Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

US time Monday is a voluntary training camp in Bill, apparently Watkins did not participate, players did not participate and was not surprised, but Watekins was absent. The reason was a bit dissatisfied. The 22-year-old player was taken in the US Tuesday, and a casino appeared in North Carolina.

It is reported that she has completed the game at 2:14:80, 5 seconds more than the original record, last year, he also received the gold medal of the project in the Olympic Competition in the Olympic Competition.

The Jaguji offensive group recommended 502 yards in the downstream chief defense group, but the four-point Weve Bortes thrown out of 4 cases. This game of Jaguo sent 5 times to transform, which is Burtes’s mistakes. Boltz 4 times was copied in the CD, and the chief has made a backcross, and the ball is dropped. The 61-pass 33 is 430 yards. The only highlight is a 21st code ball reachable.

The eagle new show horn, Eric, Eric Row, made a similar point of view: «The last game, at least at the offensive end, I saw that they have been crying. They always ask for a foul to the referee, Jason —Witten, whenever he is covered, you will look at the referee, ask if there is a yellow flag, then complain about the referee. Many pick-ups tried to ask the referee to discharmatically brought the penalty, they love crying Little baby? «

It is worth mentioning: In the battle records of the two sides, the steel man is obviously dominant by 21 wins and 7, and cheap Jerseys the last 15 times will only lose 3 games. Rivers showed eye-catching in both parties over the past two times, and 6 reached 0 was copied.

In this game, two players were sent out of the game: Chris Jones, Cenas Jones, Cenipation and Harvest 20 yards Cassecons and returned to Dagua, in 1 additional minute trial boxing America After Andrew Norwell, I was expelled. Di-Ford was expelled from a violation of sports moral fouls.

The steel man has a 4th warehouse in 5 years, and Vic’s first full of data is full of data. It is only 124 yards 1 to add 33 yards, including the missing 4-speed 4 files in the overtime. Pass. Last season, the ball is in the game, Wang Antonio-Brown seems to be difficult to form a valid cooperation with Wik, only 5 picks up 42 yards, and ending at least 5 row of 50 yards in 35 yards. The steel man also has a main ball to lift the ban, the second grade of the second grade of the height of 4-inch Matvis — Bryant will add a depth threat to Victor. In terms of defensive groups, the steel man is completely complete, only the first round show last year, the inner line Wei Lan-Shael will once again. The steel man signed a new player Krisel in the ring week, which replaces the aspect of As Skabi, which will be the first show of Boswell’s career.

Matt — Shaohu did not follow the team to London

According to the report of the CSN Bay Division, the raid people’s substitute four-point guard, the old soldiers Matt Schaub, did not follow the team expedition London, prepared to «home» on the Wemblestan game, but Stayed in the United States. According to NFL sources Steve Wyche, Shao Bu leaving the team this week because of the wife who is about to give birth.

Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) said to this: «I have said, I will not tell if everyone needs to come here. I know that we don’t have 100% to Qi, but there are many people give After I call, this is coming, this is voluntary, of course I hope they can surprise you in the next season. «

[Event Review] Burtas 5 times lost to help the Chief 30-14 lightly take the American tiger to keep the gold body

Beijing October 8th, the Ai Aiki, the Scene, the shared 424 yard propulsion code. Patrick Mahomes 38 Biography 22, 313 yards, but copied twice. This field is general, but it is still leading the team to win, and there is a 4-code ball to reach.

Logan said: «We hate them, they also hate us. The fans of both sides also hate each other. This is a purely annoying. They always complain about everything, I want to say, shut up, concentrate playing Let me hit you in each gear, stop unnecessary complaints, then it will only make me more violent. You are a man, this is a football, closed his mouth, like a man, I have hit like a man. «

The last lightning was at home with a 34 yard of the new show player. The two-game losing defeat, this field they hope to get the main game. Although Rivers play excellent, he still needs teammates, especially (again) the offensive frontline of the deceleration, the leader of the decendants, Dun Ru, left-proof Franklin and the right dust Fluke will absent the book Game. The same high-hanging wag has the main plug-in-Johnson. The only good news is that due to the main proximity of the ban on the ban, the main proximity of the main proximity, the front of the front side of the front of the Antonio — Gates will be re-returned, since Lyes, 06, Since the main four-point guard, Gates has completed 74 games And Gates only need to complete a border to reach another time, it will become the second part of the succession of Tobi Gonzalers to complete the near-end pee of the 100 times. In terms of pavement offensive, the average lightning average is only 3.9 yards, the first round show runs Melwen-Gordon performance and has not yet reached the account.

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