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Super Bowl MVP Von — Miller said hence yourself with 800 pairs of shoes

Super Bowl MVP von — Miller is always in the forefront of fashion, before in February, he said he has 100 glasses to cooperate with different situations.

Detroit Lion Twitter Remembling Player Birthday

In the current social networking website technology, we are hard to miss the birthday reminder of your good friends, but the Detroit lion can make a mistake.

This is done every team, but they made a mistake this time, Kyle’s birthday was March 26. Kyle had to write to the twice: «Thanks for blessing, my birthday is on March 26th, it is just the taxation day, so it is easy to be forgotten.»

Continue to Hodgs starting opportunities indicate that Tomlin continues to have confidence in this decision of this rookie. Before Huggets completed his career, Tomlin did not treat him in a different way, he did not plan to change this.

Titan announced the first round of the first round of Cleveland Brown, Brandon WEEDEN, will join the team.


If the Titan resembling four-point Swan, the Matt Cassel is required, and the 34-year-old Vuitton, which will be 34 years old, may be his substitute. Kassel was 10 times in the game. 4 successfully obtained 21 yards 2 passes.

«I told Delin, I have the ability to face him, and his preparation and his talent can be very confident, so I want to show my confidence, I have to do this, don’t be too embarrassing, don’t sit out or do this Type of things, «Tom Lin said. «I want to express my confidence by doing it in common ways. It is not just to have confidence in him, and I have confidence in our preparation process. How to prepare for us to have confidence.»

Washington Club hires assistant — Donaldson’s senior vice president of the media department

US Tuesday, the Washington team officially announced that Julie Donaldson is hired by Julie Donaldson as senior vice president of media sector.

Miller replied: «I don’t want to consider how much the cap is the cap, you know, I have to wear glasses every day, so I need a different style of glasses to make it, so my glasses will not stop buying, maybe shoes That’s all.»

Steel coach: Delin — Hodgs will continue to serve as the team’s first quarter

Pittsburgh Steveman Mike Tomlin officially announced just the team to defeat Cleveland Brown, Delin Hodges, will continue to serve as the team’s first quarter, and he will face Arizona in the next game. Rocque.

But Kamara is indeed contradictory in the contract. He is only $ 2.1 million this year, far below other high-paying guards. He was injured last season, but still promoted 1330 yards in the offensive group.

Muraki said that Mario Tag was inspected daily and Titan will be wise to treat him. Considering the ability of Mario Tag to play a wonderful performance in the shock attack, leg tears may be more serious than other injuries. If this is true, Titan has two quartz-guards ready to fill vacancies.

Dan snyder said: «Julie Tangason is a pioneering reporter, she works in many winners, there is a passion for sports reports. In order to enhance people’s breast cancer Consciousness, she is working in the relevant organization. She is one of the landmark characters in the community, not more suitable for the position of this position than her. «

La Potter quickly released the latest progress, he reported that both parties have «calm down» and still talk about renewal negotiations, Kamara has been talking about Sean Payton, still planning on Wednesday. train.

Saints running to Alquin-Kamara: Nothing required to be traded and threatened

When Alvin Kamara hopes to get a new contract of the Saints of New Orleans, the resulting thing happened to have a small wave. NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople reported that Kamara and brokers denied any claim that they requested to be traded and threatened.

Vuitton was cut off by Houston Texas a month ago. In the past two years, he has served as a substitute quarter-off for Texas. Vuitton did not get any event in last season, Texas has been choosing between BROCK Osweiler and Tom Savage.

cheap nfl jerseys TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported later that after receiving the back epidural injection of the back epidural injection, Kamara is now agreed to train in Wednesday. Perrisir also reported that Kamara and Saints have made progress in renewal negotiations, but there are differences in some time. However, although Kamara did not propose transaction requirements, Perry Roose reported that the Saints did not rule out the possibility of trading and they did not lack trading objects. It has been staying in the wishes of Kamara for a long time, and the Saint has always been targeted.

Old will quit Banden-Vuitton Join Tennesi Toyan

Because the leg tears of Marcus Marcus Mario Taga is serious enough to make the coach Mikey Mikey, Tennessee Titan is working hard in the free player. The market is looking for four-point guards to provide lineup depth.

Hodgs completed his first first started in the game of Los Angeles Lightning on October 13, but the steelman fans at the time were numerous, and the atmosphere and the main scene were different. Two weeks ago, he was replaced in the game in the game in the game, but the audience of Cincinnati was not very hostile. So the scene faces the salad will be his true test.

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