Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

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Therefore, the Pirates of the Pirates were signed, the team defensive, Jarard McCay said: «I don’t think he has already felt that you have emerged, some players can always complete incredible Get a ball, and it looks very smooth and easy, never feel that they are very hard, these players are really different. «

The lineup of the two sides has a «General Manager» Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice’s on-site draft decision. The draft will live live in ESPN and cheap jerseys from China worth seeing. The only reason is that it can see the scene when Rice’s decision-making capacity is ridiculed.

After the stunning performance is displayed as a replacement in 2015, VEE has exploded in 2016, and the 1368 yards have been promoted in the 14th front. Originally he was designated as the first running guard in the 2017 season, but he was injured in the season in the season. Last year, cheap jerseys From china he as a replacement running season, but the mid-season of the season was further weakened. She only completed the 51st mushroom last season to get 246 yards 2 times.

Jackson’s injury is undoubtedly a snow on the attack on the attack. Previously, the left corridor ridge — Because of the forces of the Forbidden Tour, I missed the first two games of the regular season. For the Derek Carr, the Triaek Carr, I would like to have a full-time attack front line in the new season. I am afraid I have to wait for some time.

Allen is also a hunting enthusiast, he expects every gun worth $ 2,000, and the gun engraved with each player’s number. Another striker Brandon Brandon Brooks said: «I like these guns, but this gun may be placed at home as a gun that protects the family’s safe.» New Show striker Aisak — Xie Mo Luo (ISAAC Seumalo) said: «I didn’t have a gun before, but I hope to have this shot, because it looks great, and Wenz guarantees that he will teach me how to use it.»

Carson — Wenz to buy a shotgun as a Christmas gift for offensive line players

Philadelphia Eagle’s rookie quartz-Wenwan Wenz hopes to share your hobby that you like hunting. So when he collectively purchased a custom shotgun for the eagle offensive line players as Christmas gifts, we didn’t feel strange.

However, never souffled this job will give the team’s Pageno to get the coach in the 2009 season. Under the command of Spagovolo, the giant’s total defensive ranking in two seasons entered the top ten. In the playoffs, he uses the current Nasca passing now (referring to all four players of the defensive front line) and the three safety guards to make the defensive group.

Right of the raid to the right dust — Jackson knee injury is absent for at least six weeks

On August 9th, the NFL TV reporter Tom & Middle, Tom PelisSero reported that the raid person started the right strike — Jack Jackson Because the knee injury is at least six weeks, when he will Missed the random regular season.

Such a performance is definitely competitive, the title of the best offensive, the number of Evans has a total of more than three consecutive games and at least once, and the previous hand of this task is the 1998 Lanty. — Moss Moss, when people think that Moss’s future is bright.

Braddy’s leading advantage is not big. Leading Carolina Black Leopards currently remain unbeaten, Cam Newton ranked second at 701086 votes. The top five players also have Cincinnaton, four points, Di Di Dalton (525638 votes), Arizona Raffle 4-point Bathon-Palmer (514967 votes) and Green Bay Packaging workers quartz, Aaron Rodgers (510,374 votes).

Breddy became a professional bowl of fans votes the most player

The legendary career enters the 16th year of Tom Brady is still one of the best players of the Alliance. His data, long-term career and star level performance make him a player who has received the most votes in the fans of this season.

He will face some new challenges this time, there is no doubt that he will pay attention to the team how to decide to deal with the defending Direct Edge Sensen — Pierre-Paul and An Chur — Roh ( Antrel Rolle’s expired contract.

The 55-year-old coach and a long time to serve as the Tom Coughlin relationship, which should help him in the team’s transition period. Although he and any current effective giant’s player did not contact, he should ensure that there is a stable training camp this year for Cabulin’s understanding. Although the team’s role players have encountered countless injuries, the team believes that Fedewell is one of the reasons for re-failure in the 2014 season. The Giants only entered the playoffs in the past six seasons and only one defensive ranks before the league of the league (2013 season). No need to say, the boss John Mara (John Mara) and Cao Fuwin can’t make some changes in another season to appease the fans who are more impurcatic for the current coaching team. (This anger is wonderful after the team has won 2 super bowls in the past 10 years)

Spagovolo has served as a defensive coordinator for two seasons in the 2007-08 season. The giant limits the strong new England Patriots in the 42nd Super Bowl, and he greatly affects this defense. A front line. Since then, Sopgovo has served as the main coach in St. Louis Rams, serving as a defensive coordinator in New Orleans and served as a crow in the past two seasons and second-line defensive coaches.

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Roger Gudel announced the results of the draft in their basement

Due to the influence of new crown epidemics, the 2020 elevation will be carried out in a full virtual manner. Team staff will work at home, communicate with telephone or network means, and the Chairman of nfl jerseys is no exception.

Old eagle take over: It is too bad and even caught the raid

The Auckland raid team not only needs to worry that they have no winning records in the year, but also a standard for other teams measuring strength.

