Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

According to the news published by the Colorado Engelwood Police Bureau, Kelly illegally invaded a household house, and then he was expelled out of the door. When searching, the police found Kelly in a black SUV nearby and arrested them.

Karnam has advanced 9.2 yards per pass in the past three weeks. If he continues to maintain such performance and the ram keeps a winning rate, it is hard to imagine that the ram will replace the first hair. Karnam teammates and coaches have said that their offensive group performance in the game competition is already enough to win the game. However, if Karnam is bad in the game against the giant, seeing Goff early gaining opportunities will no longer surprises.

A team that still has a play-in-play hope that the championship will enter the first time is not a new thing. The rival giant of the ram once made Eli Manning instead of Kurt Warner at the 2004 season. At that time, the giant record was 5 wins and cheap jerseys from china 4 losses. If the race is next to the game, their record is 3 wins and 4 losses.

Zhaoyuan quartz Gov will get more training time next week

Case Keenum This season’s performance is better than anyone expects, especially when the performance of the Detroit Lion on the Detroit on the Detroition last week. But this does not mean that the Los Angeles ram has forgot their draft championship this year.

Some of the following reasons are obvious:

1 raid person is dissatisfied with Auckland’s stadium

2 Rental contracts for raids and stadiums expire this season

3 ram lease contracts have not expired

4 Two teams are very interested in migrating to South California

5 The conference of the Assistant Management Group and San Antonio official is no longer the first time

6 raid people’s major investors are discussing migration issues

7 32 team boss will discuss the problem of migration team next month

Despite this, Harrison’s performance can still be taken to the top ten in his position. He still finds its own position in most 3-4 defensive systems. For fans, they naturally hope to continue to see this old will be seen next season.

According to reports, the Mayor Henry Cisneros, the Mayor, Henry Cisneros, who went to Auckland to meet the management personnel of the raid, and Hezileris said that he felt that the raid has 50% hopes to move to San Antonio. .

San Antonio official meeting in Auckland and the raid

Recently, the news of local officials who have exploded by San Antonio media and the news of the raids, earning eyeballs in the NFL team migration.

At present, the ethnic training is only a team, but Jeffrey’s spring training has stood out in the Eagle’s External Travel. To make a variety of high-difficult ball, easy to get rid of the second-line cover defense, use the physical condition and the advantage of the eating angle guards to show the value of Jeffrey. This is enough to let him look forward to him next season.

Harrison said: «My situation is somewhat hard, I am not sure about the future. I can’t give an answer now. I have been 37 years old. I am 38 years old in May. The reality is not as simple as I hope.» Local time Monday, he added: «I am more and more old, my body is difficult to recover. The most difficult thing for me is the break, how to prepare for the new season. I am not ready to make a decision. When I decided, I will tell you. «

According to NFL official website, Jared Goff will get more appearance time in the training after the London of New York Giants. Goff has been huge in training since the start of the season, and the ram is more confident if he is asked to appear. He can respond to the starting task.

Interestingly Jones is the most supported teams in the alliance to migrate to Los Angeles. Recent evidence shows that the St. Louis ram will be the team of relocation. This will lead to the raids, so looking for new directions to become possible, so San Antonio played its role.

There are many evidence that the raid people migrate to the possibility of San Antonio, cheap jerseys from china of course, the relocation of the raid, of course, the boss of the cowboy, Jones Jones, which is unable to build a new stadium for the raids or build a new stadium. Jones Jones Jerry Jones. I hope that three teams in Texas may also be a reason.

Al Shang — Jeffrey Expressing the eagle

On June 13, although the training camp and the preseason have not yet arrived, the performance of the eagle break, Alshon Jeffery, has made the old eagle near the arm Zak-ac (Zach Ertz) I feel very excited.

Harrison is still uncertain in the future plan

Pittsburgh Steptor’s old, James Harrison, is one of the best defensive players in the past 20 years. It is widely believed that he has ended his last game last weekend. However, in the interview after the game, Harrison said it was still considering its future.

Wild Horse 4-point Wei Charde-Kelly illegal invasion

Beijing October 24th, US Terminal Tuesday, the wild horse replenishment four-point Wei Turde-Kelly was arrested due to the first-level illegal intrusions (First-Degree Criminal Trespass).