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Rivilla appreciates Thomas Davis postoperative training performanceUS Term Tuesday, Carolina Black Leopard, Ron Rivera, told Media, Thomas Davis, will unrestricted appearance in the 50th Super Bowl of Stadium.

& hellip; & hellip; but Jackson still does not want to immediately decide the first hair, he said, need to communicate with the players, look at the video, and discuss the coaching group to make the correct decision. It can be imagined that if Jackson insists to let Taylor’s first, the brown fans may be overwhelmed.

Hurio-Jones is creating a history of walkingAtlanta Falcon’s External Decourse Hulio Jones has surprised the data of the past three games. In fact, there is no outer hand on the history of NFL to complete similar start.

Tuesday, the raft is the first round of the 23rd, and the patriot is traded from the patriot. This year is the last year of Cook, he expects $ 8.5 million. However, the ram hopes to reach a long agreement as soon as possible, so that Gaoff has a good job in the future as a pass weapon, but also makes the salary space a little.

«I always say, the pursuit of the best NFL players of the girls went to open long player, punt hand and kicker. They earn enough money, and if their performance is good can work hard in the league for a long time, after retirement they will face fewer physical / mental problems. «

The ram is intentionally before the new season begins with Cook.External handle Brandin Cooks will officially hold a conference on Thursday, of course, is the identity of new aids outside the Los Angeles ram. The ram also showed the long-term residence of Kuckers for a long time.

There is no outer hand in history, which has completed the first three games. If he can continue this momentum, then it is likely to break the record of 181 battles. The previous record holder is Marvin Harrison. Then, the single session 1964 code bought by Impact Kelvin Johnson.

Taylor started the top three games in Brown, but in the middle of the night, Tuesday was shocking in the middle of the night, there is still no test process through the brain shock. Before leaving, Taylor will complete 4 times, and promote 19 yards.

The Chammine Baker Baker Mayfield is deadly, led the team from 14-0 to 21-17 to win, meet the desire of Cleveland fans to victory, so that Brown’s 635 days is over. Melfield shows calm, leadership, fearless, passing ability & hellip; & hellip; brown fans see hope.

In the interview with ESPN, Carol said: «We have gradually become better in the game, and our protection is getting better and better, although we missed a lot of opportunities and made a lot of mistakes. We give Mike Daniels, many opportunities, and also discover your own problems, we should solve his problem. «

Pitt — Carol ignored the Hawks offensive line problemEveryone knows that the first week of Seattle Hawks have a huge problem with the Green Bay packaging work, how do you see the Tete Carroll Pete Carroll?

«& Hellip; then you think, long to open the main players and the general compared to do very little, and rarely appear sick, but they can also claim to NFL players Suddenly, you realize that this man is really a winner in life. what.»

[& Ndash;] Cowboysxmascrackbaby 144 points 2 days agoThen you think about how little they have to do compared to full time starters and how much injury risk is mitigated, while still being able to say they play in the NFL. Suddenly, you realize this guy is winning at life.

«Two years ago I have seen long before the Seahawks open player Clint Gresham, he is a very calm and very friendly people, I also like follow his tweets. He and my ordinary people is very similar, the only difference is that he work in the NFL. Moreover, he has the title of a «super Bowl champion Clint Gresham», which sounds like hanging burst. this man is now a free agent, even if he never ever NFL does not play, he has also been to a super bowl team played the ball. «

At first when I saw the news, I think, «Oh, what is this 4 million,» then I think I’ll realize that this is actually a great sum of money & hellip; but I can not take even the air conditioning & hellip;

[& Ndash;] doom32x 17 points 1 day ago *I & # 39; ve said repeatedly, a woman is looking for a NFL player is best off going after long snappers, punters, and place kickers They make enough money, they have decently long careers if they & # 39;. Re any good, and less likely to deal with all of the physical / mental issues that come later.

Vikings 4 years long open contract players, users have TucaoAccording to sources, cheap Jerseys long open player Kevin McDermott and Minnesota Vikings agreed to sign a four-year $ 4 million contract renewal to 2020.

[& Ndash;] PackersEconomy_Cactus 671 points 2 days ago

I was looking at that like & quot; wow, 4 Million that & # 39; s peanuts & quot;

Then I realized how much money that actually is and that I don & # 39; t even turn my A / C on because it & # 39; s too much money.

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Allen talked about this question during this week, he said: «This (change) is not a task that is not impossible to me. How do we use the defensive system next season, I should integrate? This system, how to achieve the goal of the team, this is my very concern. «

Packaging workers hope to run away from 卫 西 重 重 30 poundsLast month, Green Bay packaging worker teaches Mike McCarthy, indicating that EDDIE LACY needs to lose weight. Now, the team has established weight-loss standards to Reti.

49 people abandon offensive line player Jonathan — MartinSan Francisco 49 people have chosen to give up their offensive line players Jonathan Martin. The team announced in the US Time on Thursday that they would choose not to implement Martin a season contract.

