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Quadcopters are a popular variety of remote controlled vehicles.

Given that they are a trendy item to have, it would be easy to rush into buying one. However, it can be difficult to find the best quadcopter tips to buy the best drones suit your needs and experience. The vast number of models on the market can be overwhelming. If you are new to R/C flying, you will want to purchase the best quadcopter for beginners.

Before you commit to a quadcopter, make sure to read the reviews, as well as establishing your needs. Budgetary restrictions, ease of use, indoor versus outdoor use, setup time, battery life, and sturdiness are all things to take into consideration before you buy.

Quadcopters will always include four channels. These channels are what allow you to rotate, move left/right, up/down, and backwards/forwards. For beginners some form of stabilization is necessary for ease of operation. Stabilization can come in the form of gyros, barometers, cameras, or flight computers.

Self-stabilization makes for an easy introduction to quadcopters, and some models come with an option to switch to an advanced mode. This allows for more agile motion and raises the difficulty. The ability to switch to the advanced mode option will allow you to get comfortable with your quadcopter so you are less likely to damage it.

If your intent is to operate your quadcopter indoors, then most mini models will suffice. The mini models offer maneuverability in tight spaces, but they do not operate as well outside being as they are easily affected by wind. A bigger model is recommended for outdoor use, but these are more difficult to operate for beginners.

Beginners should look for quadcopters that are RTF, or ready to fly. This simply means that upon purchase the quadcopter requires no additional setup. The less you have to assemble yourself the longer your quadcopter will last. More technologically advanced models will require some setup but these are better left for professional R/C enthusiasts.

All quadcopters run on batteries. It is important to measure the battery against the size of your model. The battery life on most models is far from extravagant. On average batteries will last from 10-12 minutes.So having the ability to quickly swap a spent battery with a fresh one is a must.

A lot of models on the market are essentially just toys. They are made with cheap material, difficult to control, and have a small range. Avoid these cheap imitators and only buy quadcopters made of durable materials.These materials account for changes in wind and temperature. Also a range of at least 100 feet will allow you to get the most from your quadcopter.

Now that you know what to look for and what to avoid in a quadcopter, you are ready to find one that is right for you.The following are the best quadcopters for beginners.

  1. Hubsan X4 — The Hubsan X4 is a micro quadcopter best suited for indoor use. While the flight time is only 9 minutes, the battery is completely recharged in just 30 minutes. It won't break the bank at under $50 and comes RTF.

    Overall it is a great model to learn on.

  2. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadcopter — This is a very popular model of quadcopter. It can be operated using an Android or IOS device. The app allows you to take pictures directly with your smart-phone. What makes this ideal for beginners is the autopilot feature that allows for an easy take off and landing.
  3. WL Toys V959 Quadcopter — The V959 is a RTF model with an 8-10 minute battery life.

    The built in gyro system for stability makes it easy for beginners. Also included with this model is a camera. The draw back to the V959 is the size. It is best suited for indoor use.

David Wang is a quadcopter enthusiast who enjoys sharing his love of all things quadcopter.You can find his reviews, educational material, how-tos, and the best quadcopter videos and images found on the internet on his site