently led alliances, Richard Sherman and Strong Kam Cham-Qisler (Cam Chancellor) and Toywei Harmas II (Earl Thomas III) Both signed a long and team in the first two seasons, in addition, Russell Wilson, and the midline Wei Boba, Bobby Wagner, is the future of the sea eagle. The attack and defense core, which also makes the Habit Management There is no sufficient salary space for renewing Maxville, once Maxville, last year’s five-round Shi Rod-Simon will might replace him to become a sea eagle New main angle guard.

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