The Los Angeles Ramadan Guard Goff became the best offensive player of the National United issue. In the 34-7 defeat of Arizona, the Gaofman played a rebound performance. He completed 74.4% of the pass, and the 424 yard was reached, and the quarterfielding reached 120.7. This is the second pass of the second pass this season at least 420 yards.

Miami Dolphin Kicks Leng Jason Sanders becomes the Best Technical Group Player of Mei Week. In the 37-31 defending fee, Sanders completed a 51-yard rejection shot and 2-time trace attached shot. But let him get the best of the week that he completed a 1 yard ball in a four-stage attack.

The draft will continue to be held from 4.23-4.25, but there are still concerns after the complete virtual way. According to the previous ESPN reporter, due to worried about viral dissemination, some coaches and management groups do not want IT staff to deal with network problems, IT staff is also unwilling to run around the same reason.

Bolfote’s spotted weaknesses will certainly become a basis for making punishments. After repeated violation of the safety-related regulations, he was banned from the beginning of this season. He was fined four times due to violation of the provisions last season.

This lineup is elected by the Professional Football Celebrity Voter Committee, which is a player who commemorates the best performance of the super bowl. According to the executive vice president of the Hall of Famous Hall, Joe Hollig, said in the statement that this lineup is the greatest performance in the history of the super bowl, such as Lynn Swann in the 10th Super Bowl. High difficulty ball or Joe-Montana’s winning attack on the 23rd superb bowl rate team.

wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Alliance was investigating Bolkot in the new England Patriots 35-17 defeated Cincinnati Mason’s competition in Baberkote hit the patriot nearby The behavior of the Martellus Bennett.

The 13th week of the United States, the best players of the United States, unveiled

Houston Texas People 4-point Guide Sand Watson became the best offensive player of Mei Week. In the 28-22 defending New England Patriots, he completed 72% of pass, achieved 234 yards 3 times, and the quarterfire ratio reached 140.7, and he also completed 1 ball to reach. This is the Best honor of Watson gets the best honor in the third time.

The details of the contract are as follows: 10 million US dollars award awards and 15 million US dollars (full protection); in addition, up to $ 22.5 million bonus, with quarter-branch ratings, reached the number of passes, pass the number, pass the ball The success rate and the average number of passes will enter the number of codes into the league; up to $ 22,500 bonus each year, with whether to enter the playoffs, the number of seasons and the number of appearances and the superb bowl and the play time are hooked. Therefore, Blandi can get up to $ 59 million.

Information security is another problem, and the crow master coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) said before, worried that new technology will increase the risk of information. Hubble said: «I don’t want the opponent to see my tactics or draft plan.»

New Orleans Saint-Defensive Dragonfly Melon Jordan became the best defensive player in China. He played the rule of the performance in the 26-18 defending of the Atlantan Falcon. Jordan’s career won 4 times in a time, and another 6 times a dismiscation was destroyed. In the 12 games in this season, Jordan has achieved 13.5 killing and set a new career.

In the array included 1 five-degree player (defending Director Charles Haley) and 10 players who won four championships: Montana, Green, Ronnie Lott, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, Mike Webster, Mel Blount, Jack Ham (Jack Ham), Jack Lambert and the only active player are also unique to all voted Adam Vinatieri.

Regardless of whether Bolkot is intended to hurt the Note, this impact is unnecessary and is not related to the ongoing attack. In the health and safety of players, they have become the mood of the Focus today, and the players who have not changed them frequently like Bolbert can’t wash suspicion.

Washington Red Popular Truck Tris — Weight Way Become the Best Technical Group Player of China. In the 29-21 defending Carolina’s black panther, we must complete 5 abandoned kicks. On average, every time I abandoned 58 yards, the farthest kick out 79 yards, there is 2 abandoned kick into the opponent 20 yards .

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Before the coach Delrio: I didn’t know that the American tiger would choose the quartz. Gaburt.

June 27th, in the Jacksonville American Tiger Draft, 6 points were selected for 8 years after 8 years, when the coach Jack Delrio (Jack Del Rio) It revealed the behind-the-scene story of this year even the decision that he was also very surprised.

Some reporters revealed that Osville was watching the fifth week of the competition in the team meeting to oppose the decision of the head of the tactical password (O’Brien took over the team’s offensive tactics.), There were a loud dispute between the two.

cheap jerseys from china Elliott Childhood, they did not belong to their own houses, so when he bought a house belonging to his family, he completed his own childhood wish. His mother said after moving into a new home: «I cried for this for this.»

If Garbert is excellent in the American tiger, this matter may only be an interesting foot. But Garbit has only stayed in the American Tiger only for 3 seasons, and the 28 games will be taken for 22 times.

Bell was torn in the inside of the knee inside the knee in the eighth week of last season, and the cross ligament was torn and was subject to surgery in November. He told ESPN to prepare when he began training camp on July 28. But he admit that he needs to be used to withstand impact.

We have witnessed the career of the running guard. It is usually lost in the lateral speed, explosive force and strength. But we also saw players like Adrian Peterson from the knee serious injury. Bell believes that he is more likely to become the latter.

If Rosen reaches the expectation before the draft of the draft, then the dolphins have finally found their main four-point guard and do not pay high salary. And if Runson performs bad, Grier can choose one person in the election of the election.

