Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Redick was cut off on weekends last weekend, although the main shot of double energy, but his scorpion efficiency is not too high. Career 6 years, Redke is 288 times, advance 1023 yards, reaching 5 times. In terms of catching, 285 times were completed, and 2238 yards were promoted, reaching 14 times. Last season, Redick was almost used by the lions as a ball, and finally reached the point where the defensive side will be retrieved. During the end of the lion, Redick also had a problem of getting off.

Although the trial is not limited to these two, according to reports, the front denim kicks the game — Beiler (Dan Bailey) is not in the list. Beiler refused Brown’s invitation, indicating that he was waiting for «suitable team.»

Redke was previously interviewed, and the wild horse finally won the two teams. The wild horse is currently running guards Kutis Modkins 2013-2015 once coached in the lion, and the Redke is an old acquaintance.

Sobot is selected by the Falcon Selected in 2017. He played all 16 games last season, completing 5 games to get 48 yards. In addition to the offensive group, he also contributed to the special group and was considered a reliable functional player.

Tony Romo still wants to fight for 4-5 seasons

Dallas Cowboy’s four-dimensional Tony Romo is a few players who have been unrecognizable in the Alliance. The injury last season has become more uncertain about the 35-year-old career.

Brown is now playing the ball. Zane Gonzalez, on Sunday, two free kicks and two additional shooting gates, and is also covered in the unveiled ball in the unveiled battle of the steel man. This means that two games come up, Gonzalez is lost 11 points, and the team decided to find a next thing.

Romo said on Wednesday in the US: «I am no longer a young man in 20 years old, but based on our current team status, 3-4 years is necessary, I think this snail is a thorough change, I am very happy. Can continue to participate in the training. «

The 2019 season kills Wang Baret is willing to pay in the pirate

Last season, killing Wang Saquier — Barquill Barrett is about to be free players. If the pirate does not use the team label or sign a new contract, Baret may find another home.

Match, Jeremy — McLean (Jeremy Maclin), Riley — Cooper (Riley Cooper) and Jordan — Matthews (Jordan Matthews) together contribute only 57 yards. Eagles coach Chip — Kelly (Chip Kelly) also admitted after the game, Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China the Seahawks have the strongest league guard combination angle. Despite the poor performance in this field, but we still can not deny the outstanding performance of the Eagles this season in the passing attack. Especially in terms of long pass, the Eagles currently completed more than 20 yards passing 52 times, more than a second in the league. In terms of more than 40 yards passing, they finished 10 times in the league this number 6.

Sherman said: «I know that they must miss those days of Jackson is still a great player he is, can create a huge threat now he went to Washington, but he is still so well…» Being asked and when the current Eagles wide receiver lineup, Sherman rating no mercy: «we did not feel any threat.»

Sherman: Eagles certainly miss DeShawn Jackson —

This week the Seattle Seahawks in a strong dialogue to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-14. Star cornerback Richard — Sherman (Richard Sherman) in an interview after the game expressed their views on other issues of wide receiver. He said the Eagles must miss DeShawn — Jackson (DeSean Jackson).

In addition to Sobot and Lagche, the popular position of Patriots also has a old Jermin Watson and Lance Kendricks, two-year player Lan Iz (Ryan Izzo) ) And Https://bio.workwithtube.Com/vera86573636 before Stephen Anderson, Stephen Anderson. Watson is banned from participating in the season’s 4 games due to violation of alliance drug abuse regulations.

After the ace player Robert Grono, the Patriot has been trying to fill the vacancy. However, in the first preseason, the current patriot team is close to the top of the front-end Trite-Lakozse because the leg injury is in advance.

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