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New York jet tried to transaction without fruit, Tsin, Eric Dem

Beijing June 13th, New York Jet continued to purify his team this week. They have an old player, and they are trying to transaction old will take over Eric Decker. The team chooses to contract.

«I made a difficult decision of retirement today.» The Legend of the steel man wrote at the personal social media at the time. «I am more important than the love of my family and what they need to play with them is more important than I want to play.»

Red-skin coach: still trusts quartz-Karnam

It seems that no matter what happens, there is nothing to make the rookie four-point guards, Dwayne Haskins, becoming the first quarter of the Washington red skin.

The patriot has issued a $ 20.2 million bid contract worth $ 20.25 million on March 12. If there are other teams to sign Gordon, the patriot will get a second round of draft as a compensation. However, in view of the current state of Gordon, this is less likely to happen.

Texel is 30 years old and is ready to continue the battle. Therefore, there is a sudden sudden. At least in health, Derkel is the killing of the Red District, because this racing jet lost Brandon Marshall.

Peterson also added: «After consultation with the trade union, I replied to the League I will participate in the standard meanings, that is, the meeting of the Collective Negotiation Agreement. I will not participate in any new form, not agreement, including There is a meeting that cheap nfl jerseys is unwilling to disclose. At present, I have solved my criminal problems within the legal scope. I am trying to make up for everything I have done. I have been absent half a season, I am doing it and GuDel. Mr. frank and happen. However, I don’t allow alliances ignoring the «Collective Negotiation Agreement», ignoring the agreement with me before, with a new program for me. This & lsquo; Discipline hearing & rsquo; procedure is one of them Added, with the agreement, with their promise, I did not agree with this discipline hearing & rsquo;

Peterson said: «The report released by NFL said that I was inaccurate. Friday Gude’s office asked if I attend & lsquo; discipline hearing & rsquo;, after consulting the union, I learned this so-called & lsquo; discipline hearing; Will be a new place, inconsistent with the «Collective Negotiation Agreement». On Tuesday, Third, Fourth Trade Union is in the essence of «Discipline hearing & rsquo;», the way, attendance, and alliance office, letter And dialogue. We have repeatedly asked the league to reply to us as soon as possible, because I want to return to the venue. But until the league of Wednesday, but I didn’t answer anything about & rsquo; discipline hearing & rsquo; problem. «

Tom Linsen is poor in the lions, but his performance has been greatly improved last season, and the first 15 games were started in 49. In the score of professional football focus, he ranked 38th in the striker position.

Peterson stressed that he did not recognize discipline hearing on Friday.

The Minnesotavika team runs Adrian Peterson, emphasizes him to refuse to attend the disciplinary hearing arranged by the Alliance last Friday.

Tom Linsen’s performance in the open circuit of Tom Linsen is superior to the performance of the shirt. At present, 49 people offensive front lines include old will be cut off, Joe Staley, 2016 first round show strikes, Josh Garnett and this year’s first round Show Right Trick Mac-McGlinch (Mike McGlinchey).

Harrison finally re-considered his decision. Two and a half years later, he is still the core player of the steelman’s defensive group, and now the steel man is still a game in the super bowl. Harrison is a famous training lesson, but he has a new standard for it is hard training.