«I will be ready,» Bell said. «The most important thing for me is psychologically preparing to bear this kind of thing. I feel that I will not be hugged by the opponent until the preseason or maybe in the regular season. I think I will not really hit The ground or was smashed. But when such things happen, I will be ready to face. But change, route run, learn the route and practice, everything is normal. «

Although the current Texas people will be 3 wins and 2 losses, but Osville is not able to achieve people’s expected performance. It is reported that the weekly team meeting at Osville and the head coach Bill Aublin (Bill O & # 39; Brien) There is a tense relationship.

The Hawks’ Dreams of the Sea Eagle

Former Colorado State University star player Dedre — Elliot (DEANDRE ELLIOTT) is not selected at the 2016 draft conference. Finally he was signed by the Seattle Hawk with a player’s identity.

Jigio activates quartz from New Crown Reserve List — Ming Dynasty

Ji Tiger’s four-point Delta-Ming Dynasty didn’t stay in the new crown reserve list. The team announced on Tuesday to activate the first quarter-off guard. In addition, Safety Wei Andrew Wingr is also activated on the new crown reserve, and D. J. Hayden will remove from the injury cannot be trained.

«My son and I gave all four-year-off, we like Bolin,» Delrio said. «We like him, but he is in Nick foles, this level & mdash; & mdash; like the third round or the fourth round. He is not a first round player, he is not a player who should pick up So the end is not the issue of coaching, not my problem. This is my first time I feel that I may not stay in the American tiger. «

«I don’t know if we will pick Balin-Garbit. I don’t know at all,» Delrio is said to the radio program on Tuesday. «In fact, I left the thing I had to take some eating because I had to take us for a long time. I sat there on the plate to put things while thinking, & lsquo; oh, I have to be two hours. To us, & rsquo; then, I will look at & lsquo; I am going to the American tiger to pick it. & Rsquo; my feelings are & lsquo; what happened? & Rsquo; «

Dolphins has paid the big head of Rosen contract in a signature bonus, so the dolphins got a low salary quarter-off. Even if Runns only makes the dolphins a year, the second round and the fifth round is still relatively cheap nfl jerseys from China price.

The new crown reserver is used for new crown detection positive or players that detect positive close-range contacts. NFL does not detail these infected or high infected probability of players to participate in the training.

Delrio was fired after the end of the 2011 season, and Smith also encountered the same fate after year. Garbrt is still effective in the alliance. He has played 3 games for Tennessee at last season and joined Tampawan pirates in March this year.

«Each team in the Alliance is looking for that person who can lead them to win the championship,» Grier said. «So for us, like many teams in the league, we are looking for that person. So, the transaction is an easy decision. This doesn’t stop us from doing anything in the future, who knows? Everything goes well, we will think he is that person, who knows? But this will not let us do anything. »

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Which of the rookie is strong? The final answer should be no suspense is the Teddy Bridgewater of Viking. Although the 4th week has become a first pass, the first pass of the leader is reached, but 77.3% of the truth of this season. The hit rate (Union No. 4), 46.3% Long Leading Censions (League 10), the highest level of 75.2% of the league passed down the hit rate.

Know the feeling of making people, Andy Dalton. The first & mdash; yes, Wholesale jerseys it is the first & mdash of the team history, and the four defense is still playing the performance of the team after Sunday is killed 7 times. Can you believe this is in the past ten dialogue, is it the first time to win a jet? The first season of the first loss of Cincinnati, in 1968, the array of Joe Namath, the jet that finally won. Back to Sunday: A.j. Green’s 12 beautiful ball promoted 180 yards to win a trip to see how it looks? Let the Revis field look like «Revis Stops Welcome»

The eagle inside the Old, the old man, Demco-Lynes, only allows the opponent to take 13 shots in 230 gear, with an average of 17.7 times to guard against the opponent 1 time, and the highest in the alliance.

The left farm is the most reliable location in the crow. That’s why the outside world believes that although Lewis is absent in the initial stage training camp, he still has the opportunity to win the first.

When the crow began training battles, Lewis did not appear in the place of injury, he accepted the shoulder surgery during the offset period. And before the crow decided to cut him, Lewis just passed the medical examination.

This game seems to be gradually become a defensive group leading situation, Gallopo tried to grow in series line Bourne, but was attached to QUANDRE DIGGS to Copy and attacked 44 yards, directly enter Red area. After Chris Carson, Chris Carson was slammed, and his teammates helped him saved the ball. Wilson chooses yourself in the next offense, advance 14 yards to the first 3 yard lines before the end zone. Close-end Sweets — Jacob Hollister then relies on helmets to complement 3 yards to catch up, and the Hawks are superpoted.

After the start of the game, the Habigan defensive group came to Mawei: Shaquill Griffin copied the ball of Jimmy Garoppolo, but this defense due to Jamal-Taylor Jamar Taylor) The fouling of the talents is invalid. After Gallopo, he was killed once by Trequille Flowers. The ball finally tested in Chase McLaolin 43 yards, but the Habigan defensive end Solder Shadevian — Jade Clowney was injured in the front gear.

