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The sixteenth week, the best player of the United States of AmericaBeijing on December 28th, the regular season left the last week, yesterday officially announced the best players of the 16th week of the United States of America.

According to KDAND, the eagle quartz, Nick Foles, was rated as the best offensive player. He led the eagle to defeat the Texas, and handed over 471 yards pass the number and 4 passes of the data. . AARON Donald was rated as the best defensive player, and the ram of the rare, he was 7 times, which made 3 times, making the total number of people in this season reached 19.5, continued to the league Record the initiator impact. Cowboy playing Brett Maher is a rated Best Secret Service Player, in the game of Cowboy, Hello, 2nd, 2nd and 3.

Manning replaced Osville on the seventeenth week of the game of San Diego lightning and took 20 points in the last half, helping the wild horse finally over 27-20 to overcome lightning, and obtained the National Lianxi District Championship and the United States. Number seed.

Seeing the United States and the United States is interested in replacing the first quarter guard in January, but this decision is theoretical. Manning is a future celebration member and Kubi Koming has always left opportunities for his return. This decision unable to solve the problem encountered when the Menta will pass the ball, but no matter the fate of the winning team, it will rely on him now.

9. Old Eagle Kaniejar Bradham (ankle) Entounie DESEAN JACKSON (Abdominal), Defense Dragonfly Tim — Tim Jernigan (Tim Jernigan) Foot), angular Wei Avonte-Maddox (brain shock, neck), offensive cutas, Jason Peters, Run Darleon — Sprore Darren Sproles won’t play. Ronald Darby (Leg Head) cannot determine possible.

United States, Brown Si Baikhek-Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) was rated as the best offensive player, led Brown dual killing Meng Hu, passing 284 yards 0. The crow player Patrick Aiisa was rated as the best defensive player. In the competition of the crow, he brought the crow defensive group to the crow defensive group in 9 hugs and 2-time data. Successfully blocked the lightning. Attack, lightning full promotion code only 198 yards. The attack of the raid, Dwayne Harris, was rated as the best special team player. In the raid, Harris contributed a wonderful 99-drawn kick to reach.

If Gary can keep this state to the end of the season, he has 10 games to create data. At that time, he will complete 1547 yards, which will be the fifth place in the rookie ride of the league. But you have to know that Glley is only 21 years old, and this age of the player only has finished these terrible numbers.

This decision is not surprising. Manning brings flash performance to the offensive group, and his presence, it seems to improve the team’s mushroom attack. However, when the Osville took the Pedon, we also said.

Dorset, the chief has achieved 43 wins and 21 records, Travis Keece, Di-Ford, Marcus Peters, Trik Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt and Patrick Mahomes are Cheap Jerseys from china his hand. However, he also used the letter to choose Eric Fisher (Ericfisher) to choose Kevin Hogan.

Totti-Grange is only a record The rookie of St. Louis ram has completed the promotion of 144.3 yards in the 3 games of our first, and this week’s 49 people in San Francisco can maintain this average. Then a new record will be born.

A little bit from the NFL official website, the future of the forum, and even Xu Xin teacher’s post slowly understand rules and tactical knowledge, 15 years of urban bowl, went to Dalian Poseidon and Shenyang City Hunter two full equipment football team competition I will bless the idea of ​​building a football community in my own school.

In the Kansas City Aeriosis, I suddenly cut off this experienced player assessment expert in June. For the past four seasons, I have served as the general manager in the chief. In addition to the west, the general manager of the Front Buffalo-Woug Whaley is also among the Many interview candidates in this Brown. Dothest has finally stood out with your own scouting.

We are the only high school team in Dalian, which is divided into university group. In the face of technology, tactics, body, and even training time is stronger than our university team, we have no fear. Although the results are not very good, we have learned the meaning of teamwork in the process of the game, and also harvested happiness.

The application submitted to the school was dismissed, so I used a three-year time to study, wrote a tens of thousands of waist flag, finally convinced the leadership of the Youth League and School, Dalian Eight Medium Wup Flag Rugby The community officially forms!

After this year’s schedule, I am very surprised to find a Dacino area, and immediately discuss registration and competition with the members. A soft grinding and hard bubbles have also obtained the consent of the school leaders. The 97% of the school is very heavy, but we still squeeze out time carefully.

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