Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The second round of the draft of this game handed over 33 pass 10 and completes 86 yards of 0 Detaver data. Calculate these numbers, you will find that he has pushed 2.6 yards, and the quarterfielding points are only poor 2.0.

The squat squatting said David — Johnson young is durable

The reddam coach Bruce — Alius confirmed on Wednesday: Renewal of renewed players Andre Ellington will be used as an external work next season. This also made the No. 2 running guards of David Johnson.

His 30.3% of the completion rate has also created a new low, which is a new low in success rate since 1992 (calculation standard: at least 30 times.). In addition, the third transformation rate of the tiger is only 3/17, and the conveyor is taken.

According to historical data Dalton, the quartz guards were completed for the first time after SCOTT Brunner, and the passing ball was almost less than 30 times. Bruna completed this poor performance in 1983. For this fourth-grade quarter-off, it is because this game is broadcast through the radio broadcast on Thursday night.

After the best rookie lineup in 2014, Mason was considered to be one of the core players of the ram offensive group. After adding Todd Gurley, Mason’s role in the team decreased, he was only 75 times in the season, and each time the rush was only disappointing 2.8 yards.

Mason was arrested by the police in March and accused of drugs and violations of traffic regulations. He has five times in the past four months. Fisher admitted to the ram in June, «Before you prepare True, you won’t appear here.»

Previously, the packaging workers have indicated that they will not use the privilege label for UN. Considering the salary of the team, they may be difficult to give better price. According to a number of media reports, Auckland raids and Jacksonville Americas are currently very interested in Kobo. The salary space of the two teams can also guarantee that they have the ability to make a big contract for more than 10,000 annual salary.

After Galert, it said: «That is a long code. We shocked 3 & amp; 2, but did not get how much income. So I think it is, according to the current performance of the defensive group, we should be able to block them. In the same place. «

Best Secret Group Players in Kingdom: Washington Red leather kicks the Basin Hopkins, Hopkins have not yet lost free kicks this season. He completed all 11 arbitrage shoots and the addition of 5 times attempts were all successful.

With Dez Bryant and https://www.Covfefetribune.com/going-bald-taught-me-not-to-care-about-stupid-Shit/ Demarryius Thomas, they are tagged by the team, and Kubble is about to be the largest external connections in the free market. According to reports, Kobo hopes to get a new contract with an annual annual average of more than 30 million guarantees. Another external hand of the package worker JORDY NELSON is currently with the team’s contract annual salaries of about 9.76 million, and the guarantee is only 14.2 million. The team has said that it will not provide a contract that exceeds Nelson.

Best Defensive Players in Guolin: Philadelphia Eagle defensive cutoff Fletcher Cox, like Miller, Cox also helped the team unbeaten. At 3 times, Cokes got 3 killings & mdash; & mdash; twice was obtained in the game of straightezburg steel.

But Aliis doesn’t think this is a big problem. Johnson completed 293 rounds and 80th battles last season, and 23.3 toughoter column alliance offensive players first. Aliis said that this number will continue to grow next season, because Johnson «Young and Durable».

In only 3 games, Miller has achieved 5 killings & mdash; & mdash; three of which were obtained when chasing the Indianapolis pony. His successful performance made him win the best defensive player in the Meijian month.

The best offensive player of the United States: Atlanta Falcon 4-dimensional Matt Ryan, Rayan is currently ranked fourth in terms of password number. He led the Falcon to win 2 wins and 1 loss, he currently 103 passes 73 times successfully achieved 970 yards 7 times to reach 1 time passed.

Packaging out outside the lack of discussion, the foreground is not optimistic

In this course, the primary task of Green Bay packaging is to retain external handlantol-Koba (Randall Cobb). However, with the days of opening the free market door, the team looks far away from this all-around attack player. According to the insider, UN broker has rejected a contract for 5 years, an average annual salary of 8 million and 9 million, based on the contract.

The best offensive player of the United States: New England Patriot Runwarate Galrette Blount, lack of the first quartz, Tom-Brady, Tom Brady, and replacement Jimmy-Carobo (Jimmy Garoppolo), Brunt made the patriots to fight the ball offensive. In the first three games in the season, Brunte scored 298 yards 4 times.

According to ESPN report, Alius said: «If you can, I want him to touch 30 times, because he is the key to attack. No matter how external takeover, still in the back, in the slot, in the squad, he It is a potential offensive means. »

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