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Viking will be higher than the offensive group leading the leadership leadership leadership leadership leadership leaders in the regular season’s second week of regular season, with the pro-Kyler Murray.

Winston and Tibo went to Orlando to condolences to shoot survivors

Ten days ago, the bar shooting in Orlando was shocked all over the world, of which Rodney Sumter was shot three times and was taken to the Orlando Region Central Hospital first aid.

Patrick Peterson: Looking forward to fighting with Pitch

After joining Viking, the opponent of Patrick Peterson’s first battle was Cincinnati. But for the players who selected professional bowls, the depends with the old people is most expecting.

New York Giants have not promoted the playoffs after winning the super bowl in the 2011 season. This season is promoted to the playoffs in the 2nd seed of the country, this season, this time I can take a super bowl? The giant quartzwood, who has achieved 8 wins and 1 loss in his past 9 playoffs, and he got a full victory while in the face of packaging work, he also got history many times in history. The most valuable players in the super bowl are one of the five players. Can this «three brothers» can continue the giant super bowl of magic? Perhaps this will become the most exciting game of the outer card.

Hawks close-up Miller is likely to be reimbursed season

Seattle Haiwag came from Pete Carroll, told reporters on Wednesday, the team main proximity Feng Zak-Miller is likely to bid farewell to the ankle of the ankle from September this year. Season.

The last outer cassette will be conducted between the family of the country of the National United King season, although the package is still leading the New York giant with a total of 32 wins and 26 losses, but the two teams have passed twice In the playoffs, the packaging workers successfully guaranteed the giants to enter the super bowl (2007, 2011), and the giant did not expect the patriot to win the two super bowls from the patriot. The eighth champion of the two teams playoffs, can the Giant continue this curse in the Blue Burgball, next Monday, ready to look early.

The pass of the sea eagle was originally laccked to pick up the ball in the long-distance force to prevent the ball. The hard-working procedural absence will make this situation soon. In addition, the Hawks have a shortage of offensive and defensive ends, and Carol is to invest them in actual combat, but the Hawks need to face the dead enemy San Francisco 49 in the next game. People, Arizona, Raolin, leading to the array partition.

Green Bay Package has advanced to the playoffs for the 8th season, and the new England patriots have been successfully entered into the playoffs. However, the package is not a smooth water, although a wave of 6 consecutive victories at the end of the regular season also allowed them to take the last bus of the National Fame season. Packaging workers quartz Wei Alon — Rogers raised 40 passes reached this season, and became the fourth player who came out of the Wholesale nfl jerseys history from at least 40 games. In the 6-year-old victory in the second half of the season, Rogers came out of 15 passes, no copy, the passed score was as high as 121.0, as if the fans saw the omnivalent of Rogers, this time Can he lead the package of sniper giants?

Lightning Plan to deal with the contract problem in Rivers

The contract of San Diego lightning and Philip Rivers will also be a free player after the team’s quarter-season will become a free player after the 2015 season. However, lightning naturally does not allow the team’s core to flow into the free market, they plan to play in advance and provide him with a new long.

This is not an unexpected news that Miller has been protected by team tactics since the 3rd week of competition, reducing some of the top time. Carol pointed out other three near-end strikes & mdash; & mdash; Luke Wilson, Cooper Helfet, and Tony Moeaki, will start to bear More Offense Responsibility.

On Wednesday, the Tom Telesco, which is the lightning general manager, said that the team will make every effort to renew the River in advance. He revealed that the team has prepared a long, the period is enough to ensure that Rivers are in San Diego to retire.

In the past two seasons, the Rivers came to 63 times, and they were copied twenty hours, led the team to win 9 victories this season. Despite the final regret, no one game, but his performance was obvious. The team and fans trust this 33-year-old quarter. The team believes that Penton Manning and Tom Brady have become more excellent in 30 years old. Rivers also have the ability to become better in the next few years.

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Rude collision inspired Saint Glaham Fighting

In the game of New Orleans defeated Carolina Black Leopard, the Saint-4-point Guardrol-Bris opened (DREW BREES) was called, and in the process of flying in this ball, black panther The queue Davis Davis (Thomas Davis hits the Jimmy Graham) close to the helmet in the non-ball area.

Bristed is still outstanding in the 2015 season, his success rate reached 68.3%, reaching a coastal ratio of 32:11, and the four-point guard passed the ball score is 101.0. Although he has been hurting, it is obvious to the performance. PEYTON Manning and Tom Brady have proved that the quarter-saving is still successful in the end of the career, Briser is no exception.

Roman said in broadcasting: «Offense group redefines all things. Yes, all things, each formation, each route, each mushroom tactics, each route definition. The key is how to make the currently good offense continues progress.»

World Best British Rugby Player will join NFL

Recently, the British football world has passed the fence. At present, one of the world’s best athletes, Jarryd Hayne, announced that it will exit English football and turn to an NFL athlete. Hayon is 26 years old, is considered to be a hot leader in British football players. However, he recently announced that he would challenge American football, which shocked all the coaches and bosses of the British Football League.

Matthew last season with Texas signed a $ 7 million contract, completed 2 copies, 3 times (career new height) and 89 times. In order to pursue higher salary, Matthew chose to hit the free market, the chief also satisfied his desired.