49 people signed the Nielsen two weeks ago, which would originally hoped to strengthen the depth of lineup. I don’t want Nelson to join Dibo Samuel (Foot), Brandon Aiyuk (Legjet), Jalen Hurd (Knee Cross) Tear of ligament and the injury army of Richie James (wrist).

General Manager of the raid: immediately started with other important playersOn June 24, I discussed the press conference of DEREK Carr, and the General Manager of the Auckland Assistant Reggie McKenzie called «Big» day».

According to Wholesale Nfl Jerseys official website reporters, the packaging workers hope that Leis can lose at least 30 pounds. The reporter revealed that the team hopes that Rayxi can increase the amount of training during the tour, and the two sides have already exchanged, setting the work that needs to do during the break. The team will also reshape the body with the help of health experts.

«I just look forward to getting along with him. I used to get along with other players in the training camp. We have never happened to be enemy. The players are very good. You go to the game, play, let you kick The performance of the ball speaks. Friendship will not hinder the work. The rest will be decided by the coach. «

McKinsea also said that he will now pay more attention to the future in the future. Carl said in the statement that «building contracts to help raid people» is very important, which can help raiders retain other players, McKinsea indicate that Carl’s renewal contract did this.

At present, Leis’s official weight is 234 pounds, and his body has become a topic of fans in the second half of this season, his body is more huge than this number. There is a rumor that Rayxi’s weight has reached 260 pounds. Next season, Leis will enter the last season of our own rookie contract, he needs to prove its determination through the efforts, and then prove its ability to demonstrate your ability.

Allen’s salary of the season reached $ 12.5 million and is all guaranteed, so although the performance of Allen last season is the worst, it is still basically not departed from the team. Allen said that he would have failed to contribute to the team, he said: «If I can choose, I still want to be the right pair of defensive front players online. But I am now Just want to win, so there is unconditionally adapted team. «

In 2014, I joined Khal Mac Mac, and Gabe Jackson, I was expected to receive renewed players next two. The team chooses to perform Mike’s 2018 contract option, and if the new contract Jackson will become a free player before the next year’s snapsomes.

Although people in the offset period of the offensive group and defensive groups may have a huge impact on the performance of the Special Series in the new season. Zullen may be a key figure that helps cowboy team progress.

The 3 years of Zullen signed means that he will take the opportunity in the competition. But only 1 year of the contract, Bastead, last season, indeed stabilized the playback capabilities of cowboy, and he was successfully played in the second half of the season. If Buddhism joins the cowbane in the early season, they may eventually enter the playoffs.

Cowboy new aid kicker Zillein: Confidence has won competition in trainingDallas denim recently signed a 3-year contract with Greg Zuerlein. In the case of kick-Bay-Buddha, Kai Forbath, the cowboy will compete in the player position at the start of the break.

Can Jarid Allen adapt to new defensive array?The Chicago Bear team conducted a coaching group after the end of the regular season, and the new coach John Fox hired Vic Fangio to the team’s defensive coordinator, the team’s basic defensive array The transition is 3-4 formation. Last season, the rushing performance is not satisfactory, and the staff is more suitable for 4-3 formats, so what changes will be brought by replacing the formation, this is the biggest problem is the old Jarid Allen (Jared Allen) Can a good change from a defensive end?

Allen said that he had already expected that the team will change to 3-4 formations, and he is looking forward to debut with a new location. John Fox often uses a hybrid defensive front line in Momades, so my defense duties cannot be sure. But I am not too worried about this matter, I will communicate with them in the first time after the coaching group is in place, I am looking forward to new transformation. What is the effect. «

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«You will often see Alex (Rodrigs) three or four hours in advance to practice hit, or see Delik (Jet) dragged a bag of boy and walk. See these You will think: they are already the best baseball players in the world, but they don’t have to be so desirable! But they have been pursuing more powerful self, this is what I learned from them. «

Camman — Newton will ablate the game against the pirateThe star of Carolina Black Leopard, Cam Newton, this week, the team’s training was absent, and the US time was included in the team in a non-upper list.

Previously, there was an analysis that the chief was either served as Hyde, or he added competitiveness in his way to run. Open these two people, there are still two years of Darrel Williams and three rookies in the Emirates: James Williams, Darwin Thompson and Marcus Marcus Marshall.

Before joining the chief, Williams had effectively effective for the dolphins for four seasons. He has played all 16 games last season, and 3 of them were first, 50 times a total of 256 yards, reached 4 times. Williams also has a good borne capacity, completing 23 battles, promoting 160 yards, reaching 2 times. The 2018 regular season is close to the end, and the chiefs and Williams have continued for about two years (US $ 8.1 million).

In the 41 regular sessions of your career, Smith served as 31. He served as a jet in the new year year, and the regular season recorded 8 wins and 8 losses. In the first year of the year, Smith only won three games. In 2017, Smith signed a contract with the giants, and was started after being replaced by Eli Manning.

Before entering the league, there is a young four-point guard with the ability to read the game, and some are the ability to attract scouts by people. For Mahms, his largest capital is extremely strong and powerful right arms.

