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Lightning Team clearly said that it is not traveled.

According to Nfl’s famous media people Ian Rapoport, the San Diego Flashing Team did not trade in the PHILIP RIVERS in this course. Tom Telesco confirmed this news this week this week: «We have never thought about it.»

Rivos once said in an interview with San Diego, he would like to go to Los Angeles to play, and do not intend to renew with the team before the end of the contract of 2016, he wants to keep your future firmly in his hand. After this incident, people put them with the first round of the Titani team of Tennes.

Before the employment responsible for supervising the planned Month City Plan — Policy Policy, Monday said that the two teams agreed to change the partitioned partitions when necessary, allowing the Alliance to accept this plan. Lightning and raiders are the same region opponents in the Melanie District, which may bring the competition schedule and other problems after the two teams sharing the stadium.

This season Murray performance is good, and 8 have averaged 125 yards per game. Henry has received the most 20-time opportunities for their careers last week, and this game will also increase this week.

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According to NFL’s famous media people Ian Rapoport, Arizona Red Spits Outside the Michael Floyd’s left hand three fingers in the local time on Wednesday. He will cultivate at least surrounded by, and it is possible to absent the team’s first battle in the regular season of the New Orleans Saint.

Alliance spokesperson has said NFL hope team «is strong and successful in the current market.» Under the current regulations, the next team asks the opportunity to relocate will appear in Jan next. Any relocation decision must overcome a series of obstacles, including the support of at least 24 teams in the 32 team.

Now Thalesk has made this clarification, and it seems that Rivers will still stay in San Diego. Taylesk explained: «Just as I said before, we are very willing to work with Rivers, we are looking forward to what he is ready.»

Garnette is gone at home in the 2019 season. He is the first round of the first round of the first round of 2016, and the new show will be held in 11 games. However, the seat made him absent the entire 2017 season. After 2018, he has no favorable, only 7 games, participated in the 72-speed attack.

Freud is an outer number of the number one in the Red Championship, and his lack will bring a small impact on the team offense. After Freud injured, John Brown, John Brown, https://Wiki.Motioncode.net will temporarily replace his position, and the old will be together with Larry Fitzgerald.

Front Haysman’s winner Drek Henry’s ninth week or more opportunities

Tennesi Titan’s running Derrick Henry This season has been the substitute of Demark Murray this season, but the 9th week may have more opportunities.

Freud has a final season in the season, a total of 47 coumar won the 841 yard 6 times, it is not as good as the 2013 season. This week, the team coach Bruce Aliis has expressed the dissatisfaction of Freud, saying that it is urgent to get rid of an old short-haul that exerts extremely unstable.

The two teams have clearly express them to the league and other team bosses. «You will send us to Los Angeles. Let’s decide which fellowship who is in the fellowship or which partition,» Polacy said to the reporter. «According to the final result of the last thing, there will be some very interesting situations.»

The two teams proposed to build a $ 178 million stadium in the city of Carson. This is one of the two plans to obtain NFL considering the construction of the stadium near Los Angeles. The new stadium may disappear 20 years in the Los Angeles area. Brought back here.

Lightning, the raid people are willing to change the partitioned partition after relocation

Building a new NFL stadium in the Los Angeles area may bring another change: Auckland raids or partitions of San Diego lightning may change.