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The 44-year-old Barry is mainly responsible for the training of the leadership of the coach. Only the defensive coordinator of the Detroum Lion Team in 2007-2008, and the coach of the lion team is still his Yuefurt Rod Marneli (Rod Marinelli), it is worth mentioning that the Lion team has set a 16-day full defeat in 2008.

The Titans announced that it will cut in the offseason this year before joining the team of former Atlanta Falcons outside linebacker. In addition, they laid off veteran cornerback Jonathan — Joseph (Johnathan Joseph) and for the team for many years longer than black players open — Brinkley (Beau Brinkley).

It can also be called Minnesota miracle. It is a competition in the 2017-18 season. The Viking people against Saint-Saint, the backward Viking people completed the connection at the last moment, the Saint players are missing, Viking The people take over Diggz rushed into the Dalian area and completed the killing.

Beasley start to the Titans did not go well. He did not report to training camp on time and the new crown virus detection, absent until 10 days after coming out. He was fined $ 500,000. And he still continued poor performance at the end of the Falcons on the field.

In such an entertainment, Dalton needs to endure the ridicule is a huge pressure. Obviously, this shows that the people of Cincinna’s people have loved this team, they have to find a venting object in the event of no one.

Daltton is the help of Tagging into the playoffs in recent years. But since 1991, the team did not win the ball in the playoffs, and the past six seasons successfully entered the playoffs 5 times, but in these competitions, the answer to Dalon is 1 to 6 Censes, due to Dalton’s 6-year contract, obviously he will not leave Cincinnati now.

Beasley played for the Falcons this season, five games, have not won a starter, only made three tackles. Union made up 15.5 sacks in the 2016 season and the All-NBA, Beasley made a total of only 18 sacks in the subsequent over three seasons. Now he became a free agent.

In the 51st super bowl, the patriot started to be collapsed, and the second half has been pursuing, Edrman stands forward, in the few hands in the few hands, complete the magical ball, become a big reversal one.

Andy Dalton is buzzing in the softball event

US Time is a large-scale event activity of the American Baseball Grand League All-Star and Softball Event in Cincinnati. This invited to attend the softball ceremony is the four-point Wei Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Dalton, which can be affixed to him.

One wave of three fold, Joe-Barry finally join the red skin

After experiencing a variety, Washington Red Leader finally determined the team’s defensive coordinator next season, according to NFL famous media people Ian Rapoport, local time, IAN RAPOPORT, the original San Diego lightning queue line Joe Barry will take this position.

Let’s talk about your NFL.

Beijing August 29th, the Patriot Super Bowl is close to the ground or the small shell single handball & mdash; & mdash; Let’s talk about your NFL into the pit

Today, everything is ranked, we sorted a few #Cheap Nfl Jerseys entered the pit time #, prepared to play a wave of vote before unveiling. Allows us to help the NFL fans, choose the best instant in our minds before the start of the 100th season. The selection is not related to the superior and contemporary chains, I hope to take everyone to look at the ball in the new season.

Restore healthy Bradford is worth looking forward to

Philadelphia Eagle traded the Sam Bradford, who came to conservative injuries in this year, from the current training situation, Bradford’s recovery, competitive state It is also very good. The eagle fans are praying to the sky. Bradford does not hurt again, because Bradford under healthy state has the ability to lead the team to advance offensive leaders.

Barry became the main candidate in this position last week, but after the 49-person defensive coordinator of San Francisco, Vic Fangio is willing to participate in the position competition, everything seems to be confusing. . But although Van Gio participated in the red skin team, he finally chose to join the Chicago bear team, Barry also became the defensive coordinator of the Red Leather.

Nobody desires Bradford to become the top quarterfield of the alliance this season, but he really wants to play a high-efficiency season. First, the Eagle offensive group is complete, including Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, and Lan Johnson, the offensive front level is in the forefront, but also There is a top running guard in Demarco Murray, Zach Ertz (Zach Ertz) and Brent Celek, as well as Jordan — Mattan Mathews, etc., such as the young and beautiful external hands, compared to the ram period, Bradford’s offensive pressure is too much.

The first thing to mention is that Bradford is excellent in passing the ball, he is going to be too much higher than that of the other four parties in the same team. In his career, it is not subject to rushing pressure and the number of air passwords exceeds 5 yards. This success rate is 66%, which is more than Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley. It has to be 5% higher, and Tim Tebow is 10%. When it is subjected to the pressing pressure, the accuracy of Bradford has more than 5 yards in the air password number of 5 yards, which is 5% higher than that of the eagle.

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