According to Nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, there have been several negotiations for Charlton’s transactions on Sunday reports. Although there is currently no signs of transaction, it may increase heat in this week.

Although it is not the same year, Mahmus and Mefield estimates will become a pair of unspeakable names. The fate of the two begins in the university. At that time, Mahms of Texas University of Science and Technology made the 1279 yards and 12 times of arrival of 1279 yards and 12 times!

Professional players boat Lawton’s life will make many new show feel uncomfortable, but Mahmos has no trouble. As a son of the former professional players, Xiao Mahms followed the old dad to all over the United States, New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh. Before becoming a professional player, Xiao Ma Ge is already a career level in confronting the day and night.

Emirates Coordinator: Damin Williams is the starting running guardBeijing May 31, the addition of Carlos Hyde, did not affect the original arrangement of the chief, according to the offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Damin William Ms Damien Williams is still the head of the team.

[Star Guide] # 15: Patrick — Mahomus’s 8 sides, do you know?In the 15th week of the regular season, this week’s focus is the best two teams of the United States of America’s records & mdash; & mdash; Direct dialogue in Kansas City Chief and Los Angeles. Although the record is divided into two two in the United States, because the two teams are the United States of America, it is likely that a team is a number one seed, and another team can only be out of the card. For both parties, this direct conversation is a fight.

Although Marshall himself is very confident, the head coach John Fox’s statement is as good as the conservancy: «I saw his progress, but we still have to make a decision before the game.» Although it is basically Identify Marshall will come back to debut, but we can’t determine how many appearance time he can get. Since the attack group of the pony has never been 100 yards in the regular season, Marshall’s main task will be the close-up combination of the opponent.

There is a professional baseball star dad, you can’t honestly don’t like the baseball; but the little horse loves the football, which makes him particularly tangled. Most high school bishable sports stars have graduated from high school, they will know the future of the future. But this is totally not applicable to Mahms, and the number of rugby and baseball scholarships in the high four year.

If you don’t accidentally, Smith’s main task this season will still be a substitute. But he once said to the media reporter that he still hopes that one day can be re-issued. «I don’t think my career will be ended soon. I can still play for a long time. Whenever the opportunity, where to come, make contributions, lead the team to win, continue to do, I will be the most important thing.»

However, Mahms did not disappoint him. At present, «Xiaoma» passes 4300 yards, and there are 43 pass to reach, and the two data are ranked first in the Alliance. Even if the chief does not become the best team of the full-League regular season, Mahms also has a big chance to become a regular game MVP.

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According to informed people, Griffson helped find Pagano’s successors did not guarantee that he will stay in next season. If the new coach has the general manager of his own preference, Griffon will not return. Jim Irsay also plays an important role in searching for new coatings in Jim Irsay.

The pony will not continue to ask the coach Pasano after being exposed.According to sources, I hope that in the playoffs, Indianapolis Pony will not renew with Cohal Chak Pagano after the end of the season, while General Manager Len Gri Ryan Grigson will help the team to find new coach.

After entering the United States championship last season, the Pony has the expectation of the superb bowl before the beginning of this season, but they have achieved the worst record since 2011 (7 wins and 8 losses) and they will be splingson and Pagano has faced a fault of the playoffs since the first in 2012.

As the privileged privilege label has the ultimate belonging, the future of Devin McCourt is beaten, as an important member of the patriot team, McCaki is once It is considered to be the most likely to obtain a privileged label. However, now there is not much time for the Patriots to make a decision, considering that this year’s free player market and the rookie are seriously lacking excellent security, McCoti will basically be a person who is the most snapped, so the Patriots must be high. It is likely to stay in McCuti.

«I have encountered some excellent people here.» Sherman said, «I met some excellent coaches, and the relationship with them will accompany me. 49 people fans and my contact also deepened with time & hellip; & hellip; I am very grateful to this. «

When I was asked to talk to the head of Kyle Shanahan and the general manager John Lynch, Shelman said: «This is already very clear. Talking is very happy. There is no dispute. We just talked about the current situation in the team, as well as my own situation, and their next step. «

Not only includes the equipment of 49 people. The rest of the auction goods include the helmet of Philadelphia, Miles Sanders, the signed jersey of Larry Fitzgerald, and several passes in superbals. Ball with the game.

Little Master Frank-Leak (Frank Reich) said: «It is obvious that the ball is unacceptable. Before the past two weeks, our team’s ability looks yet, so we have to do it is to return to the right track. Because we pass the number of times, it is inevitable that the ball will be able to take it one or two times and it is also inevitable & hellip; but we need to return to normal. «

According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte (Adam Schefter), the red scitch will cut Peterssen on Monday, USA. This way they don’t have to pay $ 750,000 signed bonuses (the end of the third day of the alliance).

The ball is small genius T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) did not play due to the injury of the leg, and Jack Doyle has absent two games due to hips injury. This is not very wonderful, and the four failures, the horses have tried to pass 53.8 times.

