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The new pattern change is not obvious, the change in the helmet pattern is mainly on color, more bright and more in line with the color of the city, and the mask in the pattern has become brown. It is more firm. The dog’s shape is completely different, but it is also a cartoon image.

This is simple, but Bris is in a completely different case in five years; & mdash; he is no longer in his peak. But considering any of the values ​​and complexity of the Saint, I heard that he is so interesting.

All of this is a bit surprising, but Richardson does have a lot of highlighting, but there is no doubt that Watt is still the best defensive player in the league, or Richardson is one of the most cleancomers.

Former Giants runowed Orleans — Dickva can restore training by checkingLast season, the Washing Code is ranked first for the New York Giants The first running Guide — Dickwa (Orleans Darkwa) is still free players. But he is still a good news now.

The team’s four-dimensional Eli Manning is impressed by him after a small amount of training with Shepard. «He is a flexible, good physical quality,» Manning said. «It is difficult to see anything from the sixth blessing route. But I hope he is a young Victor Cruz.»

The 27-year-old player received a 10-game penalty after returning to the stadium last year, only played a game in the past 2 years. Brent chooses to retire in 2013 because he needs to wait for the court’s allegations, and after he received a 20-year transcend, in the end, in the prison service 6 months ended.

The jet defensive end self-denial does not lose JJ WattNew York Jet’s defensive end Solden Heldon Richardson is a player who has not been selected by a professional bowl. He said he felt not to respect.

«I have experienced such a thing several times, so you know that when you get it, you will get it,» Bris said. «There are so many things in the course» & mdash; & mdash; teams must sign free players, sign please click the next page information, to handle the draft. «

The young Victor-Cruz is also the evaluation of Jerry Reese, General Manager Jerry Reese. In the case of Beckham, there is already a difficult-to-focus, if Xie Pard can close the standard of Cruz, he will have a large number of catching opportunities in the new season.

Elays Manning: Hope Xiu Xie Pad like a young version of KruzSince Victor-Cruz is seriously injured in the 2014 season, the New York Giants have been looking for partnership for the outer Odell Beckham Jr.. The giant hopes that Sterling Shepard, who is selected this year, Sterling Shepard, can eventually reach this goal.

From the perspective of data, Richardson completed 60 hugs, 6.5 killing and a manufacturing drop in the past 14 games. He said: «You can see every day, they have got a big contract, and I should also be the level, I don’t think they exceeded me, this should be equal contrast.»

Manning believes not only «young Victor-Cruz» can make excellent performance in the 2016 season, and the real Cruz can also return to the previous state. «Let Victor return to the route running training is very exciting, can have all offensive weapons on the court to make you feel excited about the new season,» Manning said.

Drew Bris is still confident to end your career in SaintsThe New Orleans Saint 4 points Drew Brees said his contractual negotiation «is going», and he once again expressed confidence in giving a contract.

In an interview, Bris said that he did not plan for other teams, even if he had entered the last year in the contract of the Saint, he said that he would not negotiate again after the beginning of the regular season.

He said that «JJ Watt is more than I get four points, but the pressure we have caused is the same. His actions are more agile, but we have the same technical characteristics, the same big heart, He got a big, I also got up to. «

Bris also reiterated that he did not want to drag too long. «Once the season starts, I just want to fight. I use this method in 2011 to handle the & mdash; & mdash; exactly the same method,» he is. «So I plan this time this time.»

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