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Methodology. The methodological foundation of scientific studies are the methodology of institutional analysis. The historic and logical analysis research methods were utilised to characterize the present approaches in financial aspects to the phrase competitive the best-selling region as well as their role within the functioning from the economic climate of the nation in general theoretical generalization to look for the priority of macroeconomic and institutional factors influencing the development of competitive the best-selling region system analysis and economic modeling to produce the business and economic mechanism of increase of region competitiveness within the conditions of globalization around the globe economy inductive method in the stage of systematization and processing of knowledge. The content examines the trends in Mongolian nomadism development around the illustration of staring at the socio-economic status of nomads from the Bulgan province. Surveys among nomad households by means of a semi-formalized interview were conducted around the territory of 4 districts (Mogod, Sayhan, Orkhon and Burag-Hangay) 28 households with Gps navigation resolution of periodic parking were acquired. It’s proven that alterations in the standard economy of nomads are determined through the consumer need for the urban population. Particular attention is attracted towards the causes of the migration of nomads. The overall vector of migration is forwarded to metropolitan areas that behave as major markets for animals products. Some facets of the connection of nomad migrants using the local human population are explored.

10. Bessarabov, V. G. Kashaev, K. A. Zashhita prokuraturoj prav I svobod cheloveka I grazhdanina (Prosecutor Protection Legal rights and Freedoms of individual and Citizen). Moscow, 2007. 45. Pavlikov, S. G. Shevchenko, S. N. Sovremennyj konstitucionalizm v kontekste problem «kollizii» nacionalnyx I mezhdunarodnyx cennostej I interesov (Modern Constitutionalism poor the issues of Collision of National and Worldwide Values and Interests) // Sovremennyj yurist, 2015, No. 4, pp. 67-77. The primary reason for the research would be to investigate innovative methods to the juvenile delinquencys prevention by using mediation to solve social conflicts relating to the minors and also the use anthropo-social concepts of Orthodoxy in mediation both in the preventive phase, and also at the pre-jurisdiction stage of resolving legal conflict. The technique used in the observation enables to recognize the behaviors natural in adolescents incompatible situations. The technique of the questionnaire survey offers an chance to look for the degree of mediation competence from the participants from the studies. The technique of the in-depth interview permitted to get the specifics of the dwelling from the social conflict relating to the minors. The selected discourse helped to recognize the insufficiency of existing methods and practices for that juvenile delinquencys prevention. The extension from the experimental database technology in mediation can also be possible by using anthropo-sociological setups of traditional religious institutions. The selected approach greatly improves the methodology and exercise of crime prevention. Its further criminological development allows to create a practical contribution towards the Russian and worldwide experience with crime prevention in the phases of prevention and resocialization.

The interview with Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Professor, Department of Worldwide Relations, Asian Federal College, is adopted the occasion of his 65th birthday. The primary subject from the conversation may be the scholars research experience and the assessment from the development level and current condition of social and humanitarian science in Russia, at Asian Federal College. Anatoliy Kuznetsov emphasizes the significance of giving due regard to local research traditions and scientific schools. He views the introduction of scientific theory to become essential and suggests the prospects of creating a systematic approach, which, given its unrevealed potential, could be sought after underneath the conditions of high variability and uncertainty relating to modern occasions. The content is dedicated to the issues from the formation and positioning from the legal status category in legal science. The relevance of the phenomenon in law is a result of the possible lack of its unambiguous perception, which doesn’t let it fully determine its place and purpose within the theory of legal details. The objective of this information is to look for the philosophical and dialectical foundation for the inclusion of the concept within the scientific categorical apparatus of jurisprudence. This allows with plenty of certainty to recognize its primary characteristics, devote the classification of legal details, in addition to functional relationships along with other aspects of the legal-factual system. The methodological basis of this article is made by modern achievements from the theory of understanding. Within the research process, theoretical, general philosophical (dialectic, analysis, synthesis, deduction, systemic method,), in addition to traditional legal methods (formal-logical, юридический бюро normative-dogmatic yet others) were utilised. While research, in line with the ratio from the dialectic groups of motion and rest, the final outcome was formulated that physical the truth is a number of static and dynamic situations. Static conditions characterizing the soundness and sustainability of the phenomenon or object are states. The variability of social relations is a result of dynamic conditions, which function as the foundation for something new of condition. This method permitted us to formulate the final outcome that states are natural aspects of physical being. They may be qualified just as real existence conditions and, so long as the rule of law associates a particular legal consequence together, they must be acknowledged as legal details. An research into the host to the condition within the system of legal details permitted us to summarize that the amount of time can’t be regarded as qualifying it. States are characterised by length over time, which is exactly the fluidity from the phenomenon that means something for any specific situation. Whenever a certain process requires a lengthy time, but because put on the social situation, it matters like a single whole, then it ought to be regarded as an immediate fact. The highly respected Moscow group of over 120 lawyers has over twenty years experience and also the breadth of expert knowledge to satisfy all of the legal requirements of companies conducting business in Russia and also the CIS and also to provide comprehensive legal support for inbound and outbound investment by Russian and worldwide clients.

32. Kurochkin, A. V. Koncept pravovaya institucionalizaciya I ego soderzhanie (The idea of Legal Institutionalization and it is Contents // Aktualnye problemy rossijskogo prava, 2016, No. 3, pp. 39-47. Zheludkova, Ye. G. (2004). The running and practical part of the addressing category (according to French and Russian). Doctorate dissertation. Kemerovo. Rossiyaliklarning tinch yol bilan norozilik aksiyalarida ishtirok etish, erkin veterans administration adolatli saylovlarda qatnashish huquqi nafaqat mamlakat Konstitutsiyasida, balki Yevropada xavfsizlik veterans administration hamkorlik tashkiloti oldidagi majburiyatlarida, Inson huquqlari umumjahon deklaratsiyasi, Fuqarolik veterans administration siyosiy huquqlar boyicha xalqaro pakt hujjatlarida pork oz aksini topgan.