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Crow coaches have reminded Xiao Ma Aigo to the ball hand

NFL players announced Tuesday, Tom Brady’s appeal, some emails in the documents announced at the same time, which proved that Baltimo Crows reminded Indiana before the United States championship. Ryan Grigson, general manager of Polys Pony, Mrigson, may use a ball hand on the game.

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Somewhat unexpected choice! In fact no shortage of Chiefs cornerback, defensive or group of players, and there are many problems in their offensive sets, especially the offensive front. But perhaps the chiefs fancy Peters comprehensive management capabilities, but also perhaps take into account the Midland North passing strength, so chose him.

Scout report:

Pros: excellent athleticism and ability to fight, can quickly cause a breakdown in retrospect ball or pass interceptions, tackles very aggressive, regardless of the face of wide receiver or running back are showing striking ability.

Disadvantages: the mind is not mature enough, last season had a conflict with the coach to occur.

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Tove Kings last season is signed by the team last season, and the total ball is 4 times a total of 519 yards for 32 times. The 26-year-old extensive hand did not enter the list in the game of Patriots in the Kansas City, and he only played 2 games this season, and he got 53 yards in 6 times. This is a huge drop in Totumins that is starting at the first week of competition. The team’s four-point Wei Tom Braddy has expressed that Topkins is one of his most trusted balls.

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The seventh overall selection to the placid White. Offseason loss of Brandon — Marshall, let Bears wide receiver stretched position, chosen to White, so the Bears kept outside the traditional big wide receivers, but also to the Bears continue to be competitive National League North, White would be a «superstar or parallel imports» of choice, Jay — Cutler also has a last chance to prove their own.

Scout report:

Advantages: tall sturdy, and excellent jumping reactions, and can protect the ball landing in the high ball, hand ball stable, fast acceleration vertically, above average and coordination step, to create a space ball , excellent vision, to third gear the ball, the ball can break tackles force.

Disadvantages: lack of elite change to the ability to throw off cornerback, occasionally sell the ball, we need to reduce the foul.

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At present, the eagle is 4 wins and 5 losses, only half of the New York Giants. Their goal is still in the playoffs. It is worth mentioning that Sanchez has participated in the Thanksgiving competition during the Tour of New York jet, and there was a «ass to fall» that was repeated.

Bradford sprahed in the shoulders in the game with Miami dolphins last week. Because it is the shoulder on the side of the ball, the team will take a more conservative way to treat this injury. After Bradford left, Mark Sanchez came out. He has passed a copy in the Red District, and if he accidentally, he will serve as a hair in the next two weeks.

«Yesterday, I was worried about the ball for the new England in the game. First, the Baltimo Crow’s Coordinator called the Pagano coach. He said that they have a problem in the game in last week. When they play, they get a new ball instead of properly preparing the ball, «Sulin wrote. «We want to use the ball I pick (No. 2, No. 4, and 6th, so we know that we will not use the ball that has been done.»

The patriot’s ball is a huge question mark in the first four games in the season. The lack of offensive weapons that can complete offensive, extending offensive position has become a big reason for Braddy’s poor performance. Just a day ago, the head coach Belichick also took over another outside the team, and the Alon Dobson, which did not enter the list of Aaron Dobson.

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Although not able to choose Renton — Corinth, but the most scarce eagle itself is a wide receiver position, although the 20th overall selection Age Luo a little bit high, but Age Luo is a and DeShawn Jackson — very similar speed-type player , ideal for the Eagles’ offense, while slot play, return man, a very good choice.

Scout report:

Advantages: thin, but it has excellent physical frame, lateral agility and can throw off opponents sudden acceleration, can run a variety of courses, emergency stop Sharp outstanding abilities, protect the ball after ball with both hands rapidly, competition tough style, speed can throw off pursuers.

Disadvantages: lack of muscle, easy to lose contact with the body, Wholesale Jerseys it is difficult to catch when very close attention, able to take difficult ball is also easy to sell the ball, easy placement of miscarriage of justice, can become NFL punt hand when in doubt received a long pass.

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Before the United States championship, Chou Sullivan Sean Sullivan said to the general manager, Griffon, Mr. Crows, Crow, Crow, Crow, Rusberg, reminded that the little horse is checking CHUCK PAGANO. Su Li Wen also said the «Alliance is known» in the alliance «patriots on the ball hand.