After the crow abandoned Lewis, the left front position will compete by Jermaine Eluemunor, James Hurst and the new Xiu Ben — Bowers, Balls (Ben Powers). Ilimno had seen the opportunity in competition, but he did not maintain an ideal body in the training report. As for Hest, it is reported that the crow wants him to serve as the extra attack of the front line formation. Bowers in the fourth round of this year’s selection of Powers trained in the initial stage of training camp. What is the competition in this location is worthy of attention.

When the game is in the second quarter, the lens is aligned with a staff who is using a heater to warm the ball to warm the ball, it is clear that he wants the ball to be soft and convenient for four-point guard. However, this does not conform to the alliance requirements, and Vice President Dean Blandino (Dean Blandino) said that the two teams have been warned during the game.

Alliance prohibits the team cheap jerseys From china heating football in any form

In the game of the Black Leopard in Carolina, the screen shows that the temperature of the scene is 7 degrees of Fahrenheit (about 20 degrees Celsius), such a low temperature makes all things so hard.

«Yes, you can’t use artificial means to make any changes to rugby, whether you throw the ball or kick the ball, you will not allow heating. With the arrival of December, the temperature will get colder and colder, we will continue this It is specified to notify each team.

The superb defense of the sea eagle continues to shop off the offensive group, Claien kills Gallo, causing the ball, Ford gave the ball, gave the attacked attacked position. Soon Cassen completed 1 code shock, the Hawks quickly became 21-10 leading from 7-10.

The center of the jet Nick Manove Moved This season only allows the other party to take the 7 times a shot pressure, 99 passed the success of the whole league. Mid-season Mid-Hamarm Wil-Montgomery’s passage protection has reached 98.9, which is also the best center for the best of this season.

The first week of the NFL regular season

The first week of 16 games, only 3 games differed in two balls. Wild horses, tigers, raids, harvesters, giants, patriots are all in the last time, with the key ball or the other person’s mistake, finally rely on 1-2 points, if the pony is finally brushing an security, the lion will also In this ranks.

The eagle’s Darun Srülles and the packageman’s McCa-Hyde have 2 abandoned kicks. Falcon returned German-Host this season in two attacks 63 times back to 1376 yards and 1 time abandoned back to reach, it is the strongest back to attack this season.

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Although the Tiger in the past is not willing to cut off the veteran, especially the contract will result in redundant salary, the old will result in salary space, they have changed this idea in recent years. The Bakelet contract has 2 years left, which will let the tiger will have a $ 1.8 million redundant salary, but if the layoff is set to the after-June day, the redundancy salary is only about $ 900,000.

Indianapolis-Colts-18-Peyton-Manning-White-PatchMiles has 2 arbitrary spheres in the game 17-27 lost to the Los Angeles ram. This game is not his first time. Since the beginning of the season, Miles shot 4 times in 15 anygs, and he also lost 2 sets of additional shot. He has four shots in five games in five games, and 2 single game failures have failed. Miles will not exceed 47 yards from the free kick injected in this season.

Myers’ poor performance should be traced back to the preseason. At that time, he was attempted to lose 3 times in 7 times and the team used to invite free players in the middle of August to come to trial. JAN CARPENTER. But in the end, they still left Miles.

The most familiar thing that the Buffet Career is just a violent impact action. At 2016,2017, he started a new season in the Safe. Among them, in 2016 and 2017 he was banned cheap Jerseys from china three games in violation of the Alliance Safety Regulations. In addition, he has repeatedly fined due to crude wild motion.

«I am satisfied with my offseason training, and I was not in the team training my training partner,» Flacco said. «Maybe in the league’s first two years I would not feel that way. But after that I am very satisfied and I am feeling good. There has been very similar feeling, I rely on my trainer when I returned team, these people I rely on the team. I feel the effect is really good. «

Although Gordon’s ban is going to the fourth week after the regular season, he can still play in the quarter team, Brown is likely to make him with the first round of Xiki-Coleman (Corey Coleman) And Trrelle Pryor served as the first combination of three external terminals.

There is a substantial playing time at quarterback is 40-year-old Brett — Favre (Brett Favre), he almost Minnesota Vikings into the Super Bowl in their 40-year-old season. In addition, quarterback Pooh — Waters Taverna Jordi (Vinny Testaverde) after the age of 40 years is still complete more than 700 passes. Flacco since 2008 the league has been synonymous with health and durability, since the 2008 season he was starting every game for the Ravens. This figure has now reached 112 games, as long as the 2015 season he was starting the first five games, he’ll be a history of more than a fifth consecutive starts games played quarterback.

The 26-year-old Lambo has been lighting for lightning over the past two seasons. The 64th clicks have completed 52 times, and 78 sets of additional points attempts were completed 70 times. In this year, he failed to defeat the kick hand in the competition (YOUNGHOE KOO) was thus cut off by lightning. Lambo’s shot success rate (81.2%) in the past two seasons (81.2%) is slightly lower than Miles’ shot success rate (82.8%) in 2015 and 2016, but the Jabu hopes that this change will allow them to remain in this season. There is a more stable performance in playing in the game.

