Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

11.12 Before the Falcon Competition, the cowboy scored 28.3 Rankings of the League 4th. After this, they only got two reachaes, one of the defensive groups, caused ball translation, from the other 21 yards. Falcon, eagle and lightning three games, the cowboy was 92 points by the opponent, only 22 points.

In the past season, Torre is the first choice for the team’s four-point guard Joe-Flak (Joe FLACCO). He completed 65 battles in the 2013 season, 1128 yards. Talking about the chemical reaction with Flak, Torre said: «We have a tacit understanding. There is someone in the twice to criticize me very bad, and some people say that I should take at least 300 yards and 3 in the past few weeks. In short, the game is like this. I really feel uncomfortable to my current performance, but I believe I can overcome these problems. I will have to harvest it immediately. As long as I consistent with Joe, we can connect successfully. I can’t do it, but things will be better. Maybe Sunday will change, I will try my best. «

Steve’s strong performance in the first three weeks may be one of the reasons for Torre. However, from this week, the team will lose close-end Dennis Pitta. In the absence of offensive weapons, the Offense Coordinator Gary Kubiak may give Torre more opportunities.

Because the number of inspectors needed, the players usually need to pass the inspection process at least 6 to 7 days. If this brain shock is not serious, the rest time will make Newton have the opportunity to come to the game.

Black Leopard quartz Bouton is unable to determine if it can play the next game

At present, Corolina Black Leopard is unclear whether Cam Newton will check back to the Tamashi Bay Pirates on Monday Night in time through the cerebral shock process.

The packaging workers will take a counterattack in the second quarter, and the outer hand has been promoted after 50 yards. Facing corner Kalton-Davis (Carlton Davis), Waldskantel turned from the side line to the midfield, completed this key three-speed ball.

In the first half, the pirate angle sneaked Schan Murphy-bunting completed the CD in the midfield, and the Scotty Miller completed 39 yards to catch up. Pirates complete scores in less than 30 seconds, expand the leading advantage, 21-10 ends the first half.

Moss is the second player of nfl jerseys to complete the ball, a total of 156 times, and Hopkins did not complete such excellent performance in the team without excellent quadrant last season, he The 2016 season is very expected.

Torre — Smith looks lightly criticized, self-confidence is about to explode

This week Bal’s Mosa Crow will have the focus of the Carolina, the focus of this game naturally fell to the front black leopard star, and the crow is the first pick-up Steve Smith, STEVE SMITH. In the past 3 games, Steve has 2 games to complete 100 yards, a total of 32 times to become a pass target. He also became an important attack weapon, but this also led to the original top of the team, Torrey Smith was unique.

Pony offensive cut off: surgery will let Claien into trouble

JADEVEON CLOWNEY has confirmed that it will take 9 months due to knee surgery. Before this week, the Indianapolis Triadou Gosder Cherilus said that Crawni even wounded, and it is also very likely to fall into long-term struggle. Cherlus has experienced the same injuries. As an experience, his words have a certain reference value.

Cherlus said: «He is now in trouble now. His match is high, which will become the main problem in the future. I have experienced the same injury, but I am a offensive front line. Players, our roles have a different need for each body. He will fall into the predicament, I really. «

However, the subsequent section is the performance time of the package. Robert Tonyan completed 8 yards to catch up, Adrian AMOS Criteline Copy Brady Pass. In the third section, Adams completed the 2 yards to reach the 2 yards, but the packaging workers fails, and the final festival in the case of 28-23.

When Texas came to Crawni, he expect him to defeat Cherus in the next few years, put pressure on Andrew Lucks. But now, Claien’s goal should first be rehabilled Cheap jerseys From China injuries. Cherlus provides some experience: «He must wait until complete recovery, must be complete. At that time, the doctor told me that I could rehabilitate after 12 months, but I decided to play after 9 months. The results prove that this is A wrong decision, I have to rest for 6 weeks. You must think about your career, you must learn to communicate with the team, think about yourself. But no matter how it said, this is really difficult. «