Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Jet sign, before Texas, near-end Edge-GriffinBeijing July 23, US Time Monday, according to Wholesale Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporters reported that the jets signed the front Tempere Near Term Edge Ryan Griffin. The team officially confirmed this news.

[Event Briefing] Regular Tournament 8th Week: Unbeatable Teachers ContinuedThe only wins of the Union is still continuing. The 8th week of the regular season, the Los Angeles Rasue, 29:27 Suspension Green Bay Packing Workers. The 9th Zhou Gongyang will go to New Orleans to challenge the Saints. The offensive group led by the elite four-point guards Bris should bring a lot of trouble to the Ram defensive team.

At that time, he will not return to the team in the 2016 season, the Naval Secretary-General Submit on Thursday in the US Time: «We have a long-awaited hand from the patriot, and he can take care of the two heads last season. Currently he is allocated. Service is served on a ship, maybe he will leave the patriot a year. «

So for the red tones, the next goal is the champion, no other. For the fans of the entire Arizona, this team has already had all the factors that win the championship, and now it is time to taste the taste of the final victory.

The 30-year-old veteran missed last season due to a groin injury four games, the accuracy of the return also declined. Ultimately, the season kick hits Bailey dropped to 75% of the lowest of his career, also missed two additional points shot, this is his second career 278 additional points in only two shot attempts missed.

I think the black panther team is at least in the new season, but the general manager Dave-Gatman withdrew the decision to Josh Normand’s privilege label or make people feel some touch. In addition, the pirates, falcon and saints have improved during the offset season. In view of this, the prospect of the black panther new season seems to be so optimistic.

Unfortunately, his Texas’ career ending is not very beautiful. During the 2019 draft show, he was charged alcohol from Nashville, breaking the window. Texas then cut him at 5.17. Griffin finally did not be prosecuted.

On the other side? J.J — Watt is the best defensive player of NFL, no one. The Dezhou’s defensive group accounted for the rule in the league in the second half of the last season. I think they will be the defensive group in the top five in the League.

Griffin Career has played a total of 77 games, starting 36 games, completing 136 battles, promoting 1491 yards, reaching 7 times. His started 11 games last season (the new color of the career), complete 24 cates, and advance 305 yards.

US time on Saturday, the team announced cut kicker Dan — Bailey (Dan Bailey). Bailey in 2014 with the Cowboys signed seven-year 22.5 million US dollars contract, the contract period left three years. After he was laid off, the Cowboys make $ 3.4 million in cap space.

Bailey should be able to find a new owner soon. Cowboys will put the burden over to Brett — Mel (Brett Maher), the 28-year-old player has not played in the regular season over the past four years were fought in CFL, free kick hit rate 78.1%. In the preseason finale, Mel complete a 57 yards free kick.

Lu said: «He will be a strong security guard, enough to guard against the near-end front, the anti-running is not there. Such a big piece, the player is very good. He can be a lot of different positions for us. «

Palch? Panther? Texas people? Who has the opportunity to win the first super bowl of team history?LeBron James brought the first professional sports champion in 52 years, while the 2016NFL season is coming soon. We have the opportunity to see a ball that has never won the super bowl in the past few decades. Team successfully closed? Perhaps these teams can you have a chance?

Last year’s NFC champion will once again initiate an impact on the Super Bowl, the Black Panther will continue to maintain the most aggressive defensive group in the new season. In the offensive group, the number of the number one after the top of Kien-Benjamin gave Cum-Newton better passed. In view of the new season, Newton will not be estimated in the case where the Newton has won the MVP without this Jiemin.

I think Houstown Dezhou is a very competitive super bowl of championship, not just because of the fifty-first super bowl in Houston. Texas has a magical coach Bill O’Brien, and has already had a young and has a four-point Weak-Osville, which is a future, can be prepared around him to establish an offensive group system. In addition, Texas also upgraded their ground offensive ability (in the free market to buy Ramar Miller), the ball combination (selected Will Fouler and Blackston — Miller) And offensive lines (Two-wheeled Dik Nick Martin and sign Jeff Allen). The Dezhou’s offensive group will no longer be frustrating.

Qin last year, in the voting rankings of the annual defensive new show, the second, second only to the last award winner, CHASE YOUNG. He completed a total of 116 times, ranked first in a rookie, and continuously completed the ball to return to the ball.