Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

In the game, he completed a 1-yard holding rush to reach, which also became the 15th score of his personal, and created a new personal season record. The previous patriots completed a single season 14 A reachable player is a record of 14 reacted in the Single Same season in 1995 and 1996 in 1995 and 1996. Martin Martin.

Red Leather General Manager Like New Show Run Sathhot

Washington Red Primer Coach Jay Grudin has said that the team is a 3-wheeled Run Matt-Jones, which does not affect the Alfred Morris. The first position. But General Manager Scott McCloughan seems to be very optimistic about Jones’s future.

Mike Coachang said in the last interview that Jones’s play style is like Ma Shawn Lynch: «Matt’s performance always makes me think of Ma Shaen, he has burstful, not afraid of confrontation and contact.» Mike Kohohan once served in Seattle Hawks. The 2010 season is brought by Lin Qi to the Hawk.

A defensive end arouse Artong-Smith announced returning and signed cowboy

A defensive end Ardong-Smith (Aldon Smith) announced that he returned himself after 5 years after the rugby race. cheap nfl jerseys TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Smith was signed with a year of $ 4 million in a one-year worth 4 million. Another insider Mike Grafolo reveals that $ 2 million of $ 2 million is fundamental, another $ 2 million in murder.

Smith played back in the NFL stadium and dating back to the 2015 season. At that time, he was played on the raid, because violation of personal behavior policies and carrying prohibited items were limited to match. The raid person cuts Smith in 2018.

Bell and Steelman cannot sign a long time before the deadline of the privileged label player on Monday. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Bell refused a $ 70 million in a 5-year salarievated contract with more than $ 30 million in the first two seasons. Now Bell will play with a privilege label contract worth $ 14.5 million in the new season.

The team general manager Ozzie Newsome released a statement: «It can be checked for us now. Fusser is very fortunate. The reason is not only because he became a team in the field. Important offensive weapons, and active influence on the team in the locker indoors. Fast-Specessed far beyond our expectations. «

Pittsburgh Steelman Run Belle may be absent from the training camp again

Beijing July 18th Reviene — Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) may reort the training camp that does not participate in the Pittsburgh steel person.

Allen’s 5-year-old passed 26 times successfully achieved 263 yards 2 times, 2 passes were copied, and the average passed 6.4 yards, and the quarterfielding was only 77.6. The number of passes, the average passing the number and quadruption of the ball is the lowest season. After the first four games in the season, only one passed was called, this is the first single game from the fourth week from the 2019 season, at least 2 passes has been copied.

Newam said: «He integrates into the team’s offensive system. He is highly efficient in passing the ball. Fuster can serve as the leader of the team, he is a legendary story, we are very I am glad that he can stay. «

The crow is nine millions of renewal professional bowl runs to Sifetete three years

According to the «Baltimore Chaamia» report, Baltimore Collus announced that Justin Forsettt was about three years on Thursday, and Justin Forsett, and the contract value was 9 million US dollars.

Many people will use Allen’s poor performance in this golden file competition to prove their previous views, that is, Allen is not excellent quarter-off. But such a view ignored that Allen’s excellent play in the first month of the season, he also ignored the progress made in the pass. A game will not define a season and will not define the whole career.

In the two sides unable to sign the rest, Bell will become the focus of the rest of the rest. Steelman has expected that Bell will choose an absence of training camp after obtaining new contracts, but his broker said that the decision of the absence of training camp has nothing to do with the contract, just to maintain the body.

Last year Bell reported to the steel man on September 1. He took 1291 yards in 15 games in the last season, and the 655 yards were completed in 85 battles, and a total of 11 times. However, Bell was slow in the stage of the season, and he had a total of 180 yards in 52 times in the first three games, and he recovered in a few games after several games.

Allen’s twice passed a copy of the biggest factor that caused Bill’s loss, cheap Jerseys and Titan used these two coputés to finally achieved reaching. The total proposal number of Bill’s game is more than Titan, and they have succeeded 13 times in 17 three-speed conversion. The final winner is Bill’s mistake.

Mike Ke Lahan said: «I am honored to work in Seattle and Lynch, his playing method makes me very enjoyable, I want to hold him. It is really difficult. Now, Matt let me have a very similar feeling. «Despite this, Mike Coplo is also supported by the head of Groad, and he also believes that Morris will be the first hair of the team, but also expresses the expectation for Jones. He believes that Jones can get more opportunities with the in-depth season.