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[Test your rugby tactical IQ] third phase

1. What is the «straight route» refers to?

A. Running guards running in front of the front of the kick

B. Run Guards running on the side line to run the ball

C. Exterior wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys free shipping take the landscape to the side line position to catch the ball

D. Exterior take the ball in the direction of the ball vertical

2, is it not to pass the ball in the following options?

A. Quad-defense will give the ball to the forward running

B. Quadruption to throw the ball to the external route

C. Did not pick up the ball after four-point guard, the ball rolled forward on the ground

D. Quadly guarded forward, no ball was taken

3, after the kick, the chieftor is handed over to the calendar to the inside, and then move toward the side line, what is his running line?

A. Fork

B. Hammer

C. Hook

D. Whip

4, what is the player of a player who abandoned and abandoned one side of the arrseenes on one side?

A. Equipment

B. Abandon the kick

C. Gunner


5, 4 files 1 yard, the steel man came to the other side of the 36 yards, and the last 1st minute left at this time, the steel man is 7 points, cheap nfl jerseys the opponent is not suspended, cheap Denver Broncos jerseys online which is the best steel person is the best choose?

A. Sportball

B. Abandon kick

C. Shot

D. Passing strong

6. Which of the following information is not available directly in the broadcast icon in the NFL game?

A. Two teams and scores

B. Separate line and first attack line

C. The next gear offensive or running the ball

D. The number of the number of attacks that attack and get the first attack

7. How long is the fastest score in the history of super bowls?

A. 6 seconds

B. 12 seconds

C. 30 seconds

D. 1 minute

8. Which defensive formation is a defensive formation of the Eagle defensive (WIDE-9) No. 9

A. Three-five defensive array

B. Four three defensive array

C. Four-four defense

D. Four-five defensive array

9. Generally speaking, the defensive striker is called the top of the center, and is it a few positions on the striker?

A. No. 1

B. -1 position

C. No. 2

D. No. 3

10. As shown in the figure below, what tactics are the tactics of Kirk-Coss in Kirk-Kirk?

A. Base-Zone Read

B. Trips Combo

C. Play Action

D. Spread Slants

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