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E-mail is one of the most important technological changes that has greatly affected the way we communicate with each other. Today email is an important communication tool. However, email service has its pros and cons. One of the simplest definitions of email is a letter sent electronically. Email was first used in 1965, allowing users to communicate with each other over a computer network. SDC’s Q32 and MIT’s CTSS were the first computer systems to use e-mail to communicate. In 1966, this email service was introduced to the public. What is email? Email is commonly referred to as «email» which is short for «electronic mail». Email is a system used to create, send/receive and store data digitally over a computer network. Earlier e-mail system was based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), mail.ru this protocol was used to send mail from one server to another. Today’s e-mail technology uses a «store-and-forward» model (i.e. data transfer with intermediate storage). In this model users send and receive information on their computers. However, the computer is only used to connect the e-mail architecture. Creating, transmitting and storing e-mail only occurs when the connection to the e-mail architecture is established.

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