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«Imagine the preparation of Brradi’s wisdom and Braddy to the game in the player with Camm-Newton. Why can’t I become the greatest quarter-saving? Single to stop me is me. This is now Drive my efforts. «

The Pittsburgh Steelman Run Bould Bel is thinking so when I win a new contract for myself. Last season, he took 1291 yards to complete 85 games. Barsley acquired 1271 yards last season, completed 54 battles to get 632 yards, and he completed 2 kicks and rebtaters.

The Denver Musk’s Super Bowl of the Denver Musliver after Wenz, Miller, the third is the external hand of Pittsburgh Steelman, Antonio Brown, the fourth place is Dallas Cowboy. Kiekiel Elliott, the fifth is the quarter-Wilson, the Wilson (Russell Wilson), is worth noting that the popularity of Dallas Cowboy is 4 points Dake — Plei Stek Prescott is a seventh place.

«No one can do what I can do,» Kael said in an interview. «I really understand that if I can maximize the potential of me in the game, I can maximize the potential of each of the games; & mdash; this is a bold hypothesis & mdash; & mdash; I have the ability to become the most great quarter of history. «

Although the most concerned about the crow is the most concerned about Jackson and the number one running to Mark Ingram, other running guards have also contributed to the squid attack. One of them believes that they have the ability to create history again in the new season.

Cowboy rushing to Lawrence is the best in historyOn July 15th, Demarcus Lawrence has a high expectation on the new contract, and the cowboy makes him as a result in April. Lawrence won a large contract for $ 55.5 million.

The crow runs Edwards: I hope to break the spark code record again in the new season.Baltimore Crow promoted 3296 yards in the whole season, set a NFL record, 4 of the four points of lam jackson, pushed 1206 yards, and set the NFL record.

Kaiser’s starting 23 games in the university, winning 12 wins and 11 losses, only 4 wins last season of 8 wins. His career passed the 5809 yard 47 times to reach 19 passes was copied, and the squat was 992 yards and 18 times.

And his university teacher, dirtville.Com the Cohal Brane, the University of the Notadegan, Braj, Kelly. Earlier this month, Kelly said that Kaizer should stay in the university to prepare for the next season instead of entering the Professional League after the end of the third season. «He should continue to stay in college …. He needs more time to grow in many ways, not only on the court,» Kelly said.

«He» refers to the wild horse junction. Von Miller. Miller gave his own goal is to transcend the total number of transcripts of Bill Legend Bruce — Smith, and strive to complete more than 20 kills in a single season.

Lawrence said on Saturday, said: «My goal is the best player in the history of football. Yes, I will break the record record, let him only think about how to break my record. Waiting for the season, I will be effort.»

Gatman said in two weeks ago, it means that the joining of Single Barkley can improve the shock attack, attack the front line, the performance of the attack, and even he can improve the rear of the latter by letting the defensive group have been in the field.

The Hawks use them in the second round of the highest draft of the Hawks in the second round in the second round. They hope that he will quickly become the first and enhance the team’s ball shock level. But before the beginning of the summer training camp last year, he encountered a full-top case car accident and therefore suffered from severe brains. He has never warned a defense for the Hawo.

Newcomers quad-shot Kaiser: I have Breddy’s Buffton BodyThose who have the mind of Tom Brady and the body of Kam Newton’s body, Dadone Kizer, said that he has the most capacity to become «the most Great quarter. «

New York Giant Xiu Saikun — Barkley said that he is not just runningIn the list of new Xiu mini training camps in the New York Giants, Saquon Barkley is indicated as running guards. Maybe the team should give him more location.

«I think Roman coaches are committed to this goal. It seems that Hubble coaches are committed to this goal,» I’m running Wiuez — Edwards Idwards. «This is the first step. We will see how progress. I am very excited. This is a chance to create history.»

«It’s not just running guards,» Baxley said after the warmth of the morning on Friday. «… If you have seen the game over the past 3 years, you will look at the history of running guards & mdash; & mdash; pay attention to Ezkier-Elliott and Reviene — Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) What does the & mdash; & mdash; when you see their performance, they are not just running. I think I am not just running. «

The record of the crow is originally sealed in the season, it has been sealed in 41 years, and the New England patriot has advanced 3165 yards in the 1978 season. So if the crow can break this record for two consecutive seasons, it is very amazing.

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