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Cowboy and Jason — Wengong continued to sign 4 years contract

Darlas Cowboy Jason Witten is a few players who are all in the same team in the same team, and cheap jerseys now his time will continue to eliminate.

According to the ESPN reporter’s news, cowboy and he reached a 4-year-decline, he will stay at least 2021 in cowboy.

The previous Witten contract was left for 1 year, but his salary has been close to $ 1.2.2 million, and the new contract ensures that his next year’s salary is lowered, and it is also given more salary space with the team.

Since the 34-year-old Witten Since its incendants from 2003, it is one of the players who have continued to play in the Alliance. The career has only one game is absent or wholesale jerseys in the rookie season. Since 2004, the average starting at least 64 batches in 2004, Witten or 10 professional bowls.

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