Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

The coach of Bruce, Arians, announced that he would tend to start a new show in the next game, a new Duogen, Magas (Logan Thomas). He promised to make a decision as soon as possible. If he didn’t see what he wanted to see, this decision may also be delayed to this week’s training.

Stephen — Smith is dissatisfied with the crow defense group

US time Sunday game, Baltimo Crow’s External Dipple STEVE SMITH, do our best to help the team win, but it seems that his 13-year-old ball 186 code advancement and 2 Davids are not enough .

The Saints established a 17-0 leading advantage in the first half, and the second half continued to expand the lead. In the past three games, Saints got 144 points and attacked firepower. The new show, Trequan Smith, 10 times, 157 yards, 1 time. Drew Brees Throw 4 times, this season has been 25 times in this season, and it is copied once, Cheap nfl Jerseys and the only regular game MVP has continued to advance.

Aliis said that the team’s top quadruption is slightly repeated. «If Dulu is really restored, we will send him first,» Alius said. «But I think this will not happen in the next game.» The main coach also said that there is optimistic emotion that Stanton is ready to play in the playoffs, «because he wants to be ready.»

Despite the four-point guards in the game to the Seattle Hawks, Ryan Lindley, only 41% of the pass, lead the team to get 6 points, Alius insisted that he still confident him. Lindley is only too many passed, and the coach group wants to have more observations to Thomas. «I think we have to figure out what he can do,» Aliis said to Thomas. «If you consider his ability, you will be intended for future and playoffs. That is my job, I want to make sure we take into account each aspect.»

The team said in a short statement: «Brian-Xiao Tengheima is an excellent talent, coach, and we also thank him for the past three years. Due to the differences between the idea, we have chosen to be brought.»

Johnson will serve as the replacement of Mark Sanchez. At the eleventh week, the first four-point Wei sub-Smith (Alex Smith) After the fracture reimbursement, this week’s Night-McCoy is also a tumor fracture, the end of the season. Johnson and Sanchez are now a healthy quarter-saving quarter.

Quadruples are not the only place to be concerned about the ramp offensive group. Aliis also admitted that the team’s number one after the first movement of Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) is «relatively far» cheap Nfl jerseys from china his knees sprain. Alius estimates that the health status of Fitzgerad is approximately «70%».

But this does not mean that McCoo’s feet have been restored. The fans must be prepared to make a bad performance. As far as the patriots defensive, maybe McCay’s opportunity came again, because the patriot last week made the opponent ground to advance 134 yards.

Red leather signing quarter Swan Swan Johnson

Beijing December 6, US Time Wednesday, Hongki announced the signing wandering quarter-Josh Johnson. Johnson’s last time I participated in the regular season or in 2011, at that time he worked on the pirate coat.

At present, the crow is 0 wins and 3 losses. Smith is one of the highlights of the team. After the game, he also explained the unobstructed in the offensive group: «We move too slowly, the rhythm of the first half is too slow until the second half We wake up, in fact, we didn’t do anything to help the defensive group, we put them in a huge environment, and we have made a critical mistake. «

According to the ESPN reporter, although the offensive of Xiao Tenghai’s milestine created a lot of Haiying’s history records, after the meeting last night, Xiao Tengheimo and the idea between Pete Carroll Obvious.

In addition, the red skin also signed the defensive end Mucus Smith (MARCUS SMITH), Zhong Zak-Kailin (Zac Kerin) and Made demeter-Lai (Demetrius Rhaney). Accordingly, the corner Kunbar is Quinton Dunbar, and Trey Quinn and the striker Jonathan Cooper are added to the injury reserve list.

After the 24-128 lost to Cincinnati, it seems that Smith is very dissatisfied with the defensive group of the crow. He said: «You know, our offensive group is full. We play on both sides, playing very much, we want to end the game, But it is impossible to end the opponent before reaching the front. «

If the red ramp is lost to 49 people, it is very likely that they have to challenge the current 11 wins and 4 losses in the playoffs. If they win, they are more likely to face the National Liannan District Championship in the homeland.

The Eagle’s offense performance is clear in the second half of the season, one of the reasons is far-reaching pass efficiency. In the first half of the season, the Russell Wilson was completed at least once in the air flight 30 yards, in the last nine games, only 3 times of this pass.

Haiying because of «Idea Disagreement» to let the attack coordinator Xiao Tenghai

Tuesday, Tuesday, Haiye selection allows the attack coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to the team, and explain the reason for «Idea Differences.»