Glaham then said: «I just need to play passion, I think I lack emotions, and today, it not only helps me play better, but also adds the entire offensive group.» In the first half After the transcript, Glaham made a celebration of the head hit the billboard. He explained this: «I may just want to vent it, we have tried so many things this season, but the effect is not as good as People, some people even give up us, I am just for this. «

The chief will be with Safety Wei Tilan — Matthew Sign for 3 years

Beijing March 12, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the chief is expected to sign a three-year 42 million US dollars in Tyrann Mathieu. contract.

After sending Joe Flacco, Lamar Jackson will become the core quadruption in the crow. Greg Roman, Greg Roman, also clearly shows its own attitude, and he will work hard to find ways to enhance offensive efficiency.

At present, many people have begun to actively envision Haine will join which team will join. Haine’s tweet seems to have left some spider mart. He released a number of information related to Dallas Cowboy and Seattle Hawks this week, and was surprised by the Cowboy. The tweet before earlier, said his attention to the sea eagle, Yuen Yuen took a photo of the sea eagle jersey, and a manager of the Hawks and Hague Manager. group photo. There have been previous media exploding, the sea eagle intends to sign the sea sign for 1 year, let him appear as the team’s abandonment. It is just a rumor for this Hainen.

Matthews may mean the departure of Eric Berry. Berry’s contract has been three years, the sum of the sum of 200.2 million, but he has been injured in the injury in the past few years and cannot be stabilized. Since 2017, Baile has only participated in three regular competitions.

The Epis Character is grabbed, and the current column of all the four-in-one evaluation of alliances, but in the third quarter of the San Diego flash competition last week, he was unfortunately sprased the knee. After a few days of cultivation, Foste returned to training on Friday, but did not use full. On Wednesday, Foste once said that he would appear: «This is just ordinary pain, no big deal.»

Hayen said in the press conference: «For me, becoming a cheap nfl jerseys athlete has always been my dream. It may be my only opportunity to try, challenge this sport.» Hayon told in the conference How to do itself Cheap Jerseys From China a poor child that can only live in the housing committee, struggle to become the best player of the British Rugby League. Hayon, who is spanning, is a few times during the press conference. About the family, Haen said: «My dream is to buy a house for my mother, now I have done it.»

General Manager: Bris is still our quarterfield

Next season, the New Orleans Drew Brees will cause $ 30 million in the team’s salary, and there is a rumor that the saints are considering the trading of him. Last month, Bris and head coach Sean Payton publicly said that the next season will continue to work for teams.

Of course, Hayan’s decision has also been questioned. Former AFL player Ben Graham has become an NFL athlete with the abandonment of the kick, and he said that Hayen has to wait and see. Good in the British Football League to say unconditional support: «His departure is our loss, but we look forward to his dreams come true.» Several relevant personnel also sent blessings.

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At the site, Shelman was inquirable to ask the Quei-ball game, but also participated in the 5th competition in the American football court. It is clear that the reporter is hinting the Tower Tower of Seattle Hawks and Arizona.

ESPN reporter Adam-Xie Ford reported that this contract was 4 years, which was $ 140 million, including $ 65 million of signing bonuses. NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the contract guarantee income was $ 10.7 million according to the insider news, and it also included the trading clause. This contract makes Wilson become the highest salary player.

Bradford accepted a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination, and the results show that he did not encounter new injuries. Viking Trainer Eric Sugarman said that Bradford is currently suffering cheap jerseys from China the previous two surgery.

If Bridgewater can appear and show his maiden, Wi-Beijing needs to make difficult choices between his and Bradford. They may only sign up with one of them. If Bridgewater is excellent, Viking can also re-ignite for this season.

Although Manning proves that the team’s strength can be improved, it is difficult to believe that he can succeed in Titan and in the wild horse. At that time, the Titan’s array was only declining, Kris Johnson (Chris Johnson) and by Nette-Washington (Nate Washington), Kenny Britt and Kenndall Wright Lead Leading External Diploma.

The NFL helmet requires that the player must use a regular helmet, but the team logo can change. The coach and other team employees will also put on the team logo when the «packaging workers» is «the» Packaging Works «in the 1920s.

Hawks 4-point Wellweldon finalize the contract to win the highest pay

On April 16, on April 15th, the Seattle Hawk waltson and the team’s negotiations continued until the last minute of the Russell Wilson and the team’s negotiations.

Wilson’s renewal is also likely to affect the next team building of the Hawks. Previously, the Haiye suspended the sale of privileged label players, defending Dragonfrank-Clark (Frank Clark). But after Wilson get a big contract, how will the team deal with Clark or an unknown.

Previously, there were news that Wilson wishes to hook his new contract, which means that he can account for a certain percentage salary. However, the final Wilson’s new contract still maintains the traditional structure.

Pedon-Manning admitted to Titan in 2012

In the Tangfo Musk, I have entered a super bowl in four years, I get a Lombarti Cup and break a series of records, Peiton Manning is currently listed as one of the best free players in the history of occupational rugby. . In addition to personal achievements, Manning also made the wild horse into the United Union strong team.

The American time of the team press on Wednesday, Shelman worn in the school uniforms in Harry Potter, and brought a bunch of angry glasses, just like the fans of JK Rowling (J.K.Rowling) will be the same.

