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Adam — Vegas do not regret to miss start of next season 49

Chicago Bears this week’s opponent will be the San Francisco 49ers, the team offensive coordinator Adam — Vegas (Adam Gase) before the start of the season was close to becoming the head coach of 49 people. In the interview this week, Vargas said he did not regret missing the job to 49 people, china jerseys and said that work in the Bears very happy.

Vegas said: «cheap nfl jerseys for sale to be a member of the Bears, and I’m excited this is what I’ve always wanted to find a job I feel cheap nike nfl jerseys for sale their work, and a group of good players to work together to help coach John. — Fox (John Fox), which is a good job for me. «

Aged 37, Vegas will Bears offensive to build a very impressive quarterback Jay — Cutler (Jay Cutler) the performance is satisfactory overall. Earlier, 49 people Vegas is passed close to becoming coach, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping to which he responded:. «I do not know what was himself in a position, but now I will not think this problem» now, compared to chaotic and inefficient offensive to 49 people, to join the Bears for Vegas is a better choice.