Unlike traditional single-wing types, the four-dimensional Swan Safety station in the A formation station is relatively rely on the mixed war line. Moreover, the position of the defenders station is opposite to the single-wing type. Unlike the I formation, V formation, T-forms and Y-type, the A formation is called a formation, not because it looks close to English letters A, but is simple because Steve Owen’s personal preferences.

The biggest advantage of the A-type is that the center can be passed on different tactics, whether it is a pass or a mushroom, and passes the ball to all one of the full guards, quadrants or running guards. A great center, just like the Mel Hein of the Giant team, is a very important ring in a formation. In the alliance at the time, any team, as long as it is in the face of the New York Giants, you must focus on Mel Hein.

The 28-year-old Buffett is a tiger effectiveness for 7 seasons. He missed 18 games in the past three seasons. Although he signed a renewal contract worth more than $ 38 million before the 2017 season, he was considered to be able to stay in this year.

Last season he was banned due to the violation of the alliance performance to improve drug use regulations. After returning, he is difficult to play in 2015 to let him enter the occupational bowl. He was also plagued by hips injury and multiple brain shock last season. In December, he was in the past seventh brain shock.

From the point of view of the team record, few quarterbacks can match Flacco success before the age of 30. According to ESPN data, Flacco before the 30-year-old won 72 regular-season games, which ranked fifth in the NFL. His 10 playoff achievement second only to Brady at this stage win, which won 12 games.

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Ramir Run Run Guelley will participate in the training camp

The rookie of the St. Louis Ram is a must for adapting to NFL seconds. The first round of the 10th time selected Super Run will participate in the team’s upcoming training camp. The official of the ram has confirmed that the name of Galley will appear in the list of activation.

Ramal Miller is expected to get more offensive opportunities

Miami Dolphin Main Run Wemar Miller last season contributed the best performance in his career, his season, the scorpion codes, and the number of reached a new high. The followed is a puzzled puzzle: Why is Ramal Miller as good, but the dolphins is always limited to his number of buses?

Les Snead issued a comment on the physical condition of Galley for the first time. He confirmed that Galley can participate in the corresponding football activities and will participate in the training camp in a health state. Galley’s recovery speed is still surprised, after the knee injury is only 8 and a half months, he is close to healing. Prior to this, Galli has been carrying rehabilitation training in the training camp voluntarily involved in the team.

Miller will enter the contract this year, more offensive opportunities will be conducive to his commentary in the free player market to seek a big contract. He also gains 15 pounds in the offset period to increase its own confrontation. He is definitely the most worth watching players in dolphins this year.

Next season, Cowbi’s current defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli will serve as a high-level defensive teaching, wholesale nfl jerseys and Richard will serve as a full-time defensive coordinator. According to Labott, Highly recommended Web-site the cowboy high-level and players trust Richard.

«I am very fortunate, thank God to make my body have such a feeling,» said Engram on Tuesday. «I stayed in a great team, they took care of me, I feel at least 4 to 5 years to high level & mdash; & mdash; highest level & mdash; & mdash; performance participation in competition. I feel able to do it. Arrive. Honest said that I really think. My body feels very good. My mobile capability is very good. I didn’t really drag my own problems. If I have such a problem, I will work hard to improve the body rehabilitation, strengthen Strength, so all my weaknesses will become an advantage. I just want to be the best player, I want to enter the best row. «

«Any Americans want to raise salary,» Ben Nite said. «I think no one will participate in the work and then say: & lsquo; Hey, I am very satisfied with the current salary. I like so much salary. Don’t give me more money. & Rsquo; so I think so.»

After winning 10 times in the last season, the number of opponents lost the number of horses, and after the first time entered the professional bowl, the Nelt was still 2 years, in 2014 he signed a 4-year value of $ 28.5 million. Contracts.

McLene is one of the merits of the gifted people in the Cowboos. If he can’t play this week, then the team must be more important in restricting the Green Bay packaging team to run Guidi-Lusi Lace. Pay some effort.

Engaged in the 10th season of your career got a career in the last season. The third scorpion code broke the thousand seasons & mdash; & mdash; three seasons were obtained in the past four years. His 1018 yards earned last season helped the crow season to advance 3296 yards, set the number of teams of the team’s single seasons, and Lamar Jackson became the second pair of double-doubles in history. Running — quadrant combination.

Philin said: «I said, if he can always maintain speed and impact on the basis of 24 times a game, I will guarantee health, I definitely definitely limit him. But I think Sometimes you still have to get our ground offensive system. «Philbin explained that dolphins often adopt optional attacks, this is actually a potential running opportunity for Miller design, but this is certainly not traditional offensive. «I think the option offensive results in Miller’s scorpion, it seems to be reduced.» Philbin added.