This jersey will be written on a golden circle on the chest with a navy blue, and this jersey is a jersey that won the championship in 1929. The packaging worker put this retro jersey for the first time in 2010, 49 people in San Francisco in 2010.

It seems that Wiki people will face important choices. Bradford is currently in the last year of the contract, and Bridgewater is also after the Wiki refused to perform the fifth year. Both people have serious injuries, but Bradford’s injury history is more worrying. Bradford is 5 years old than Bridgewater, but he is very good in the first week before you have encountered knees.

The result shows that the quadruple Bradeford knee wear

The latest news about Sam Bradford’s injury will not make him lack for a long time, but will not cancel the long-term future for him as a long-term future of Minnesota Weijing.

In addition, another four-point guarded Teddy-Bridge Bridgewater will be re-accepted. Since the beginning of the season, BRESVOT was placed in a list of injury, but he would be able to have a qualification to return in the sixth week.

In Monday Night, Monday Night, Bradford was obviously affected by the knee injury, and during the game, he left in advance. Sugarman accumulated in the representative of Viking, unwilling to take risks, let Bradford continue to play, and they will not guess how Bradford will lack. According to Bradford, it is likely to start in the next game of Green Bay packaging work in the next game in Bradford.

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Tennessee Titan Run Guarda-Murray Accepting Finger Surgery

Tennessee Titans running back De Make — Murray (DeMarco Murray) recently underwent surgery for his right ring finger has long been plagued by injuries, which caused him to miss the rest of the offseason training.

Six years ago, I started my career in Seattle, and he was selected by the Hawk in the seventh round of 2012. After four seasons, he as a free player and Tampawan pirates, but the injury has affected his play. After the back injury in 2016, he was injured again by the leg. In the end, Swirti was cut off by piracy.

Dewhat Freny wants to do our best to help the Hawks

Dwight Free Nery has always insisted on exercising in the gym, jogging on the street, waiting for the team to accept him. He once thought about it to make your career in 15 seasons.

However, O’Brien thinks he sees a bright future in Texas. «I feel that we move forward in the right direction,» O’Brien said. «I think we have a lot of outstanding performance this year is clearly not enough. I feel good for the team’s future.»

Waterkins said: «I think I am ready. Now I need to do it is best to make my body and mind, I need to fight, then play in the first week.» Watekins said hurt The disease has passed, I will not worry about it: «The coach and staff have helped me, the problem of injury is completely solved. I have the ability to complete a whole game.»

Watson became the playoffs in passing yardage over 300 yards, made at least three touchdowns, no mistakes lost the ball but ultimately losing the first Wholesale nfl jerseys quarterback in history. You can not think Watson leads the Texans lose.

The new season, Bill’s first four-point guard will be Tyrod Taylor, Watekins with him 28 files in training on Tuesday. Last season, Waterkins still contributed four games in four games. The new season, he hopes to continue progress.

«I thought it would recover but the recovery is less than expected progress in the offseason,» Murray said. «It’s not serious injuries. If I have a game, I can still participate …. Just a long-awaited injury, I originally thought that I can rehab it now.»

«He should be ready to participate in training he wants to participate in training next week; I will be concerned about, but he should be able to cast off next Monday.» Coach Mike — Mula Ji representation. «If not, he will return to the training camp, apparently he will prepare to participate in the training camp.»

Even fiasco, as Watson and O’Brien are optimistic about the future. «I can not be frustrated future,» Watson said. «Everything is positive we have made great achievements this year, we have experienced a lot of & mdash;.. & Mdash; the ups and downs for us, to be one of the last remaining eight teams have a lot of very important players hope. they can be in our position to participate in the playoffs. «

Murray missed the training on Tuesday, and he was watching on Thursday. The second grade running Guardrick — Derrick Henry fills his position. It is expected that Henry will continue to play the main role in the mini-training camp next week.

Texans quarterback Watson: There is no doubt that O’Brien is the right coach

After we made a dream start, Bill — O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) team suffered defeat in the playoffs in the conference finals week.

Houston Texans once lead to 21-0. But faced with the situation a few inches fourth gear 13 yards Kansas City Chiefs, O’Brien decided to rely on football to get 3 points. After the Chiefs had seven points, the Texans next wave of attack, O’Brien 31 yards in the side facing the fake punt tactical choice when fourth gear four yards.

Bill takes over Waterkins self-confidence will be played in the first week

Buffalo Beverages Sammy Watkins believes that you can catch yourself in the first week. In the training of the team’s local time on Tuesday, Watekins participated in the whole process. When interviewed, the second-grade junction revealed that he can play in the game with Indianapolis.

«I do not know, I did not think. I still love what I do,» Reid said. «I have a young quarterback here, so every day life easier for a lot of teams I’d love to come to work every day and know that you can have the opportunity to coach him and his teammates (general manager) Brett. — Albion ( Brett Veach) to understand how to win, and understand what kind of people we like to work together. so he introduced such a person and I enjoy coaching. so here I really did not want to retire. «

Texans lose because they are unable to stop the chiefs of defense group attack group. But for many times mistakes Emirates slow start, the game points difference may be even larger. After chiefs recovery state, Texans have no strength to fight back.

Macho combination of Williams and Reed could mean the Chiefs will continue to maintain long-term competitiveness. Reed led the chiefs of seven years, the Chiefs are a frequent visitor to the playoffs. But before Macho James became the starting quarterback, the chief playoffs in five games to win only one game. And in Williams led Macho, Emirates won 4 of 5 playoff games, ALCS 2 consecutive years.

