Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The Riddet Ben season is started in the right cutout position, according to the professional football focused on the net data, he ranked No. 59 in this position this position. This is difficult for Rid to a good season, but he provides a bench depth for the chief and is a player who can trust the vulnerability when needed.

Compared to the mediocre ball data, Harris is more important in tactical significance. This second-grade neighborhood has excellent cover skills that can be found in a variety of tactics. He was on the university basketball, followed by the emirate as a rookie.

«We have to discuss a lot of discussion, Russel and me,» Shao Tenghe said. «& lsquo; Ok, let’s talk about this tactics, talk about this & rsquo; and & lsquo; can we add which missing elements for offensive groups? & rsquo; this is an interesting discussion.»

Chief announced with near-end Harris for 3 years

Kansas City chief announced a consistency of a three-year renewal contract with nearly 3 years of renewal contracts in Kansas City chiefs, DEMETRIUS HARRIS. According to nfl jerseys official website reporters, this three-year contract is $ 6.3 million.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the chief and the offensive player renewed for 3 years on Thursday, so that he can play a team to the 2018 season. Lat Portport also said that this contract value is $ 10.2 million and may be up to 12 million US dollars.

«In the offset period, we started to discuss & mdash; & mdash; what would like to look like this?» Shao Tenghe said. «The most important point is that we have never been able to lose the ability to be good at physical confrontation. But let’s put out the leadership of the offensive group. He won the right to lead. We are all said that he is the most One of the players, so we entered the new season with such a mentality, know that we are still able to squirt. But when we are in question, we want to hold the ball. «

Aliis has removed malignant tumors from the prostate, skin and kidney. He retired from Arizona Red Pith due to health problems after the 2017 season. But after a TV guest in the year, he returned to NFL and served as a coach of the pirate.

In addition to protective measures, Aliis also changes in training methods. He said that it will divide the team into two groups of people to train, which is to make young players get more time and opportunities in the training type of the break, which can make up for the training time of the loss. Aliis is still considering the isolation of the third quarter to prevent it.

Pirate coach Aliis: will be present in Papent Boss Cover

Bruce Arians followed the necessary epidemic prevention measures during the epidemic, but he refused to stop the epidemic from being taught in accordance with habits.

The 67-year-old old handsome once worked with cancer but eventually healed. He understood that he faced greater risks during the epidemic, but he did not plan to stay away from the venue in the new season.

[Pre-match] Regular Sixth Week Monday Night Pony @ Titan

The battle of the 6th week of the regular season, we will see a civil war in the United States, challenge Tennesi Toyan, challenge the Indianapolis Pony, as the enemy of the same district, Titan’s partition civil war has always been bad, and Pony has already achieved 11 consecutive victories in the history of the two teams, can this game Titan end this embarrassing partition record?

Pirates have greatly replenished lineup in this year, so Aliis is reluctant to leave the coaching post. He is one of the longest coach of the league, only Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll (68 years old) were longer. In addition, there are many older coaches in the pirate coaches: Tom Moore, Tom Moore, 81 years old; Nick Rapone 64-year-old, visit here quadrant coach Clyde-Christen Clyde Christensen is 64 years old.

Hawks attack coach: After careful consideration, give four points Wellson more dominant

For Seattle Hawks fans, they most wanted to see this season is the quasell Wilson take over the competition, led the offensive group to complete another attack.

Now we have seen the results of the transformation of the Hawks attack group. Wilson can have their own voice on Tuesday, and can have a lot of power to change tactics before the kick. Moreover, Shao Tenghemail said that the tactics recommended by Wilson usually work.

In front of the goal, the Eagle’s Passing offensive ranking alliance is the first, and the average will advance 298.1 yards. In 2018, the Hawks have 52.8% of the offense to choose a shock and the field is pushed into 160 yards, ranked first. At that time they passed the ball propulsion code only in the league twenty-seventh.

«This is not & lsquo; ok, let Russel completed all these wonderful attacks, & rsquo;» The Hawks offense Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer «said. «We just think that this guy is an outstanding player, he can help us win the game. Let us pay the ball to him. This has a lot to be attributed to the skin (-Carroll), because this pair He is a different offensive group. »