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New York jet is expected to dismiss the master Adam — GainAccording to informed people, after the end of the season of the new England Patriots, the New York jet is expected to solve the employer, and the adam gase will begin to search for the new coach.

This week Brown’s opponent will be Bill, the team thinks that the opponent has the top of the league. For the quarter-free Braian-Hoyer, it is not easy to easily complete the pass. It is said that there are many short biography and fast pass tactics this week. They hope to cross the ball to the external hand as soon as possible, in order to avoid the pressure on the handlers.

Weber has been injured in the past three seasons, and 13 games have been missed. If the new season can’t keep health or 23yflagler.com play its own value, he will have to face a criticized situation in 2016, because next year, the crow will be 6 million US dollars next year.

If the jet is lost in the sixteenth week, Gates will be dismissed after this game, so that they can quickly start collecting handsome work. However, the jet once again burst wins, making the Gaz to be taught throughout the season, and also let Jacksonville Tigger ensure the champion.

In the 2 seasons of the coaching jet, Gates took 9 wins and 22 negative records. Under the influence of injuries and other factors, the jet is first lost, but then welcomes 2 consecutive victories. Joe Douglas, the new coach and the general manager of the jet, will be held in this year’s draft. The two needed to decide whether to adhere to the 23-year-old quarter Sam Darnold or the new quarter-saving in the draft.

Brown near-end warfare, this week will continue to lack this weekThis week, Cleveland Brown Close Herodandan Cameron will continue to be absent from the brain. This also leads him to no competition for 5 consecutive weeks. Earlier this week, the team listed him as «possibly», but he did not go to Buffalo with the team. This also indicates that he has identified this week.

Terui Pengola is close to Bill New MasterBuffalo is about to usher in their new owner. NFL officially reported on Monday, the holder of Terry Pegula in the acquisition of Bill’s selection in Monday. Monday will be the final deadline of the bidding, so the results of the acquisition may be announced on Tuesday. All parties have sent expectations to be completed as soon as possible, and the insider said that if there is no accident, Pengola will win bidding and enter the master Bill. The NFL Alliance’s Finance Committee will hold a meeting next week. If the meeting passes the decision, Bill’s new boss will go horse on October 7.

Fourth, Brissett went to colts from the team, indicating that LUCK’s injury is indeed serious. For the patriot, this almost means that Jimmy Garoppol will leave the team next year, combined with the previous ESPN report, it is obvious that the Patriot’s expectation value for Garoppolo is very high, the coach may already think he is the patriot of the BRADY era. hope.

On Friday, Beijing time, 8:30 am, the seventh week of the regular season, Tournament, Tournament, Tournament: Auckland raid is home to the home, fight the enemy of Kansas City. The two Mivisi teams have played in the past five times, and the chief has won all the victims. The raid person wars the chief or in the 2014 season. Alex Smith has a more than 1 loss of 9 wins in the historical record of the raid attack. This season, the chief is currently 5 wins and 1 loss; the raids are only 2 wins and 4 losses. Good news is that they ushered in Derek Carr, and is expected to continue to impose tickets for the playoffs.

The team is not disclosed for the situation of Cameron. We are currently unable to learn about his brain oscillating and test results. There is news that it is possible to reimburse Cameron will be reimbursed in the season. Whole season, he only came to 6 times and completed 13 battles. But good, with Josh Gordon, the team’s demand for Carmelon has declined.

The 63-year-old billionaire Pengola is engaged in natural gas and real estate related work. He has repeatedly expressed the desire for the big parliament team in the western New York. If things are smooth, he will hold 2 professional sports teams located in Buffalo in the near future: Bill and Safari. The Biller Ralph Wilson Dedicated in May, and enjoy the year 95. At present, the temporary chairman of the team is Ras Brandon.

First, Dorsett is only 24 years old this year, height 178 ㎝, weight 84 ㎏, is the first round show in 2015, the physical quality is very good, the speed is extremely fast, his arrival is undoubtedly a great reinforcement . Like Cooks, because of young, they will have a place in the future.

External junction, because the fire line introduced Dorsett, the preseason showed excellent Austin Carr completely lost the opportunity. If he can Clear Wavier, you have a great hope to enter the patriotic spanning group.

Second, EDELMAN is seriously injured. After next year, he will be the patriotic array in addition to Amendola’s oldest external connections. The patriot is replaced back to Dorsett, apparently preparing for EDELMAN could not restore the peak state.