Last Sai Miller did not have a race in the race of 19 times, 9 of which had no more than 14 times. Joe Philbin said that he is very willing to let Miller participate in the team attack in the new season. He said in an interview: «I never tied with Bill Razol (Bill Lazor, Dolphin Offense Coordinator) or Jeff Nixon (Jeff Nixon, Dolphin Run Guard) and other offensive front coaches said & lsquo; Miller can’t be a squat 20 times, he doesn’t work & rsquo; this kind of words, I have never heard of this argument. «

In addition, the defensive guard coach and defensive tactical layout Chris Richard will continue to stay in cowboy. He used to be one of the candidates of the dolphin master, but the dolphins is more inclined to sign against the Patriots Line Guard Coach Brian Flores.

«Obviously, we have won the dream and ambition of the championship, unfortunately, we failed to play the best performance in the game,» Engraham talked about this playoffs. «To praise the group of Titan. They use it for some of our mistakes. The gap is too big to save, our time is not enough.»

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In addition, Lightning also announced that the California State University Dominggez Mountain Campus Campus accommodated 30,000 people’s Sanda Center (Stubhub Center) became the team’s temporary home court. After completing the new stadium in Englewood, Los Angeles is built. Lightning will face Buffalo, Denver, Chief, Miami Dolphin, Philadelphia Eagle, Auckland Association, and Washington, Auckland Association, and cheap jerseys Washington, Miami Dolphin, Philadelphia.

Klan himself said: «I only have to prepare this game for 2 days, so I am going to work. I always work at 8:30 in the evening. I hope to see as many video as possible, remember every tactic. I In this game, Jay is a lot during this period. He is really great. We look at the video together and analyze it together. He worked with me very late, giving me a huge help. «

Bear coach: Katler can also help the team

This week, Chicago bears were lost in Detroit lions at 14-20. Although this week was replaced by a substitute, the four-point Weijie-Carteller still attracted a lot of eyeballs. His body language and communication with teammates have left a deep impact on fans. In fact, Carterle not only goes all out during the game, but he also did a lot before the game. The bear coach said that Katler has been helping Jimmy Clausen, hoping to help him complete a good game. This game is also the first time after the Klan’s rookie season.

The defensive level of the package is close to the bottom of the alliance, but this does not affect the very powerful defensive players play. Julius Peppers, who have just been coming from the bear team, 16th seventh day of the first season, not only can prevent the ground, but also have a copy and destroy the ability of the pass.

The bear head coach Mark Trestman said: «Cartier in this week is very busy. He participated in the meeting, and he was all in training. He is using another way to help the team. Today In the game, he did all of us to do all. He has been with Jimmy and the quarter-saving coach. He provides his own valuable experience. You have seen it, he and Jimmy said a lot. «

Verinder Malhi told local reporters as a parties, he and his friends have opened 7 hours from Fresno to here, and the security personnel showed: «Because of my three friends. I wore a head towel, and if I don’t pick my head, it is prohibited. «

The decision of relocation ends the history of lightning in San Diego, but this is not a lightning in the Los Angeles game. In 1960 their first season, lightning in the Los Angeles game, and then they moved to San Diego.

In November, San Diego refused to raise funds for the construction of a new stadium in the city in voting. In the end, Spornos and San Diego officials failed to reach a consistent construction of new stadiums, and lightning could not stay in San Diego.

Not only that, but the packaging workers are weak offensive, it may make the Hawks’ defensive front lines are even more unscrupulous. The left and right side of the defensive end Michael Bennett and CLIFF Avril are 0.5 times in the season, and it seems that this Rogers can’t escape the destiny. At the same time, whether Ladia can run out of the average level last season and can only pray.

Red Leather Left Pieces Williams will continue to dismiss

Beijing July 23, US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that the red skin of the mini training camp will continue to tend. Multi-part news pointed out that Williams didn’t have to report with teammates to Wednesday.

The packaging workers have been very good for players. Their external legion (including injured list) has 6 outer junctions and 4 close-end winds. They are all cultivated, and there is a new show and 6 years old will be Di Di — Jordy Nelson, this old will take 15.5 yards last season, and the number of balls will reach 126 times.

Overall, the Eagle’s offense can reflect different personal styles, while the package is more like a whole. There is a personal style is not a bad thing, as long as you can make a tacit understanding like packaging.

According to informed people, Spornos informed the alliance officials and some team bosses in their share of the Alliance officials on Wednesday. Lightning at the meeting is not a topic center, and the alliance has not provided additional fund support.

«After careful consideration, I have decided to move lightning to Los Angeles from the 2017 season.» Spinos said. «San Diego has become our home for 56 years. It will have always become part of our identity, my family and I have given our support and enthusiasm for our fans in the years.»

In the brutal outside of the Brunt, Telvin Smith is also a good news for the American tiger. He came to 40 defensive in the game, and he won the four-point guard, once forcing the rush to shoot, and 3 independent and 1 copy and 1 time destroyed (and promoted teammate copy Intermediate comment this week reached 5.6 points. His sports ability is extremely strong, and it is mainly responsible for passing the ball next to Persi. Brian’s four-point Weiner Brian Hoyer passed 5 times in his direction, only completed once and lost 2 yards, and the passing score was 0 points. After the lack of Persi, Smith should have more opportunities.

