Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Boston was selected in the fourth round of 2014 by the black panther and played for three seasons. After giving up him in 2017, Boston is the Los Angeles Lightning and Arizona Renjar in the next two seasons.

Emirates Di Di — Ford hopes to stay

In the United States of America, cheap jerseys from china Emirates DEE FORD A, a crossover, broke the hope of winning the chief. Ford’s current contract is about to expire, one of the most popular players in the league, and he completed 13 kills this season, the first 16 games.

On Tuesday, US Tuesday, Texas officially announced that Brock, Block kicked a 43-yard shot in the last Sunday competition and an additional shot. In the first week, he kicked the ball in the second kick.

If you want to keep Ford, the chieftain has to do a good preparation. If you don’t have to use the team label, let Ford stay at least one year. Considering the contract of Tyreek Hill and Chris Jones, the chief may not immediately begin to deal with the things of Ford.

When talking about the offside foul, Ford said: «I have been staring at the ball, so I can’t (judging foul). But this is my mistake, a critical mistake. I can’t turn the time to change & hellip; & hellip; But now I only focus on work. «

The wild horse angle Harris believes that the second-line pairs of four defense is not enough

On September 25th, the second line of the wild horse once nicknamed «Forbidden Flying Zone» has been disintegrated. In the past three seasons, they allow the number of passed numbers to be ranked first, fourth in one time. It seems that this season is not much better.

We have heard some people suspect whether Bakerham is over. We think this is an underestimation of his rookie season. We have never seen any high levels like Beckham since Moss. In this way, it is often difficult to transition cheap Jerseys from china the university competition to the NFL level, and the number of bulls in Bakerham has exceeded Moss.

Harris said: «The quarters are now very fast. I won’t think about where I have to go. So we must also work hard to confuse them, better integrate into the second line, let the second-line defense can move. Can’t just stay Stubborn defense. Now we are very tits, in place, there is no four-dimensional guard, restrict his actions, causing them to pass it easily. «

The New York Giant took over to decide who was the voting of this year’s cover people to overcome the new England Patriots near-end Robert Gronkowski. Gronoski has a champion ring, Baker Ham is amazing because of his amazing physical fitness. Gronoski is the best close-end arm for the league, but Beckham is like an external handlant Di Moss in the 1999 season. He looks an endless limit.

After the four-point pass of Derek Carr, the 20th passed, the crow was completed by 50 passers-by 50 times this week, 577, 5.0.00, Joe FLACCO. Code, get a reach. Although von Miller and Bradley Chabr Blast are both a good hand, the final Villaco is only killed twice. Corner Kris Harris (Chris Harris) believes that the defensive group is not enough to limit the quarter-saving.

Incomer: Don’t believe what you read! ! ! Carson has always been an excellent person, excellent teammates and excellent leaders. Our team will support him. We can’t wait to return to train, prove that you will become the best team in 2019!

In the last season, a large number of talented external hands, because it is incredible to catch the ball skill, the comprehensiveness and strength, Bakerham stands out. He is able to make the opponent miss the opponent after the ball is missing. He can catch a ball in the middle or pass forward. His physical quality is easy to notice, but deceive the opponent defensive player and the ability to run each route to run the Bakeham’s bulletic.

Many eagle players maintain Wenz, slamming

Recently, there was a report that an anonymous eagle player was dissatisfied with the four-point guards, called «selfishness», «complicated». Also say «Carson-Wenz’s largest enemy is himself.» But many eagles players quickly refute these reports.

The report mentioned in the article quoted a number of anonymous message sources, Wended «In the offensive group was manufactured,» also questioned his dependence on the proximal Zach-Ertz (Zach Ertz). The Ejs this season is 116 times, and is a new high career. This is considered that this affects the Eagle’s offensive efficiency.

Intrava: This whole article covers Karson-Wenz reports are fake. Carson is an excellent teammate, excellent player, we all support him 100%. He will return to prove that the news is wrong. If you have questions, welcome to reply to me.