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This will be the third year of Jackson, the event will be carried out on the weekend, where he is his hometown in Florida Pang Pona Beach. At present, Pontano Beach does not allow collective activities of more than 10 people.

5 years agoUS Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, dolphins and NOAH IGBINOGHENE will agree on contract terms, will sign contracts. Igbinani is the first round of the first round this year, and his signing also means that the dolphins and the contract negotiations of the three first round show are all completed. Igbino is also the first round show of the 12th contract contract this year.

Prior to injury, Murray pushed 112 yards to reach two times. His 90 yards left a very profound impression, he became the first game in a game in a game. Insufficient 100 yards or more running guards in less than 6 times. Murray showed the footsteps, and the visual field has a speed than any other running guard in these years: his 90-yard advancement has exceeded Maleice Jones-Drew. The number of codes (34 ball 79 yards) and the first race Darren McFadden, from any of the second week of 2013.

From 1968 to 1991, the Packers have been in the doldrums period, until Wolf (Ron Wolf) and Brett — the arrival of Favre (Brett Favre), that support was invincible Packers back to its former elegance. In 1992 season, the Packers general manager Wolf from the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for that year’s first-round pick Brett — Favre. Favre’s performance proved Wolfe’s eyes, and he quickly Packers back on track. Since the 1992 season against the Pittsburgh Steelers that game began, Favre has not missed a game the Packers until the 2007 season to leave. Packers in the 1992 season, made a 9-7 record, after they won the NFL is probably the greatest free-agent & mdash; & mdash; Reggie — White (Reggie White). Under the leadership of White and Favre, the Packers in the next two seasons to break into the second round of the playoffs, but both times lost to the Dallas Cowboys. 1995 season, the Packers in 1972, after the first regular season won the NL Central title. They have defeated the Atlanta Falcons and the defending Super Bowl champion when the season of the San Francisco 49ers, broke into the League of Nations finals. In the National League final, Packers 27:38 defeat, and of their opponents, precisely the Dallas Cowboys. The next 1996 season, the Packers with 13 wins and 3 losses record the end of the regular season, they reached the National League playoffs at the top seed. They have the league’s best offensive player Brett — Favre, the best defensive player Reggie — White SWAT team and the best player Desmond — Howard (Desmond Howard). After easily beat 49 people and Panthers, the Packers into the Super Bowl again after a lapse of 29 years. In the Super Bowl, the opening Howard to complete a return touchdowns. Ultimately, the Packers defeated the Patriots 35:21, won the team history 12 championship!

Marino also said that there is still a big difference now. Now many teams need to pass the route needed by the team without adjusting the ball, so this is why he thinks there is no need to check before the game. The reason for the game with the ball.

Association of the raid

Just in the Auckland raid, the attack of the attack was found to find an attack, and the tragedy of the brain shock was in the middle of Latvius Murray. Murray opened at the second quarter. When the ball was rebounded, I encountered the head of Krt Coleman.

According to reports, the relevant spokesperson said that due to the emergence of new crown cases in Fronda, the location of the original organized event needs to increase the number of attendance. Since the number of registered people is beyond the limit, Jackson decided to cancel the event.

Marino also said that as four-point guards he needs to consider far more than the ball of ball. In addition, he also said that he did not know before he retired in 1999, he did not know that the leader checked the game before the game. He explained: «Friday, you started training, pick up a smooth ball, it is very natural for me, I will not check this ball before the game, I just put them in the bag Then bring it to the gym, it is so simple. «

NFL did not have requirements on when to resume playing eligibility for the player’s decision on the application. There is speculation that coalition might be waiting for Gordon to further demonstrate that they can exercise restraint.

cheap Nfl jerseys from China president Roger — Goodell (Roger Goodell) two weeks ago that he would receive a report and decide whether the right to meet with Gordon. An NFL spokesman said the progress of the current playing status shall Gordon still no recovery.

Gordon played wide receiver apply for restoration of eligibility no progress

Since we reported outside took Josh — Gordon (Josh Gordon) to the NFL apply for restoration of eligibility has played the past 80 days. We still did not get anything about the wide receiver solutions for the future.

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US time Monday is a voluntary training camp in Bill, apparently Watkins did not participate, players did not participate and was not surprised, but Watekins was absent. The reason was a bit dissatisfied. The 22-year-old player was taken in the US Tuesday, and a casino appeared in North Carolina.

It is reported that she has completed the game at 2:14:80, 5 seconds more than the original record, last year, he also received the gold medal of the project in the Olympic Competition in the Olympic Competition.

The Jaguji offensive group recommended 502 yards in the downstream chief defense group, but the four-point Weve Bortes thrown out of 4 cases. This game of Jaguo sent 5 times to transform, which is Burtes’s mistakes. Boltz 4 times was copied in the CD, and the chief has made a backcross, and the ball is dropped. The 61-pass 33 is 430 yards. The only highlight is a 21st code ball reachable.

