Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Maybe after a season’s excellent play & mdash; & mdash; or if this year, the giant picking a four-point guard & mdash; & mdash; fans will finally accept the greatness of Barkley and will not have a good show for last year.

McCay support Falls became the next season

Philadelphia eagle four-point 卫 尼 卫 fuples pre-injured before the injury, he can continue to be a team’s first quarter-saving in the next season, is still an unknown. But running Guihenen McCoy, is still supported by this good partner. McCoo believes that Falls have the ability to lead the team to return to the playoffs.

«We have a good relationship,» Jones said. «This is not related to the contract. Everyone now wants a big news. I don’t have news. I just try to make myself better. I and the team don’t exist in this class …. Where will I go. «

However, there is still no solution, including whether the raid can reach a stadium construction agreement with the Las Vegas Casino Board Shelton Adelson. The original plan is an Adeerson family contributes $ 650 million, and the raid person spends $ 500 million, and local tax is raised by $ 750 million.

In August, Tony Romo’s injury made everyone feel that the cowboy was not in the season. Only, I walked 4 players on the seat. He is Romo’s substitute quadruplicate & mdash; & mdash; Dako-Prescott. His eyes are full of perseverance, but also revealed a nervousness, maybe when he is thinking at the time of thinking that this opportunity proves his strength in front of the team trainer group, and is back to the «Luo Mo will come back early , But I have to prove that I can do it in nfl jerseys! «

However, the giants finally only achieved only 5 wins and 11 losses, and the career entered the four-dimensional 卫 卫 Manning (Eli Manning). At the same time, there are many new four-point guard last season.

The raid person should officially submit a document in the next few days, which will bring a new city to the NFL layout. The raid people need to get 24 team bosses to successfully get a relocation license. Voting will be held this spring.

The church chip Kelly said that he will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the four-defense position in the offset period. Mark Sanchez will become a free player after the season, and his performance does not allow the team to be satisfied. At present, Falls remain most likely to be the team’s first four-point.

After a $ 42 million contract with the pirates for 4 years, Baret I have taken two super bowls will make the eyes more high. The last defensive player who won MVP is Lawrence Taylor (36 years ago), as for DPOY? Two years ago, Barret’s 19.5 killing season has had a power, but it is still an endless patriotic corner of Stephon Gilmore.

McCoo said: «I like Nick, whether it is a teammate or friend, I hope he can continue to serve as the team’s first quarter-off. He encountered injuries this year, this is very unfortunate, he also undertake Many this is not a pressure and responsibility. I think he is an excellent quarter-off, he is the team’s leader. The problem he faces is just injured. We all expect him to lead him. We returned to the playoffs. «

According to informed people, the Auckland raids will be submitted to the documentation from Auckland to Las Vegas. After a year of planning, debate and bold action, the raids who have endured many years of state in the stadium have made a firm choice for their future.

«My mentality is to continue to prove that the people of this dressing room and the team have selected the right person,» he said. «I am the right person is not because I can complete the 80 code shock ball to reach, many players in the alliance can do this, but because I am a person who can accept and take charge of the leader. I think I have been able to show it. Electricity, I have been able to bring leaders to take a completely different level. «

«From the team’s point of view, we are trying to pursue the same results as last season.» Bart said, «From a personal point of view, I want to get the results of defenders have not achieved. I want to win MVP, want to win The best defensive player (DPOY), I am eager for every achievement. All applause and honor, whether give me a personal or give a team. I have a high expectation this year. «

As regards the remaining team boss support, it is said that the informed of the raid will be progressing, which is less than the imagination. Although it is impossible to estimate how much support can be obtained, everything is developing in a good direction.

«Yes, I understand this,» «The last season has become the best attack in the alliance in Barkel, on Thursday. «I don’t care about their opinions. I can’t change their opinions. I am not my big. If the year’s best rookie is unable to change this idea, then I don’t know what can.»

As a rookie quadrant, Prescot is a lot of time, and there is still a problem with the ball choice in the game. Cowboy two times in the season, in the face of the New York Giants, Prescot is a bit flustered in the face of the outer shock of the giants. The Prescott Range has only 50% of the twisted season, one is a game of the giant, and another is facing the Philadelphia eagle. However, this game and the eagle can be called the most worthy of the Preskote’s rookie season. In the overtime, he ruled the game, 51 中 51 yards, including the last pass Give the close-end Feng Jason — Witten ‘s kinemate. At the beginning, this game is at the beginning, but the 13-23 is completely behind.