Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The whole game came down, and the cowboy completed 10 quarter-shock hits, defensive, Daniel Ross, contributed five times. In the five regular sessions of Texas, Watson had an average of 10.8 hits per space, which has been killed 18 times. His murderous times and the naval four-point walsell-Wilson (Russell Wilson) is more than the total number of alliances, second only to Bill quartz, Swan — Allen (19).

«I just want to do the best thing to the team.» After Watssen, I told reporters. «I know sometimes priority to protect yourself is the most preferred, but when we kill the terminal area, I will do everything possible. Score.»

In the preseason, Sanchez was thrown out of 30 times, twice, twice, twice, but he would not be small in the free market at this time, there is a team like a team. Choose him, that is, I have just lost the first quartz darles.

The Sanchez wild horse can get a salary space of 4.5 million US dollars, nor does it need to give the Draft of the 7th round of the Philadelphia, which is one of the transactions of the transaction to Sanchez.

Viking people plan to sign a contract before the attack

The Attack Coordinator of Minnesota Weijing Pat Shurmur is tapped to the New York Giants, but the location of the Viking people’s offensive coordinator will come immediately.

Mustang tries to transaction Sanchez or cut off directly

Denver’s wild horse has recently passed the trial trading team, Mark Sanchez, because the team determines Trevor Siemian will become the first quarter of the first week of regular season.

The 34-year-old near-ended has set a lot of team history records in the black panther, including the near-end position of the ball (6463), the number of batches (524), and the ball is over 100 yards (10). He contributed 39 games to the game, second only to Wesley Wells. The number of batches and the number of batts raised the number of teams, and after Steve Smith and MUHSIN MUHAMMAD.

Texas people quartz Watersen: In order to score the willingness

Beijing October 9th, Sunday 19-16 defeats the cowboy, Dezhou people’s four-point guards Shaun Watson suffered a fierce impact, but the four-point guard that can run It is not intended to change your own play style, just when the offensive group pushes to the end zone.

«This is my way of thinking, no matter what I need to do, what I need to do, even if it is like Triple Cloth & mdash; & mdash; I have to take my best to rush into the end area, this is my brain circuit. Consideration. I will bear these impact, use your full-hearted body in the entry end area score. «

Olsen is the first round show in the bear team in 2007, and it has been traded to Carolina after four years, and Cheap Jerseys From China has changed a three-wheeled. He has played all the 2011-2016 competitions for the Black Leopard, which is the most trusted passive ball goal of Cam NEWTON. During this time, he is also the first in the history of NFL to promote the nearly 1000 yards of the close.

Due to injuries, Olsen may not continue to play, but he still has a bright working prospect in the TV broadcast field. However, Olsen himself did not say something, he «still has fun to play, will contact other teams after the end of the super bowl.»

Black Panther’s close-end Greg — Olsen will leave the team

US Time Thursday, Carolina Black Panther officially announced that it has also been consequentially with the near-end Pad Greg Olsen, and Olsen will leave the team.

At that time Rosen House and Brown believe that the Steelers will get in return is higher than the actual transaction later. They discussed the team sent two first-round draft picks to the Steelers possible. In fact, the ultimate Raiders just lost a third round and a fifth-round pick.

Brown is a file recording podcasts provided and recorded his agent Drew — discussion Rosen House (Drew Rosenhaus) before the transaction occurred. They had already considered Raiders interest in Brown’s waning among.

Brown released wide receiver discussions with the broker recording Secret deal behind the scenes details

A wide receiver Antonio Beijing on March 27 hearing — when Brown (Antonio Brown) released some behind the scenes recording, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike — Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) unhappy because the Steelers locker room and audio content related. But this time, Brown released some behind the scenes recording again, so that people can have him in the days before being traded to the Oakland Raiders to learn more about.

Is the Los Angeles Ranger’s transaction beck is a failure?

The Yu Yun of Kobe’s retired battle has not passed, and the new neighbor of the Lakers in Los Angeles has made a big news in the trading market.

Los Angeles is a big ball city. This city has born too many emblems: there is a «Tacon» Jabal, Wayne-Grazky and Eric Decson, then there is Kobe, Cleton-gram Xiao, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul. These people represent different sports in this city. Returning to Los Angeles is a new symbol to represent this team, representing this city. A young potential quadrant may really change this.

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