Patriot team poses privileged label for playing handsCheap Nfl Jerseys From China official website This Friday news, the new England Patriots team chooses to post this season’s privileged player label to his own play-style Stephen Gostkowski. In this way, Gustkovsky will reach $ 4.58 million in the next season. Become a player with the highest annual salary.

Richard Sherman said 49 people have clearly not retain themselves. Since December last year, Richard Sherman said several times that he is willing to end in 49 careers. US time on Wednesday, he shared his own reasons in an interview.

On Wednesday, Pagano said he plan to «do full» to ensure that you can stay. Pony needs to beat Tennesi Titan in the next game and need other eight teams to help to win the Menon South District champion to enter the playoffs.

It is difficult to complete the bad performance of the Pony this season to fell in Pagano. After being hurt, the bad performance and the bad tactical command, the Pony is still still having a slight playoffs.

This bonus is part of Pitterson’s two-year contract with Saints last season, and then the flush will also get the remaining contract when it is transaction in October. Piteson has two performances in Arizona, and he has 26 shots in the game against pirates, promotes 134 yards, achieved 2 reaches; 37 shots in the 49-person competition, 259 yards, but also completed 2 Submit, advance 8 yards. However, after the injury of the injury reserves due to neck injury, the season.

The auction goods include the use of the San Francisco 49 people in the National Union Championships of Green Bay Packaging Workers. In addition, souvenirs such as George Kittle and Richard Sherman will also include in the auction. The auction income will be donated to the Australian Fire Charity Assistance Foundation.

The consensus in the team is Pagano will not return to the next season after the renewal of renewal, and the relationship between the Pony Ben this season will play a bad relationship between Pagano and Griffson.

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Brian Hoyer played poor in today’s game with Buffalo, 30 passed 18 times completed the promotion of 192 yards but was copied twice, only 3 points of performance made the main coach Mike Pettine could not bear, and finally replaced the rookie Manzel who was eager to try.

Now people don’t care about why the eagle break is so big, but why they choose Tibo, which is still very questionable. Sanchez hinted to sign Timber because Bradford is still in the relationship between ligament tear recovery.

Manzell is not expected to play with his own way. He first led the team to steadily advance to Buffalo Red District, and then he found a defensive vulnerability in the midway, and the single stick rapidly entered the end area. While harvesting personal careers, it also helps the team to narrow down to 10 points.

Cowboy 4 points Dak Prescott Due to the shoulders, today is flat, 44 pass 25 25 yards. The cowboy team promotes only 311 yards, and Ezekiel Elliott is only contributed 47 yards. With the loss of this, the fate of cowboy is not mastered in his own hands. That problem is coming, when is the master coach Jason Garrett? ? ?

Libotport means that you will pay attention to whether Cleveland Brown will shoot. Brown’s current defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was once a defensive coordinator for ram. And Tennesi Titan & mdash; & mdash; perhaps even Jacksonville America Tiger & mdash; & mdash; will be reasonable. There may be more teams if it is difficult to find outstanding corners now.

Giants rookie quarter points Jones: don’t care about outside criticismBeijing May 2, Daniel Jones In this year, the first round of this year was selected by the New York giant, and the criticism of the outside world was endless.

Looking back, the patriots in the 21st century will win the regular season. When the writer is often used, the opening of each season is often not rigorous enough. They are like a classic car, start slowly, and the recent seasons are often tasted in the season. Go to the defeat, then summarize the lessons from failure, gradually adjust to the best state through season, which seems to be Belipk’s bandage habits. The last game opened? In the 2007 season, after six consecutive wins, they will be able to win ten games in the way, and complete the great win season. Even if the super bowl is lost, it seems that the team is even in the team or even the historical position, then the problem is coming, whether the season is unbeaten, can the patriot in the 2015 season reach the height of the 2007 season? The 07th and the 15th patriots are unsweound, this article will reveal the answer.

07 Quaddi: 36.1, 68.9% hits, 300.3 yards, 300.3 yards, 3.1 Deta, 0.5 Casperse, 78.5% Try, 60.7%, 66.7% The compressive hit rate, an average of 2.4 seconds.

15 Quarterly: 41.8 times, 68.9% hit rate, 342.3 yards, 2.7 reached, 0.2 Caspic, 81

.9% real hit rate, 8.4% trial long passed, 57.1% long legendary intermediate rate, 71.4% compressive hit rate, an average of 2.1 seconds.

Two early playback teams have met this week, and the wild horses won in the leadership of Drew Lock. Rocke as a wild horse started quarter-off, the record was 3 wins and 1 loss, he looked at the four-point guardian of the future of the wild horse. Although the lion’s anti-parallelism is well known, the Locke is 33 passes in 25, and the 192 yards and one pass is reached, and there is no drop, gaha.si no to kill, no copy. The second grade of the wild horses, the Phillip Lindsay, 19th, the squad, pushed 109 yards, and won 1 shocked ball.