The eagle new show horn, Eric, Eric Row, made a similar point of view: «The last game, at least at the offensive end, I saw that they have been crying. They always ask for a foul to the referee, Jason —Witten, whenever he is covered, you will look at the referee, ask if there is a yellow flag, then complain about the referee. Many pick-ups tried to ask the referee to discharmatically brought the penalty, they love crying Little baby? «

It is worth mentioning: In the battle records of the two sides, the steel man is obviously dominant by 21 wins and 7, and cheap Jerseys the last 15 times will only lose 3 games. Rivers showed eye-catching in both parties over the past two times, and 6 reached 0 was copied.

In this game, two players were sent out of the game: Chris Jones, Cenas Jones, Cenipation and Harvest 20 yards Cassecons and returned to Dagua, in 1 additional minute trial boxing America After Andrew Norwell, I was expelled. Di-Ford was expelled from a violation of sports moral fouls.

The steel man has a 4th warehouse in 5 years, and Vic’s first full of data is full of data. It is only 124 yards 1 to add 33 yards, including the missing 4-speed 4 files in the overtime. Pass. Last season, the ball is in the game, Wang Antonio-Brown seems to be difficult to form a valid cooperation with Wik, only 5 picks up 42 yards, and ending at least 5 row of 50 yards in 35 yards. The steel man also has a main ball to lift the ban, the second grade of the second grade of the height of 4-inch Matvis — Bryant will add a depth threat to Victor. In terms of defensive groups, the steel man is completely complete, only the first round show last year, the inner line Wei Lan-Shael will once again. The steel man signed a new player Krisel in the ring week, which replaces the aspect of As Skabi, which will be the first show of Boswell’s career.

Matt — Shaohu did not follow the team to London

According to the report of the CSN Bay Division, the raid people’s substitute four-point guard, the old soldiers Matt Schaub, did not follow the team expedition London, prepared to «home» on the Wemblestan game, but Stayed in the United States. According to NFL sources Steve Wyche, Shao Bu leaving the team this week because of the wife who is about to give birth.

Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) said to this: «I have said, I will not tell if everyone needs to come here. I know that we don’t have 100% to Qi, but there are many people give After I call, this is coming, this is voluntary, of course I hope they can surprise you in the next season. «

[Event Review] Burtas 5 times lost to help the Chief 30-14 lightly take the American tiger to keep the gold body

Beijing October 8th, the Ai Aiki, the Scene, the shared 424 yard propulsion code. Patrick Mahomes 38 Biography 22, 313 yards, but copied twice. This field is general, but it is still leading the team to win, and there is a 4-code ball to reach.

Logan said: «We hate them, they also hate us. The fans of both sides also hate each other. This is a purely annoying. They always complain about everything, I want to say, shut up, concentrate playing Let me hit you in each gear, stop unnecessary complaints, then it will only make me more violent. You are a man, this is a football, closed his mouth, like a man, I have hit like a man. «

The last lightning was at home with a 34 yard of the new show player. The two-game losing defeat, this field they hope to get the main game. Although Rivers play excellent, he still needs teammates, especially (again) the offensive frontline of the deceleration, the leader of the decendants, Dun Ru, left-proof Franklin and the right dust Fluke will absent the book Game. The same high-hanging wag has the main plug-in-Johnson. The only good news is that due to the main proximity of the ban on the ban, the main proximity of the main proximity, the front of the front side of the front of the Antonio — Gates will be re-returned, since Lyes, 06, Since the main four-point guard, Gates has completed 74 games And Gates only need to complete a border to reach another time, it will become the second part of the succession of Tobi Gonzalers to complete the near-end pee of the 100 times. In terms of pavement offensive, the average lightning average is only 3.9 yards, the first round show runs Melwen-Gordon performance and has not yet reached the account.

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Nike Patriots #87 Rob Gronkowski Red Alternate Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL Elite JerseyThis decision of the raid is not accidental. This season’s raid guard team is poor, ranked 26th, and the field will make your opponent into 367 yards. They are the only team in the alliance that has not been passed down this season. Despite the best defensive players, the best defensive players in the previous season, Khalil Mack, they have only won 14 kills this season, and the New York Giants are collected in the bottom of the Union. In the past six games, there were four games to make the opponent more than 30.

Then, the two sides abandoned each other, the wild horse held the ball, at discover this info here time, the running guard CJ-Anderson stood up, frequently won the number of large numbers, got a multi-first attack for the team. Ximeian Passing the close-up AJ-Deby (AJ Derby) moves the ball to the first 1 yard, Andon once again shocked the lightning defensive group to intercept in the half code, next to attack, wild horses four points The safety of the safety of Anderson, runs out of the pocket, watching the opportunity, looking for running routes, and finally relying on the personal sports ability, single-level defensive end of Joey — Bosa, The entry is completed, and 7: 14 is completed. The remaining time in the first half, both sides have not continued score.

Marcus Huifen completed 44 games in the last season to get 749 yards 5 Dallast, he is the most powerful candidate of the second hand, in the last six games last season, he completed 28 battles 476 and 4 times, in the past, the performance of the Seattle Hawks in the scene is particularly bright. In contrast, Korts chances that only have only one ball is not big.

At the beginning of the second half, the lightning continuous ground is weak, and the 3-speed translation of Rivers don’t choose to pass only. The wild horse defensive defender Bradley-Robie reads a direct copy of the pass route to help the offensive group gain a nice start position. Ximeian has no wasting opportunity. After continuous advancement, connect Fowler again, expand the score to 7:21.

