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For people new to RC vehicles often ask what is RC Quadcopter and how do they find the best one for themselves.

Here is a short guide to help you pick the right one depending on your skill level and your budget. You will find that there are wide ranges of Quadcopter to suit beginners, experienced and for those who are looking to fly them indoors. Quadcopters are basically from the RC helicopter family, but they come with four motor blades instead of the two found in helicopters.

This design makes them more stable and easier to fly than helicopters.

Types of QuadcoptersThere are many types of Quadcopters available in the market, but the most ideal one for you will depend on the one you can fly easily.

The best option for beginners is to purchase Quadcopters that they can fly as soon as they take them out of the box. Everything you need is already attached and all you need to do is charge them and buy drones they are ready to be flown. These rc Quadcopters are small and much easier to handle and is a must for people looking to learn how to fly them.

Once you have become an expert in them, you can move forward with the more advanced ones that will come in a kit form and will require some additional items to get them to fly. Many of these can also accommodate small cameras for aerial filming.

Which Quadcopters is Best for Me?As a beginner, you will need a quacopter that is light weight and much easier to fly.

It should not come in a kit and everything you need should be included in the box. Having a superior stability will work better for you. If you are advanced pilot, you might want to look into something that is for the advanced pilots. You will enjoy joining the pieces together and then flying it.

How to Fly Quadcopter and RulesOnce you have purchased your first rc Quadcopter, you need to know the safety rules when it comes to flying it. You need to pick a day with no wind.You need to choose a large open field with no obstacles like buildings of power lines. Try and keep distractions at a minimum and also switch off your mobile phones to avoid accidents. You need to ensure that you are not flying it near buildings or people.

When flying it, you need to understand the win speed.

If the wind speed is more than 15mph, it is best to avoid flying. While it is flyable, the quad will be a bit wobbly. You need to understand the limits of your quad and avoid risking it in powerful wind. You also need to practice hovering as much as you can. It not only allows you to have a better control over your aircraft, but also allow you to shoot better aerial photos and videos.

If you are looking for the for yourself, the best place to find them is RC Model Shop Direct.They have a wide range of RX controlled vehicles such as cars, trucks, helicopters, quadcopters and much more.