After the sea eagle lifted, he took the lead in the team in the competition of the 49th National Name. Although they can win in front of the last round and 49 people, they will re-rush back to the country to get the first round of time, but the difficulty is quite difficult.

The 15th quarterly defenders also experienced a big change, after the super bowl victory, the team’s best three corner guards & mdash; & mdash; Rewis, Browna and Arlington made a bird and beast, the patriot actually rely on unreperigible Mal. Kong-Butler picks up the beam, it is undeniable that «the copy» has enhanced his confidence, and it really played the standard of the number one corner. However, other corner guards, the unknown generation used, this season is often easy to see. Corner guards are smashed. The key to defensive lattice in the 15th quarter is the two security, German-McCoti transition, and will maintain the top of the leader of the league, while the clock family returns to the patriot, the team is more dependent on him. Destroy the opponent’s Detanic boller in the area. Interesting, the career of the bell is seeming to have a vicissitudes of life, but in fact his birthday is more than 6 days than McCoti.

Labodport said: «So many things doing the ramb are to rebuild the lineup, they can get a lot of drafts by the best of the best one of the best, now they are considering their options, want to see for special Rouman Johnson and what possible for the ram. «

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This injury may make Beckham to be placed in the injury reserve, although he can be activated from the injury list after 8 weeks, but considering the severity of his injury and the current giant’s record, very It is possible that he will not appear again this season.

When the shoulders were injured last year, Newton originally selected surgery. But in the end he still solves the problem by surgery. And this year, Newton once again chose to not accept surgery to treat foot injury. Although this visitor does not mean that he needs to be accepted soon, the operation may become an option according to the opinions of Anderson.

Grant Milton is a high-grade American rugby player in Woodland High School. In the recent game, he needs emergency surgery in a recent game, so he seeks medical assistance to the «Gofundmepage» Foundation.

After the end of Phillips, it will be committed to the transformation of the horses full of talent defensive groups more tough. Wild Horse This season’s defensive horizontal column column third, there are no short players on each line. Both the team and Phillips hoped to further stimulate the potential of the players.

After Bakeham seriously injured, the giants who have not yet tasted their only stable offensive weapons. In front of the hard schedule, the giant needs to continue the season in the absence of a number one offensive player.

Phillips is famous in his experience. In his nearest advice, he also served in the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia, Denver Morn Horse, Buffalo, Atlantian, and San Diego lightning. One of the reasons why Wild Horse select Phillips may be derived from the team’s new coach. Gary Kubiak has worked with Phillips during the teaching of Texas.

Free players take over Antonio — Brown and SaintsThe new Orleans Saint, which has been determined into the playoff, may introduce a talent but also controversial external connections. At least they will first examine him.

In the team 22-27, the team takes behind the head of the team’s top, Odell Beckham Jr. ankle fracture. According to informed people, he also led to the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination to determine if there is ligament damage.

JJ-Watt sent surprises to injured high school playersJJ-Watt, a defensive star player in Houston Texas, was missed throughout the season because of his injury missed the entire season. However, he did not stop his community activities.

Substate four-point Wei Kyle Allen led the black panther to achieve four consecutive victories, which made the black panther willing to make Newton slowly recover. However, after the game, the external competition defeated 49 people in San Francisco, the outside world began to doubt to make Newton quickly returned whether the Leopard continued to compete for the seasons.

In the past 20 years, the alliance has conducted a series of experiments, forms their own research institutions and published 16 papers related to football and head injuries. Main conclusions & mdash; & mdash; NFL players will not encounter brain injury & mdash; & mdash; attracted public criticisms, Congress hearing, and the program terminates in 2009.

Wild horses appointed Phillips for new defensive coordinatorsAccording to NFL reporters, Wade Phillips has been agree with Denver’s wild horse. He will re-latch the wida next season and become a hobby defensive coordinator. Subsequently, the wild horse also confirmed this news. Phillips has served in Dallas Cowboy, Buffalo, and Denver Muslim. His last job is to serve as a defensive coordinator in Texas and temporary coach.

This is a bad reality for a giant that has already recorded a bad record: Beckham is the core of the giant offensive group. He is the only player in the team with speed to reduce the pressure of eli manning, MANING. He is the only one in the team to defeat the opponents and even the three-person clippers. In this competition, he completed a 48-yard ball to reach, and he used a fake action before the ball scored the opponent defensive player.

In May of this year, the Congress investigator concluded that at least 6 senior NFL health officials were carried out last year to influence the US government a major study of the link between rugby and brain disease.

Goodel said that this plan is to «promote the progress of the head injury prevention, diagnosis and treatment, improve the medical process and further enhance all the way to learn and participate in the game.»

If the Saints are signed Brown, then this may speed up the progress of the Alliance’s investigation of the Brown field. Saints can also strengthen their strong offensive groups and initiate an impact to the champion.

Prior to joining the patriot, Brown has also been a shortage of Auckland raid. His raider career is also constant, including due to the absence of foot freezing, because the helmet has repeatedly appealed to wholesale Nfl jerseys and conflicts with the team management.