The wild horse defensive group is familiar with the routine of lightning attack, and there is no chance to give the opponent, forced lightning to abandon the ball. At this time, the wild horse is in the top, and the offensive firepower is full of flowering, the lightning defensive group has no way, but it is only a successful anti-repertority of the first quarter of the terminal area. The wild horses have chosen shooting in the third quarter. The leading advantage of 17 points enters the last section.

In the wilderness announced the dismissal of the attack coordinator Mike Mike McCoy, after remained by Bill Musgrave, the raid workers announced the dismissal defensive coordinator Xiao Ken-Norton (Ken Norton Jr.). Assistant coach John Pagano became a new defensive coordinator.

«I will not predict anything,» Crosbe said that when he was asked how many murders would be taken in the new season. «I will only do my own job, try my best. Of course, I will have a lot of defense and I am eye-catching.»

Last season, Cross was 10 times ahead of the team, but did not get a murder when it was long when he was in the emirate. The chief has achieved 5 games in the face of the raid, and the score gap between the two teams last season is 68-17. Cross has already said that he would like to kill Mahms in the new season.

Marshall was injured this year. He did not get a lot of production with 2013. Before 14 weeks, he has a total of 58 battles to win 660 yards and 8 times. The ball was 20 times, 1295 yards, and the data of the 12 times of the 12 codes were very poor.

Bear stars take over Marshall possible rib fractures

Bear, Brandon Marshall, this is not smooth in the courses on Thursday nights in the bear team on Thursday nights, which is 28 to 41, have become more frustrated. The ribs of the Chicago’s external hands were hit by a cowboy defenders, and the camera was taken by a ambulance away from the stadium to the hospital. Before he left, Marshall scored 61 yards three times, including a single-handed single-handed 42 yard. NFL knows that Ladport has reported that the Bear team believes that the Marshall rib fracture passed by a player injury information. Marshall is now inspected in the hospital, and the report has not yet come out.

There is not much time for the flash to the flash, but they still can’t break through the line of wild horses. In the 4th file of the midfield, the wild horse line Davis is intercepted after the online. Lightning offensive, attack and defense transformation. However, the flash of the lightow is not the absolutely, Ximeian passes Welfare, the latter controls the ball, and the lightning defensive defender Adrian Phillips will copy the ball, and the game has 10 minutes left. Rivos almost gave up the ground tactics, continuously passed forward, and finally passed the ball to the outside, Keenan Allen, completed the team, saving the team back to a city, 14: 24.

The wild horses enter the winning mode and use the running ball to consume time. Jamaal Charles caused Bosa after a missed, bad habits, was knocked down by Korey Toomer, and caused the ball, defending the defender, Kathy-Haiwo Casey Hayward picks up the ball to take the ball for the team. Rivers returned to the field, a long history of direct challenges, and took the 38 yards of Travis Benjamin completed the 38 yards, 21: 24!

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The ram applies for an extra $ 500 million to the alliance to establish a new course.

US Time Thursday, according to the Athletic reporter, the ram applied for an additional $ 500 million to the Alliance to continue to build a new court.

This year’s 27-year-old Joseph is the effectiveness of Cleveland last season, and there were 14 games, and 8 of them were first completed, a total of 64 hugs, 1 copy, 4 times destroyed passed, and took the ball twice.

Even if Bell returns, the steelman is four-dimensional-Roeth Roethlisberger, I hope to run James Conner can continue to receive a policy. Although the Connant state is slightly up, he has now shown sufficient potential.

When the next month’s draft has a large number of excellent outer-handed seedlings and free players market quotes, Sanders accepts reality as other outside, and strives to find the team that is best for you.

Due to the influence of the epidemic, all teams of ball ticket sales will fall, and the ram is no exception. The new stadium shared with the lightning is expected to expect $ 2.2 billion, cheap nfl jerseys From China but now it has risen to $ 50-6 billion.

Earlier Wednesday, ESPN reported that Karl and the Raiders nearing completion contract, the new contract will make an average annual salary of Carl reached $ 25 million. This will make him the highest-paid quarterback in the league and also the first annual salary of $ 25 million quarterback. ESPN news was first pointed out that the renewal will be announced this weekend.

49 people got Sanders Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China Denver’s wild horse in the middle of last season. In the 10 regular sessions of 49 people, he completed the 302 yards of the 502 yards of 36 codes, completed 5 buses in the three playoffs to get 71 yards.

Running Bell this week will not report to the steel man

Beijing October 17th now has a bitter Rasquo-Bell (VEON BELL) to return to the steel fan? Or do you have Fantasy to choose what he wants to keep in seeing the moon? If you have, you have to disappointed.

Brown, the offensive group once again showed a strong lineup depth after a series of quotations of the seasons. Subject 4 points Garrett Gibert facing the parsimous defensive second-line play, 19 pass 13, get 151 yards, 2 passes to Deta, quad-branch 87.3. The 28-year-old quarter-saving game showed a good passage of the passage and the choice of uniform dispersion of the ball. If he continues to continue this performance in the preseason, he has a big opportunity to have a place in the last team’s large list. In terms of external walk, Rara de-Higgins continues to stabilize the position of the third outer hand. D. J-Montgomery (D. J. Montgomery showed a good ball hand and the side line ball technology, 3 times the ball got 77 yards, including a 32 yard long pass. In terms of running guards, Di Oneste-Johnson (D & RSQUO; Ernest Johnson) ran in the double energy, the shock 10 times get 53 yards (including 15 yards in the ball), get 26 yards and 1 time 3 times The ball is reaches. This appearance, Brown’s young players have come up with the bright performance in the event.

