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Red skin close-edge Dide or then knee injury

Two key words in Jordan Reed are «potential» and «injury» in Jordan Reed. On Tuesday, the second training camp of the red skin was kicked off, Reed did not appear in the first day training. After that, the main coach Jay Gruden told reporters that the 3-year close-end knee pain will be checked again in recent days.

When he was interviewed by ESPN this week, he said: «When I arrived at the Attack, I didn’t understand what they were saying. I swear to God, I don’t know what the tactical layout is unique, remove my own thing to do. Outside. «

As far as everything, Jackson can receive the possibility of the team invitation. The NFL Alliance does not welcome high-age running guards, especially in the past few years, the Alliance team likes to find some valuable rookie runners at the end of the election.

This label will make Landri’s salary in the new season to approximately 16 million US dollars and is non-exclusive, which means he can negotiate with other teams, but his new east needs to send two first round of draft. Dolphins get him.

The Hawks have 13 teleculations on the left side of the season, but this year is only 1; the right side has 9 teleculations in the last season but this year is only 1 (Kam Chancellor) in the battle Dan Buddha. The wild horse’s copy is on the junction of the intermediate area and the right site); the team has 6 teleculations in the middle area, but this year has not got one.

Former Texas Master Coach / General Manager Bill O & Rsquo; Brien, Hopkins with a 2020 four-wheel signed transaction to the rickets, in exchange for the other party’s Run David — Johnson (David Johnson, 2020 Two-wheel signs and four rounds of 2021.

Seattle Hawks Cascade Pall Pall

Why is the Seattle Hawie now 3 wins 3 wins? One reason now gives one of the reasons: defensive manufacturing of ball transformations have declined last season, especially in CD. The Hawble’s defensive group took 28 cases in the last season, Cheap Jerseys and the first 6 games this year were only 2 times. And it is not a regional copying strength in the field to decline, but three areas have a decline.

External hand Hopkins: Thank you for your deal to get yourself

De Andre Hopkins is progressing smoothly in the first season of Purquina, and the players who have been selected by the professional bowl also expressed their joy.

Although the team still keeps Reid to be patient, his health issues will once again affect the training plan of its break. The bracometer, speed, and explosive genius have expressed their best in their own rookie, but last season’s legs continuously encounter injuries and made his performance. Regardless of the results, Reid will not return to the team training in the near future.

But more surprisingly, his three reaches is completed when they are engaged in the attack, and they are finished, they are equivalent to the four-point guards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, basically In terms of foreign languages.

Watt is not a joke, and the attack is really confused. The 13th week of victory in Tennes West Titan team pointed to his pickup proved this fact. At that time, at the offensive gathering, Cheap nfl jerseys from china Watt is listening to the arrangement. But because he didn’t know the tactical code said by Fitz Patrick, he went to ask for four-point guard. He asked: «What do I want?» Fitz Patrick replied: «Running the straight line.»

Watt is completely can’t understand when I arrive at the Texas.

The Houston Trinquarters defensive end J. J. Watt (J. Watt) This season has become a member of the offensive group. He has served as a close-end temporary worker in this season, completing 3 battles and converted to 3 times. This efficiency is also unmanned in the alliance.

In the past two seasons, Reid was absent 12 games. He has been plagued by brain shock and leg teaser. Last season, Hongki once suggested that the team will not develop offensive tactics around Reed, which is that he can ensure that he can stably play.

Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) won 8 times in the season, but did not take 1 time in the top six games this season, part of the reason is that some opponents quarter-barely deliberately avoid going to him. . Your Thomas won 5 times in the 2013 season, but it is still looking for the first time this year. This year’s copy of the CD (and possibly the battle of Dan Buddha saves the game), and the other by the corner of Branem Maxville, the scene was unveiled in the season.

At the age of 36, he did not have any contracted opportunities as an elder, but it seems that the retirement contract did not matter. It is reported that Jackson did not sign a retired contract but wanted to continue the battle.