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The general manager of the packaging worker believes that the team still needs to add more running guards.

Ted Thompson, General Manager, General Manager, admitted that he would need one to two new runners, but he won’t explain whom he looks.

«We need more people,» Thompson said, «We still have some depths of some areas. I personally stand, especially lack of large blocks, of course, everyone now has a good guy, but will come back one or two no bad place. «

The package was previously successfully letting the outside of Thai-Montgomery transformation into running guards, Christine Michael also returned to the team. The free market also has some mouth-watering veteran, such as Jamal Charles, and Legarrette Blount.

This two-wheeled university studied in UCLA. It has grown into a full-awaited machine in the American tiger array. In the past two seasons contributed 197 times, 4.5 times, 4 times destroyed pass and 1 copy . Although Jack University has a hidden danger of knee injuries during the University, it is full of full-length in the first three seasons.

American Tiger and Line Weares — Jack Contains for 4 years

Beijing September 1, the NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the American tiger and line Wearen Jack renewed for four years, the contract value of 57 million US dollars, of which 3300 Wan Dime is guaranteed.

This renewal contract also enables Jack at the inner guard position only in Bobby Wagner and CJ-Mosley (C.J.mosely), and is the highest pay in the player in the player. Prior to renewal, the basic salary of Jack’s new show last year was only $ 13.14 million.

The main task of packaging workers is to let four-dimensional Alon Rodgers, but now they urgently need to find alternatives of Rogers’s most trusted 2 players on the offensive front line. Long can be said to be one of the best strikes last season.

Mahms was originally injured in the first week. In the game, it is relapsed in the competition of the Indiana Polis. In the case of an ankle injury hinders mobile capabilities, Mahmos is difficult to copy the past offensive performance after running four-point guard.

«I tell yourself & lsquo; you are doing what you can help the team to win the game & rsquo;», Wayne said, «Thank you, I’ve been supporting me … You must forget these bad feelings, These things have happened, you must put these to continue to move, I hope to perform better next week. «

Pony coach said Wayne was troubled in injury.

Indianapolis pony will take the outside of Relgie Wayne experienced the worst competition of the career in Branglanta Brown on Sunday, only one passing 5 yards and there Take three times. After the game, CHUCK PAGANO said Wayne was still in various injuries. «He is now experiencing knees, and there are three muscles of the elbow injury.»

After receiving the center JC-Tretter, Cleveland, JC Tretter, Nwvagtech.Co.Uk the Detroit Lion and the TJ Lang signed a contract for 3 years, and the contract annual salary reached $ 9.5 million, of which there were 19 million US dollars. Fully guarantee income. It is one of the first strikes since the packaging worker in 2011. He was packaged in the 2009 draft selection.

«I think this can give them to learn power,» Hiriani said, «even exceeds the level of their usual efforts. They all have self-esteem, I hope to give the correct answer, it is better in front of the same life. This is what they can pass The reason to enter NFL. I used this way before, I feel that it is not bad. «

«In fact, I feel quite good today,» said this Kansas City chief four defense. «I feel that after the game, I feel good. But today I feel quite good, so I am very happy to be able to train, moving everywhere. I feel that I will play smoothly, move, and continue to win the winning.»

Nick Sirianni will judge how much new knowledge is absorbed by the written test. Hiriani believes that only this can see the degree of understanding of the players, and promote learning through competition.

The chief quarter of the Sky Hobus: ankle recovery is enough to make yourself play

Patrick Mahomes participated in training on Wednesday, which is a good sign that he has not been influenced by ankle injury in the game.

Those who think that the lions enter the playoffs in the season will only be a lot of people. The lion is in the free player market exhibition and signed an excellent offensive front line player to protect the four-point guard — Stafford (Matthew Stafford).

Pony will conduct a written test assessment of offensive group players

This year’s break, the pony players need to adapt to the new offensive system. In order to help players faster, more thorough understanding of new attacks, Pony will help players to learn.

The lions get a well-known outstanding player from the partition opponent to reinvigify the offensive front line. This is also true for Taylor Decker, which is excellent in Taylor Decker, which is the same as Travis Swanson. The lion was also signed with a long time to sign Rick Wagner.

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