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Losing Lin Qi weakened the Haiying once a rushing attack. Although in a well-behaved offensive front line, the Hawks of the Hawowk is still in the league seventh. They have not yet obtained the squad to reach the ball and the current data of the 128 yards of the ambassador, nearly 45 yards last year. .

Attention is now placed on Fred Jackson, but he is also troubled by an ankle injury. Jackson will start the training test before the start of the game, but Carol is optimistic about Jackson on Friday, he said: «You can’t understand how he is hurt, but he looks ready.»

Dolphins and Safety Mac Donald last four years

Miami dolphins signed the former ram safety T. J. McDonald (T. J. McDonald), and their hearts are very clear that this player will be missed half a season because of the ban.

When Aliis held a preliminary teacher, Ali Ans used the first round of the first round of Buluon. After the 2018 season, the Bukandon New Show Contract expires, and he signed a year in the lift season and the pirates of Alius. But he only played 5 games, participated in 6 defenders, and then cut it at 10.9.

However, the performance of McDonald joined the team seems to be amazing Miami, so they are willing to give a long approximately. According to ESPN reporters, dolphins have completed a four-year 24 million US dollars on Saturday, including 10 million US dollars.

You know how we know it? Because these two sectors on Wednesday on their Twitter war, and the war began to push Houston police issued a fairly innocent messages consultation Dallas police and their star player JJ Watt (JJ Watt) weekend which four starting point guard. Content is this: «? Last week’s victory is really great, then the Texans this week, which will be Dallas quarterback @ JJWATT @ DallasPD do you know?»

After Dallas and Houston police began to attack each other’s weaknesses messages back and forth.

Tuesday, US Tuesday, the official announced the signing of this 27-year-old player. Bukannon will reunite with the old acquaintance James Bettcher. Bechcher is a patron, serving as the overlunting coach and defensive coordinator.

Houston and Dallas police on Twitter «war» of the

Houston and Dallas guard development sector seems to have been ready for the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans on Sunday’s game, the fans and the team may not be ready yet.

Seattle Hawks have won the 7th night of Night. This season, they did not have to defeat at home. Since 2012, the Seattle Hawks’ century link stadium becomes the main family in the devil. In less than five years, the home Hawow won the 34 wins and 5 losses including the playoffs. The two teams still diverted back to Wilson’s rookie season in 2012, the new show quarter Sauceel — Wilson used the pass to take 1 time in half games, while the pavement pushed 3 times Sportball reaches. This anti-day data also made him a unique existence in nfl jerseys history.

Nerton is a three-wheeled show in the 2009 Jacksonville American Tiger. He hit four years in the American tiger, the wild horse two years, red skin for one year. Nateda’s 108 games, first of which 96 were first harvested, 14 shots, 2 copies and 3 times forced the ball.

Until Houston Police tweets sent this message:. «Lost the game his own party Twitter avatar into the opposing team 24 hours,» Dallas replied: «Look at your avatar so ugly, no one is willing to change some of . «

Natedon has taken a while in the training camp of the new England patriots, but after the training camp is over. After that, he once visited Washington red skin in October, but he did not reach a contract.

Seattle Eagle once again appeared in the Night Terminal stage every week, this time they will take the home to meet the visiting Buffalo Bill. The Sunday, the Sunday, the Haiye and the Racque brought a wonderful defensive war in the fans. This week, Cheap jerseys From china it is a defensive battle that seems to be «ugly» this week.

Old will have been in the league’s 10 seasons. The outer line is outside Guolongrenzo — Alexander finally welcomed the climax of career in Buffalo. This season’s 33-year-old outside guard has taken the most 9 times of career, leading the entire alliance. But in 127 games before his career, he just got 9 kills. In the past two seasons, Bill quarterly Taylor became an except for Kam-Newton, the single session can take 90+ Passage Rating (94.8) and 800+ road propulsion code (887) four Defense. The two teams are very similar, and they will be confrontated again after four years. Who can laugh at the end?

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Jackson said: «For me, I want to simply say: & lsquo; let us believe him, let him re-issue. & Rsquo; is a very difficult thing. He is recovering, we will progress every day. We will continue to observe. His progress and confirmed that he has been prepared. He is very good in training, we still need to see what will happen in the next few days. «

Gustoski accepted hips surgery in about six months, he said to ESPN now feel good now. But now he can’t accept the trial to show your health, but he is still confident that you can get a chance in the future.

Why is this so? The reason is here: When the game is less than 1 minute, the raid person 24:20 leads the Kansas City chief, Moore successfully killed the Alex Smith caused 4 files 13 yards. However, after Since then, Moore began to celebrate with teammates Carril Mark, and did not realize that the game was still going on. At this time, the Emirates quickly prepared to kick, once the ball was issued, the raid person will be sentenced to the offside foul. It is also easy to temporary, and the Moore has been severely reprimanded on the spot.

Sena Bo has lost his position in the ram, and he did not even entered the list in the game. When he was in Tennessee, he had a most time in Tennessee Titan, and he served as the inner corner guard in the triangular guard. However, Lamarcus Joyner has occupied this position in the ram, and EJ Gaines has injured and returned to Chu Miain — Johnson’s partner as an outer corner guard. .

