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If you are looking for different and new games for your Android mobile phone this excellent game can be your next preferred Android Games.

As you may guess blendoku is really a mixture of Sudoku plus a new game play. However, unlike the usual Sudoku you're going to be given a new challenges and strategy to complete each mission. If you look for Blendoku on Google Play, Slot Bet Rendah you will notice the consumer rating is more than ten thousand five star.

Offering some colourful box and different game play, these games has gets a lot of attention from Android users. Let's look at what this game is offering down below.


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Different from the normal Sudoku where you need to fill each box with number, on this game your color understanding will be more necessary to solve each challenges.

You will notice various box with various color that have to be arrange, your job is to blend the color to achieve score. However even though the game play is straightforward, you can't easily arrange the box because you require to make a tactic and completely generate a combo and also chain scoring.

Basically the game is a mix of Sudoku and cross word puzzle having a blending gameplay.

The control is simple the same as the gameplay, you only have to swipe the box and drag it towards the same color. Each and every level provides unique layout which is certainly getting harder and tricky, this layout provides different way to carry out and also depth planning to actually complete it and get a higher score.Although there isn't any background in each level, you may still see numerous colourful boxes to enjoy with. You will find undo buttons on the center of the screen, if you feel like you need to undo as well as restart the level you'll be able to use this button.

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Along with plenty of colourful boxes, the sound is pretty interesting to listen to making you even more relax to have fun with this game for sure.

If you can carry out each level perfectly you'll be able to received some achievement to be talk about, when you want more challenges you'll be able to challenges your buddy to contest with you and also find out who is the best Blendoku player around, if you'd like to check your score with all blendoku player, the global leader board is there for you which will getting update automatically each time you gain a new high score.

The graphic on Blendoku is simple but pretty attractive you'll see so many boxes on color you have to arrange. The animation is very smooth as well as clean, nonetheless don't be fool by the graphic since Blendoku has quite fascinating and addictive game play.

There are around 450 free level each one has unique challenges and also difficulties, beside thatyou'll be able to unlocked a hidden negative level that's make the game has over 900 level for you. You are able to save automatically all the level you have completed without need to concern when you suddenly quit the games.

in case you interested you can get the game on Google Play for free.