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Crowbrandon — Williams is absent from the second consecutive weekThe steel man runs Guiji, Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) There is no chance to perform in this season. In the face of the important general absent, he may arrive at the moment.

The 50-year-old Quin is unemployed due to the full defeat of the Falcon’s 5th game this season. In more than five seasons of the fight against falcon, Qui Din has achieved 43 wins and 42 negative records, including entering a super bowl in the 2016 season.

Regular season ninth week official team strength listAfter the schedule, let’s take a look at how the rankings of each team. The wild honey in the same area of ​​the opponent lightning last week consolidated the position of their Malian West District, and the performance of the Paleckstick season was still excited, and the two teams ranked one or two. The patriot has risen by 7 to the third, and the confrontation of the wild horses in this week can be seen. The packaging workers have fallen 6 in this week, and the Texas and Saints have rebounded. 0 wins 7 losses raids still rank alliance bottom.

The crow announced the second consecutive week to announce the foot injured in Brandon Williams, will be absent. Williams is an important member of Baltimore Rush. It didn’t be self-care that he didn’t hit his defensive group last week.

«His understanding of the competition, his thirst for victory, his determination and the focus of the game also showched it,» Cook said. «I learned these qualities from the two people, and I saw them showing them every day.»

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapport reported that the Buffalo Bell team plans to hire the coach of the coach, the coach of the same district, the New York Jet, just fired. Bill has already proposed a contract, and Ryan has also accepted.

In 2014, Pert’s signing of the team for four years, and another team also has a fifth year contract option. Brown boss Haslem last summer said he did not intend to «big lay off» after the season, but obviously lost 12 games after 15 games this season, he changed.

Pet Tatown said that he did not hear any future intended from Haslerma to hear any future of his next game. «I didn’t ask, what I care about every week, as my player should care about it, is my duty, that is, let the team ready.»

Pert has taken the team to win 10 wins and 21 negative records before the first seventeenth week before the start of the 2014 season. Before joining Brown, Pert served as a defensive coordinator in Buffalo Bill (2013) and New York Jet (2009-2012).

If Royan reached Buffalo, it will continue to lead the defensive group that has been dramatically in the season, will continue to attack the ball shock in the jet machine style. However, the four-defense issues still exist, Cheap Jerseys the first round of the four-point guards of EJ Manuel, where to go in the jet team, will continue in Bill, and needs to be observed.

Former Falcon Caller Dan — Quin became a new defensive coordinator of Dallas denimDallas Cowboys have decided to mergent Dan Quinn as a new defensive coordinator for the team, and the contract is 3 years.

Before becoming the panel of Falcon, Quin Bradley became the Seattle Hawk defensive coordinator, witnessed the most brilliant period of the «Boom Army». In two seasons, Kuin’s defensive group is the least alliance with the number of rivals and opponents.

On Monday, NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Kui is visible to Dallas and Cowboy on the high level of Dallas and Cowboy. Obviously this meeting progresses smoothly. Previously, the cowboy had been online interviews for Quiin. In the past, if there is a candidate in Jerry Jones, he will definitely make sure the latter join. This time is no exception.

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Mike Evans: Do better for the teamIn the game last week with the New York Giants, Tampawan pirates took over Mac-Evans, wholesale nfl jerseys who had passed the number of opponents in the number of buses and became a pass target, Odel Baker Odell Beckham. But this is also criticized by the second-grade teams still have been criticized by the media and fans.

Since the first quarter of the team in 2018, Mefield has not lacking the starter, has been playing 37 games. In the eight games in this season, Mefield completed 61.4% of the pass, got 1514 yards and 15 times, and 7 passes were copied.

As we said, this week’s packaging worker and the eagle will be a crucial battle as a shocking playoffs this season. Green Bay quarter Wei Alon Rogers In the past two Monday night games, the total of 71 passes 48 times, 67.6% pass success rate, win 660 yards pass the number of spheres and 8 pass to more No 1 time was copied, the passed score was as high as 134.7. Whenever, Rogers always takes an important role in the wrapper, and his play is crucial.

Hall of Fame will be announced on January 15 the final shortlist, and the senior final candidate (senior finalists) Johnny — Robinson (Johnny Robinson) and off-site contributors final candidate (contributor finalists) Gil — Brandt ( Gil Brandt), — Pat Bowlen (Pat Bowlen) competition. A candidate must obtain more than 80% of the votes in an election meeting held on 2.2 next year, in order to ultimately elected.

Brown said they learned that a staff member of the team of virus tested positive on Saturday, all in close contact with the staff member’s immediate self-isolation. Brown will follow the affected emptograph of alliances when returning to the base on Monday. As a close contact, Mayfield must be self-separated for 5 days.

Tom-Breddy: Favorite 2007 to BocelTom Brady is not strange to win the game, he has won countless game, including 6 super bowls champion titles. But asked him to consciously the most perfect game, the playoffs still can’t talk.

