Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The defensive picture of the lion is really beautiful. This defensive front line with Endam Kong-Su Lee is more than the jet team’s front line can be said to have no time, see who is: right end Qi Kil-Ansa (13 years, 5th, PFF scoring rating 1.5 points), right cut Nick — Ferry (11 years, 13th, scallion 7.7 points), left truncation Suzhou (10 years Lookup show, rushing 4.7 points), left side Feng Jones — 2 rounds in 2008, rush -3.6 points). Plus the number of people, a total of 20 kills, 27 hits and 69 rushers after seven games, and their total defensive file 471 yards, what is this concept? That is, there is once every 4 defensive, I can threaten the four-point guard of the other party, the Lion’s team’s rushing achievements and the New York Giants column 8. The ball is not allowed, and the 5th and 4th defenders of the Ranking League are all in more than 2 points, and the ball is guarded.

9 months agoCrow boss: We let everyone down

Baltimore Crow All Steve Bisciotti is incompletely handled by the team’s Ray Rice violence, apologizing to the season, the team shareholders and sponsor. In the apology letter mentioned: We didn’t do our best to do well, and there is no excuse to open it yourself.

The whole game, the Rams win over the Seahawks defensive front offensive line. Donald completed 8 tackles, three quarterback hit, resulting in three times the opponent lost yardage tackles and two sacks. Teammate Robert — Quinn (Robert Quinn) likewise contributed 2 sacks. When the offensive team series of mistakes, defensive group to help the team keep the victory.

At this point of prediction: If the Lion Defensive Group can continue to continue the ancestors of the first few weeks, Staffd’s normal playing the game will not be a problem, but if there is a falling water, the Falcon is very likely. End herself 4 losing streak.

The 25-year-old England is one of several highlights in this bad season (4 wins and 8 losses). The 2009 Haysmann winner has played the best performance in this season, with a total offensive code reached 1174 yards (769 yards, 405 yards), and 6 times. Last year, he was selected as a substitute candidate as a replacement candidate with a 964 code number and data of 9 times.

Bis Audi also revealed that the police and relevant departments refused to watch this video to the team. In the apology, he also mentioned Les: Due to the past six years, he made a good contribution to the team, we used to trust him. Because we gotten limited, we have determined him because of the film we understand. Now, we know the truth, it should also make a correct decision. At the end of the apology letter, Bis Audi said: I am really sorry to let everyone down.

The last quaterno king has confidence in his own state

The eagle opened the season three-day winner, and they last at 3 wins and 0 negative openings or the 2004 season, and in that year, they have entered the super bowl. But last year’s Wug king, the eagle’s all-star run Guihenen McCoy, but it seems that the team is not on a track, his data this year is 60 times a scorpion 175 yards, an average of average The ball is only 2.9 yards, which is not expensive to achieve 5.1 yards last year.

Lynch Road trapped, lost when the Seahawks plus

Seattle Seahawks lost to the St. Louis Rams in overtime. Last time, three points behind Seahawks, faced with 4-speed 1 yards, offensive coordinator Darrell — Bei Weier (Darrell Bevell) chose a middle red ball tactics. This is reminiscent of the Seahawks in the Super Bowl to choose the time of the last attack. Running back Xiaoen — Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) ball forward, but the combination of Rams defensive tackle Michael — Ibrox (Michael Brockers) and Aaron — Donald (Aaron Donald) to break into the field after the final stop to take Lynch to deal in, let the Seahawks to swallow defeat.

The wholesale Nfl jerseys Competition Committee recently completed the plan to sign, and it was expected to start from this spring (mid-April), and the 32 teams provide all the alliance players’ performance tracking data. In the past two seasons in the past two seasons, the teams can only get the performance data of their own players. The current plan is to first provide the 2016-2017 player data, and data is provided in the weekly unit after the start of the 2018 season.

Although some NFL coaches and scratches have conservative attitudes for this plan, they are not negate, and the alliance provides a lot of convenience to the scouts. A analyst said: «More new metrics can appear, more specific ranges, and assisted prevention of fatigue and injury. It can also be found to explode, but the system restricted players cannot be played.»

But he does not seem to think that he is not in the state. When he was asked (Status downturn), he said: «I don’t understand what you are talking about. I don’t think I am in a downturn.» And the eagle coach Qicu-Kelly said he said he said. Without the private exchange with McCoo, «His winning is stronger than anyone, this is also the people who are loved. He is more than the top three in the top three in the past year. And the person who offensive front line has a certain effect. »