Sanders consolidated the young external hands in 49 people. His influence is not only data, but he also gave four points Guiji-Garoppolo reliable pass target. The ribbed injury in the season has affected his play.

Pony, the manifestation of the Subtock 4-point Jacob is enough to make the Pony coach group peace of mind, even if the first week of regular season, the main four-point guardian Delu Ruk (Andrew Luck) has not yet If you are unable to play, Brisette can also replace it. In Saturday, Brown’s game, Briart is facing the brightest team of the main players, the pass, especially the pass, especially the mid-circuit passed. Brisette has played three waves attack, 10 pass 8, get 100 yards and 1 pass to reach, four-point guards up to 141.7. Best twice in this game in this game is passed to the near-ended career bowl close-end Eric Eric Eric Ebron. The first one is a four-speed striker, Brisette shouted a brown defensive player’s rushing, successful connection of Ehib over the 16 yard pass and got the first attack; the second ball Brist A perfect connection of Ehib, the latter gave the ball at the end of the end area. On the other hand, in the warm-up before the presencing game, Lack seems to have a good time, which is undoubted to be a positive news for Pony. Even if Lak is not fully prepared to appear in the first week, Bryset’s excellent performance is fully qualified for the first quarter.

The highest average annual salary is quarterback Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew — Clark (Andrew Luck), his salary of $ 24.594 million. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson — Palmer (Carson Palmer) and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew — Brisbane (Drew Brees) the average annual salary of more than $ 24 million.

Raiders quarterback Drake — Carl contract talks: not yet finalized

Beijing June 22 hearing has been reported that when the Oakland Raiders quarterback Drake — Carl (Derek Carr) approaches the completion of contract with the team, I am on Twitter Carl responded to this report.

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«Not all young quarters can come to a team that has been stronger,» Mahms said, «Under normal circumstances, the team needs to surround the young quarter-saving team, the process is generally smashed But for me, this team has already got a lot of victory, gathered a lot of hard weapons, which reduced a lot of work for my work, easier to complete the wonderful advancement. I will have a wonderful performance with these teammates. «

Six players from the top ten from Guonong District, Braddy is the only non-national partition player in the top five miles. The giant running guards Saquon Barkley is ranked fourth, but his jersey sales are currently first.

Eagle four points to Walkles surrounded by sale

Beijing July 20th, the sales list of the players announced in the NFLPA (NFL Player Association) (statistical time is 3.1-5.31), the eagle substitute four points, the Nick Foles, the first four Navit Tm-Braddy won the top position. The eagle starts quartz, Carson Wentz, is ranking third.

This is a major blow for the patriots that have not yet deals. They are now looking for the blind side protector of Tom Brady in the middle of the season. Marcus Cannon is a team’s number one substitute cut, which may be most likely to replace candidates. Braddy’s high level of the ball should help the patriot to make up for the absence of Sodel.

Emirates: the talents of teammates reduce the burden

Beijing July 24th, the emirate, Andy Reid, he won’t «kill» the possibility of Patrick Mahomes, even if he is adapting to the first process. «I have encountered many difficulties».

Carol said: «I think we should win these games. We should have 6 battles.» This is also the first time since the 2011 season of 7 wins, the winning rate is less than 50%. However, as Carol said, the season is far from end, and the Hawks still have the opportunity to enter the playoffs.

Outstanding players from primary schools this year. Among them, the leaders include Kyle Dugger from the University of Leuwa, Lien, Lien, from the FCS Union, South Ilinoi, Jeremy Chinn, from the three The offensive cut offers of Saint John University of Minnesota is Ben Bartch. Indeed, it is not possible to face the high-level confrontation as the FBS alliance is an unfavorable factor affecting their draft market, but they still have to pay attention to the excellent performance during college periods and joint inspection camps.

Heroes don’t ask: NFL star players from primary schools

In the NFL TV version of the draft conference broadcast, several broadcast guests play a game called «stump the truck» when carrying the last wheel, that is, randomly speaking a candidator from unknown schools, see TV The video database contains the performance of the player. If you can’t find a video, then «Stump The Truck» is successful. In last year, two teams have used «Stump The Truck»: Jacksonville America Tiger Pickled the line of Murray State University from Murray State University. QUIncy Williams, and once served as a draft broadcast guest, Mike Mayock, General Manager Mike Mike Mike, selected from the seventh round, from the grassland landscape farmer university, Quinton — Bell (Quinton Bell). When discussing these two options, NFL TV networks could not find videos of the university.

In addition to Mahmus, running Kareem Hunt, Exterior hand Tyrek, Sammy Watkins and near-end Travis Kelce is likely to have around the game. Mahms said that although he still adapts to the starting work, the chief has an opportunity to «become a unique strong attack group.»

Carol: The season is far from the season.

When the Seattle Hawks lost this week, the record was only 2 wins and 4 losses. Since the league in 1990, the rancher is expanded to 12 teams, only 14 of the 168 post-second games only took 2 wins in the first 6 games. Among them, only 4.2% of the team won the partition champion, no one can finally capture the super bowl.