& Bull; Richard — Sai Moer Richard Seymour, defensive end / defensive tackle & ndash; 2001-08 New England Patriots, 2009-2012 Oakland Raiders (25-man squad selected for the number of times: 2 & ndash; 2018-2019)

At night, I saw the package worker. After the last week was lost in Hongki last week, would you send a warmth of the package? After experiencing a wave of 4 losers, the packaging workers and playoffs will be a bit more far away. If you still want to hit the playoffs, this game is crucial.

Hall of Fame announced the 25 man shortlistPlayers eligible for election for the first time this year there are Hall of Fame, the Champ — Bailey (Champ Bailey), Tony — Gonzalez (Tony Gonzalez) and Ed — Reed (Ed Reed) are considered to be selected for the final list . Not surprisingly trio also entered the list of 25 candidates.

Evans said: «I declare that I am the best ball in the game, but I didn’t fulfill my statement. I need to be better for the team. I will do better. I will continue to put into work, in The roll is coming back in the next game. «We rarely saw a second-grade player after 152 yards of the single game, still suffered such a severe criticism, which was that Evans became a pass target 19 times, only 8 ball. After eight games, his degree off rate is as high as 17.9%, and the League of League is second.

Although the three hundred yards have been completed this season, the problem of Evans’ offshore is really disappointing. He took 5 times last week, and the season has become a goal of passing the goal of 73 times, there will be 10 goals. This season, Evans’ speed and use the body’s ability to make great progress, if you can improve the ball, he will have a further ability.

Breddy said: «Every time I think of that game, I will don’t help but laugh. After that game, I have been trying to find the feeling of the time. Because for me, the game is on a lot of levels. Very perfect & hellip; & hellip; although you mention my career, people may not think of that game. They won’t say: & lsquo; Sunday’s Night Race on Bill, is really best & rsquo ;. For me, This is the best game. «

In the recently broadcast documentary, Braddy said that he «has been trying to reappear» the performance of the borel on the end of November 18, 2007. In that game, the preamline before the patriot was governed by the ball, and Breddy was 39 times to complete 31 times, and the 373 yards were promoted, reached 5 times. Patriot 56-10 Great Sheng Bill, but also continues to be unbeaten.

Philadelphia Eagle 5 wins and 5 losses, the last season of the country, the last season, the tragic national earth, the same, all the team wins reached 5%. The eagle runs Wei Rui’an — Matthews although there is no more amazing play, but always conscientiously completes your own work. In the past four Monday night competitions, he won a total of 4 times, including 2 times in the first week of this season.

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Johnson received the team’s official website interview show: «I think the key is that I have not played last year. I originally hope that I have help you in the new show and the second year, but NFL’s judgment is based on the recent performance, I hope I can Prove you this year. «

Red Rush running Johnson: Dynamic contract negotiationsBeijing August 14th, David Johnson’s rookie contract is not far away, he has recently been talking to the rickets. Johnson said that the contract negotiation «incentive» has been ourselves.

Johnson scored twice in the preseason in the evening of Saturday, pushed 28 yards. Two months ago, Sergirodriguez.com there have been reports that both parties want to complete the contract before the beginning of the regular season.

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«I will not answer the problem about Hast’s health.» Grunette said, «I know there is a lot about his message, basically a small news & hellip; & hellip; but I hope you are based on him. The performance is evaluated. He passed the medical examination, I said here. «

11 months ago[Season Hotline] Meidian partial wheel: Indianapolis Pima @ 萨城 城 (Wen Dong Welfare!)The first battle of the partition, the United States, the seed, the seed, the small horse, the guests, Kansas City, challenge the Emirates of the United States Convention.

After the joining team, Spikes will first share the play time with Renair’s identity and Jerod Mayo and Tang Tang — Hight & Rsquo; a hightower. In addition, patriots also announced that they were cut off from Cameron Gordon.

Trajector’s coach: there is no health problem with Xiuhu HostIn the draft, the raid is a rookie, the defending front line member Mauris Hurst, due to the diagnosis of heart problems, the market fell. Herster was considered to have the first round of talent, but finally until the five rounds were selected by the raid. In this regard, Jon Gruden, said that Hester’s heart problem did not affect.

Haini renewed in this year’s break. Moore’s regression allows the chief to decide to cut off the rookie of the University of Michigan, SHEA PATTERSON. In addition, the chiefs are in the four-defense position and Jordan TA & # 39; AMU.

After injury in the August 4-point guard, the chief was signed, the chief was signed by the Chief Herkne’s ankle. He played a total of 6 games last season. During this period, he successfully obtained 659 yards 4 times to achieve 659 yards in 59 times.

The chief signed back to the quarter-Mart-Moore cut four points Wei Xia — PattersonLast season, Matt Moore also contributed to its strength for the Kansas City chief to win the super bowl champion. After the Patrick Mahomes knees were injured, he was a two game for the team and his performance was good. Now, he will return to the team to empty the chief.

If you ask me to win before, I will not hesitate to have a vote, but the external calorie witnesss Andrew Rock’s recovery, and the horses of the momentum are very chance to create a big hassle for the chief.

