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«You will often see Alex (Rodrigs) three or four hours in advance to practice hit, or see Delik (Jet) dragged a bag of boy and walk. See these You will think: they are already the best baseball players in the world, but they don’t have to be so desirable! But they have been pursuing more powerful self, this is what I learned from them. «

Camman — Newton will ablate the game against the pirateThe star of Carolina Black Leopard, Cam Newton, this week, the team’s training was absent, and the US time was included in the team in a non-upper list.

Previously, there was an analysis that the chief was either served as Hyde, or he added competitiveness in his way to run. Open these two people, there are still two years of Darrel Williams and three rookies in the Emirates: James Williams, Darwin Thompson and Marcus Marcus Marshall.

Before joining the chief, Williams had effectively effective for the dolphins for four seasons. He has played all 16 games last season, and 3 of them were first, 50 times a total of 256 yards, reached 4 times. Williams also has a good borne capacity, completing 23 battles, promoting 160 yards, reaching 2 times. The 2018 regular season is close to the end, and the chiefs and Williams have continued for about two years (US $ 8.1 million).

In the 41 regular sessions of your career, Smith served as 31. He served as a jet in the new year year, and the regular season recorded 8 wins and 8 losses. In the first year of the year, Smith only won three games. In 2017, Smith signed a contract with the giants, and was started after being replaced by Eli Manning.

Before entering the league, there is a young four-point guard with the ability to read the game, and some are the ability to attract scouts by people. For Mahms, his largest capital is extremely strong and powerful right arms.

According to Nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, there have been several negotiations for Charlton’s transactions on Sunday reports. Although there is currently no signs of transaction, it may increase heat in this week.

Although it is not the same year, Mahmus and Mefield estimates will become a pair of unspeakable names. The fate of the two begins in the university. At that time, Mahms of Texas University of Science and Technology made the 1279 yards and 12 times of arrival of 1279 yards and 12 times!

Professional players boat Lawton’s life will make many new show feel uncomfortable, but Mahmos has no trouble. As a son of the former professional players, Xiao Mahms followed the old dad to all over the United States, New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh. Before becoming a professional player, Xiao Ma Ge is already a career level in confronting the day and night.

Emirates Coordinator: Damin Williams is the starting running guardBeijing May 31, the addition of Carlos Hyde, did not affect the original arrangement of the chief, according to the offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Damin William Ms Damien Williams is still the head of the team.

[Star Guide] # 15: Patrick — Mahomus’s 8 sides, do you know?In the 15th week of the regular season, this week’s focus is the best two teams of the United States of America’s records & mdash; & mdash; Direct dialogue in Kansas City Chief and Los Angeles. Although the record is divided into two two in the United States, because the two teams are the United States of America, it is likely that a team is a number one seed, and another team can only be out of the card. For both parties, this direct conversation is a fight.

Although Marshall himself is very confident, the head coach John Fox’s statement is as good as the conservancy: «I saw his progress, but we still have to make a decision before the game.» Although it is basically Identify Marshall will come back to debut, but we can’t determine how many appearance time he can get. Since the attack group of the pony has never been 100 yards in the regular season, Marshall’s main task will be the close-up combination of the opponent.

There is a professional baseball star dad, you can’t honestly don’t like the baseball; but the little horse loves the football, which makes him particularly tangled. Most high school bishable sports stars have graduated from high school, they will know the future of the future. But this is totally not applicable to Mahms, and the number of rugby and baseball scholarships in the high four year.

If you don’t accidentally, Smith’s main task this season will still be a substitute. But he once said to the media reporter that he still hopes that one day can be re-issued. «I don’t think my career will be ended soon. I can still play for a long time. Whenever the opportunity, where to come, make contributions, lead the team to win, continue to do, I will be the most important thing.»

However, Mahms did not disappoint him. At present, «Xiaoma» passes 4300 yards, and there are 43 pass to reach, and the two data are ranked first in the Alliance. Even if the chief does not become the best team of the full-League regular season, Mahms also has a big chance to become a regular game MVP.