Many celebrity players are also Cheap Jerseys From China primary schools, such as Kurt Warner from the FCS Alliance Northern Aihua University; Defensive Didwood Michael Strahan from South Delk from FCS Alliance Susa University; Parry Allen from the secondary partition of Sonyma State University; Trrell Owens (Terrell Owens) from the FCS Alliance Tennona Run Walter Payton from the Jackson State University of the FCS Alliance.

Pete Carroll is still full of confidence in his team: «Our season is far away. This is just a huge challenge.» Calculate super bowls, Hawks in the past 5 games The loss is in the fourth quarter. They were also in the first 6 games since 1999, and the team lost in 4 games when they started at Section 4. Hawks or 50 years ago, the second branch of 2 times in the game in the end of the game, four minutes before the end of the game, but finally encountered a reversed team. From the 2nd week, the Sea Eagle’s fourth quarter is 9-48.

The best books of primary school players are a famous Talent Player Jerry Rice. As a strong competitor of the most player in the history, Less is selected in the 21st, 10 times in the past, 10 times, I have selected the best lineup, 2 times in the best lineup, 3 times win the super bowl of championship 1 won the superb bowl MVP, 2 times won the best offensive player, 6 borne code rankings, 6 times ahead of the rankings of the first, 2 times, the number of collars, the first. And his alma mater? Mississippi River Valley State University of FCS Alliance.

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After the TED Ginn enters the injury reserve list, the Saint External Location is also needed. Cameron Meredith Originally set up airline, but he did not get a chance of catching a ball in the past three games, and was added to the injury reserve after Bryant. Trequin-Smith (quan smith) is another player expected to share the mission of gold. He has started four games in eight games, completed 12 batches, advanced 214 yards, reached 3 times. Austin Carr has completed 5 batches and promoted 62 yards.

Nike Patriots #29 LeGarrette Blount Red Alternate Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL Elite JerseyNFL English official website number draft analysts are full of arms of Allen. At the press conference held on Monday, Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Myock and the previous champion showed that he had «Jamarcus Russell» since Jamarcus Russell. «A powerful arm», also believe that the hand-held yuan sign and the four-signed Brown will consider bringing away Allen.

Payne received foot surgery in December last year and is still in recovery. Last summer, in order to get a new contract, Penne did not participate in the training camp, and the raid person finally contracted with him a contract of 21 million US dollars.

If Davis wants to leave the team to get better data, he must defeat several running guards already in the Haiying. The Hawks signed Eddie Lacy after the free player market, picking Chris Carson in the seventh round of the draft. In addition, they left the Tomas Rawls, CJ Prosise, Alex Collins, Troymaine Pope And Temen Magee.

Wyoming University quarter-free arm has attracted attention

Josh Allen, who is from Wyoming University, is expected to bring all the ball projects in the physical assurance camp, showing the scouting and the audience to the true ability.

With a good performance, the new showline of the selection of professional bowls Wei Ryson-Fandton Vander Esch and the same potential Unlimited Jaylon Smith, Li’s role seems no longer important. After all, there were two young wire guards in the team, in order to give the age of growing up time, and put them on the bench on the bench.

If Bryant officially announced the season reimbursement, the hopes of this 30-year-old external hand will reach the water again, and the saints have to find other ways to reinvigify the offensive group, in order to have a bigger hopes for the second super super Bowl.

Trajectors and cuts Donald — Payne restructuring contract

Beijing August 14th, the future of Donald Penn and the raid is finally determined. According to the Las Vegas Media Reporter Michael Gehlken, Payne has agreed to restructuring the contract.

Ma York said: «As the general manager, weather and open courts of Cleveland, these two factors have made strong arms. Their new offensive coordinator is from Pittsburgh Steelman, which means he has experienced guidance — Rosrisberg The Ben Roethlisberger has a kirin arm player. In my opinion, Sam Darnold and Allen are a player who is prioritized by Brown. «

[Event Review] The eagle 32-30 defeated Texas, for the season after the season

Beijing December 24th, although Texas spreaded the original 13 points in the fourth quarter, it was more than 1 point, but the eagle four points Knik-Wolls (Nick foles) led the offensive group at the last 2 points In 04 seconds, the ball was successfully promoted to the range of 72 yards to the range of 72 yards, and the 35 yards of the Jake Elliott hit 35 yards.

Falls continued to continue to win the best performance of the ram last week, 49 pass 35 in 471 yards 4 times pass to more than 1 time, the external hand, Nelson-Aglo (Nelson Agholor) 5 times a ball 116 yard 1 Sub-ball reachaes, close-end Fengzak-Erz (Zach Ertz) 12 times a ball 110 yards 2 times a ball reachable, External hand Al Shang — Jeffrey Alshon Jeffery 3 times 82 yards.

After this, the Texas people have 10 wins and 5 losses, Wholesale jerseys and the patriot of this round will replace the seat of the United States 2 seed. And the eagle 8 wins and 7 losses, the last round is only in the red skin in the eagle, and the eagle can win the King of the 6th seed in the season.

Dezhou people, the exterior de Marry-Thomas, in the fourth quarter, in the fourth quarter, I was broken, and injured. 4-point guards DESHAWN WATSON 40-passed 29 339 yards 2 times, 8 times, 49 yards, 2 shots, Duo.