Although Chadsen fights high, his performance is really worrying. In the past 3 weeks, his buset code is only 2.0 yards, and the data is only 3.1 yards after joining pony. Richardson himself didn’t care: «Many people think that I am a mistake, how do you think, I will prove yourself in the next 4 weeks.»

Pony run Wei Richardson: It is Brown to give up me.This week’s Indianapolis Pony will face Cleveland Brown, and this game must have special significance for Terent Richardson, which is Trent Richardson. Richardson talks about the once trading: «I was shocked at the time, no actions, no one and I have a conversation. When I know this, I It has been traded. «

Patriot announces the signing of the old Spickers for 1 yearThe new England patriot has been trying to reinforce the lineup of the team’s online guard position. Now they bring back a mature face. Local time Monday, NFL official website reporters reported that the Patriots have signed a contract for Brandon Spikes from the foreclitch-Spikes. Spikes had previously played a four seasons for the patriots, and Bill was briefly bored last year.

In October last year, Brown will only have the first 3st Xiu Richardson trading to the pony from the top 3 of professional competition experience. Richardson after changing the east still failed to find the rhythm, and the state is still sluggish. He has also been criticized and doubtful. The Richardson, who is about to face the old people, in the interview: «They gave up me, I will do my best to defeat them. I will treat this game as the last battle of career.»

Last season, Spikes was struggling, and the number of candidates could set their career. With the arrival of Ryan Rex, Bill will use 3-4 defensive formations. Spikes is no longer part of the Bill Plan. After becoming a free player, he did not associate it with too many teams. He once visited the patriot this month, and the meeting also made it decided to return to New England.

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Hayden this season became the trough of the raid. In Smith, he also serves as an outer angle guard when the shoulder injury is defective and Amblers absent. In 11 games, Hayden won 37 cockroaches, once forcing the ball, 6 times destroyed, no pass is copied. In the career, he has achieved a total of 3 clams and 26 disruption.

The previous lightning is one of the candidate teams moved to Los Angeles. The final NFL team owner chose the relocation plan of the ram, but the lightning can still be selected to move to the Los Angeles and the Roof Spheres.

The raid person will sign Titan quartz Bucus Mario TowerTennesi Titan trades Ryan Tannehill as a quasi-Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus. But Tannel quickly replaced Marcus Mario Tag, and eventually led the team to enter the United States championship. Yesterday, wholesale jerseys Titan and Quaterni Ryan Tannehill continued for 4 years, with a total contract of $ 118 million, including $ 62 million, and a total guarantee of $ 91 million.

Roger Goodell, President Roger Goodell, also speaking at the rally, reiterated that I want to see the team staying in San Diego. «I said. I just mean. Lightning belongs to San Diego,» Gundel said. He also said that in San Diego’s new stadium will be «the perfect place to hold a super bowl.»

Assassin’s corner D. J. Hayden is put in the injury reserve listAuckland raid, Jack Del Rio, said that the team will put the team will put in the injured reserves in the onparts, and his season is over. .

The timetable for Brown gives the response given by the coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien). The latter said that Brown will be missing the team training and may miss most training camps last month, but it should be ready to play the conventional season.

The patriot has lost the Di Dian — Dion Lewis and Julian EDELMAN, which seems to have provided greater possibilities for Bill win. Defense After Nickell Robey, «This will be a good game, let us walk. This is the competition between two great teams, I respect them, they have won 9 But who will win the partition champion? I can’t admit it is them. I am a player, I am proud of this, I will not give the championship. «

Since the first round in 2008, Brown has been playing out in the left-trial position of the Texas. In the first week of the game, the Lamar Miller and the Dezhou offensive group were tremendous to the Lamar Miller and the Dezhou offensive group.

After Hayden lack, TJ Carrie, Antonio Hamilton, and perhaps DEXTER MCDONALD, you should share the position of the slot horn position and the outside of the outside Sean Smith and David — Amerson. But A Mo MoSon missed the game, his appearance may be listed as difficult to determine.

«I am very concerned about my body,» Brown said. «I have been 30 years old and I have stayed in the league for a long time. I will not urgently lead to the closing of the injury. I am close attention to my body, but I feel very good and I think I will start in the season. I am ready to go. «

Texas people’s left trunks Brown will be ready to participate in the first weekThis year’s rest period is placed on the BROCK OSWEILER in Houston. But the four-defense position is not the only problem that Texas people to solve this year.

Robs Gronoski travel to BarcelonaThe rest of the stars in the offset season always spectats. The patriot is approaching the close-up of Rob Gronkowski recently to Barcelona to enjoy the Barcelona game.

Bill player: will still strive for partition championshipsAlthough Buffalobier’s head coach Rex Ryan believes that the New England Patriots will become a partition champion, but Bill players believe that competition has not ended. Subject to Bouobi-Dickson said: «No, this is not over. What can happen, every weekend, any team may lose, any team can also win, anyone has The opportunity is famous for a battle. «