Noah was invited to the training base to the Helvin home, where he met Kelvin Benjamin and Stephen Hill, but this is not the most exciting, then in the bowling court him I met Newton, Noah made a movement of Newton celebrated Dalong at the scene.

Sen Saibo instead of Gaines in the first battle in the season, he was replaced by Troy Hill in the early days of the second week, he did not get the play time in the third week and in the fourth Week did not enter the list.

Kum-Newton helps 11-year-old children dream come true

A 11-year-old Carolina Black Panther’s little fans had to stay in the hospital since last year, he told his mother in the hospital, he wanted to see the four-point guards of the Black Leopard, Cam Newton (CAM NEWTON) .

Kicking the ball, Sciuski: It is expected to get the opportunity to participate in the training camp

After the end of the season due to the end of the hip injury, the former New England patriots play Stephen Gostkowski once in April, I want to continue to fight for 2020 season, and I have no team for myself. I don’t feel worried.

Tiger running Wei Hill should have more ball after returning to Bernard

On Wednesday, Cincinnati-ranks running Giovani Bernard returns to training, he will have the opportunity to debut in the game this week. The offensive coordinator Hugh-Jackson said that no one will become the first run from the week, but he determines that Bernard will return to the venue.

The second grade of the bear is four-defense receiving shoulder surgery

According to FOX Sports Network, the second grade of the Chicago Xiong team David Fales received shoulder surgery in the lunar season.

For Jeremy Hill, Jeremy Hill, a rookie, who is grabbed during the Bernard’s War, Jackson also has its own ideas. He believes that Hill should have more ball rights: «He has more opportunities, Jeremy’s performance is very good. He completed the game with the right way, we didn’t doubt his ability.» At 11 Within the month, Hill ran all the running guards with 361 yards. Today, he handed over 556 yards, which is more excellent than any rookie.

It is reported that Faus, 24-year-old this year, is limited by surgery, which cannot be quickly participated in training, but will not quickly leave. He is the quartz third replacement of the bear team, will compete with a big list of SHANE CARDEN.

«There is no one in training, so I will not miss and compete with some players in the rest training. If things are developing as I hope, no matter when wholesale Nfl jerseys decides when I started training camp, I will get a chance at that time. «Gustoski said. «I want to work hard to find the team I have the opportunity to compete. For the position of playing, there is usually the position of 2, 3, 4 teams, but you have to find the right team.»

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Roman said in broadcasting: «Offense group redefines all things. Yes, all things, each formation, each route, each mushroom tactics, each route definition. The key is how to make the currently good offense continues progress.»

«First, I am very satisfied with the performance of them in the free market this year. I also said that we have a good high-quality employee in some difficulties this year. They give the new blood brought by the locker room Excite. We will know who will eventually join the job. «

Coach said: «His recovery did a good job, he can complete the line to walk, we feel he slowly gains, but check before the next time, he will only look at training at the edge, doing rehabilitation recovery until we have the results before making a decision. «

Hull said: «Now, speed and (coach) Ron (Ron Rivera) communication lineup, but also cooperate with the personnel department and management wage-capped department, I want to make sure I am ready when the players report to the training camp on Tuesday. «

Hernandez — Bryant completed X-rays need to continue recovery

Dallas Cowboys hope that Hernandez — Bryant (Dez Bryant) surgery recovery can take it, US time on Wednesday, Bryant completed the X-rays, as if his feet also need the next step recovery program.

After sending Joe Flacco, Lamar Jackson will become the core quadruption in the crow. Greg Roman, Greg Roman, Cheap Jerseys also clearly shows its own attitude, and Nfl Jerseys he will work hard to find ways to enhance offensive efficiency.

Despite only one year of general manager, Herne said that the boss Jerry Richardson trust him to make a long-term decision that the team may affect the team. At present, there are two important black panthers, line Weaving Thomas Davis and the proximal front-ended Greg Olsen, hoping to renew this year, but Herne did not say this It is his priority attention.

Excellent performance allowed Bayer to serve as a chance to serve as the Phoenix’s Red Championship, but his head coach did not succeed. The glory of the «Pig Trust» has no longer reappearing, and the four season winning rates he straighted never half.

Horton wrote: «I have hesitated to your future, but I finally decided to quit the rugby game. The reason is two points: First, my body is healthy. The small injuries that accumulated every year can no longer ignore, After weighing, I hope to save the power. The second is my faith, I believe I should go to the next generation. «

In 1981, when Joe Gibbs opened the red skin career, it also allowed the Bayier to join the front line coach. In addition, Bu Gal has also gained the position of the offensive coordinator and the head of the coach. Bu Garma does not stop the offensive front line, it is called «The Hogs», Barder himself is called «Boss HOG». He won the super bowl ring in the red skin.

Hordon is the University of Southern California, which is a seven-year-old competition for the panther. It is the first 35 games, and the first 15.5 kills, 24 hit four-point guard, 7 times forced the ball.