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Alliance or allow the team to sign the coach before the end of the playoffs

The teams are looking for the next time: candidates and conditions have been fixed, but they have to wait until the candidate is in the playoff game to formally sign up. This adds an unefective factor in the completion of the contract.

This year’s horses and Josh McDaniels are a good example. Pony announced McDaniels after the end of the super bowl will become their new coach, but the latter is temporarily changing, and choosing to stay in the patriots as an offensive coordinator. Xiao Ma had to start a new round of search. Fortunately, they will talk to Frank Reich, find new coach.

nfl jerseys will try to avoid similar accidents. According to wholesale nfl jerseys media reporters, the alliance hopes to change rules restrictions in the future, so that the team does not have to wait until the club in the candidate is in the playoff game.

The report pointed out that similar changes have been presented before, but it is not enough to support the ticket. McDaniels attracted more support for this comment.