Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

Jackson said: «For me, I want to simply say: & lsquo; let us believe him, let him re-issue. & Rsquo; is a very difficult thing. He is recovering, we will progress every day. We will continue to observe. His progress and confirmed that he has been prepared. He is very good in training, we still need to see what will happen in the next few days. «

Gustoski accepted hips surgery in about six months, he said to ESPN now feel good now. But now he can’t accept the trial to show your health, but he is still confident that you can get a chance in the future.

Why is this so? The reason is here: When the game is less than 1 minute, the raid person 24:20 leads the Kansas City chief, Moore successfully killed the Alex Smith caused 4 files 13 yards. However, after Since then, Moore began to celebrate with teammates Carril Mark, and did not realize that the game was still going on. At this time, the Emirates quickly prepared to kick, once the ball was issued, the raid person will be sentenced to the offside foul. It is also easy to temporary, and the Moore has been severely reprimanded on the spot.

Sena Bo has lost his position in the ram, and he did not even entered the list in the game. When he was in Tennessee, he had a most time in Tennessee Titan, and he served as the inner corner guard in the triangular guard. However, Lamarcus Joyner has occupied this position in the ram, and EJ Gaines has injured and returned to Chu Miain — Johnson’s partner as an outer corner guard. .

Noah was invited to the training base to the Helvin home, where he met Kelvin Benjamin and Stephen Hill, but this is not the most exciting, then in the bowling court him I met Newton, Noah made a movement of Newton celebrated Dalong at the scene.

Sen Saibo instead of Gaines in the first battle in the season, he was replaced by Troy Hill in the early days of the second week, he did not get the play time in the third week and in the fourth Week did not enter the list.

Kum-Newton helps 11-year-old children dream come true

A 11-year-old Carolina Black Panther’s little fans had to stay in the hospital since last year, he told his mother in the hospital, he wanted to see the four-point guards of the Black Leopard, Cam Newton (CAM NEWTON) .

Kicking the ball, Sciuski: It is expected to get the opportunity to participate in the training camp

After the end of the season due to the end of the hip injury, the former New England patriots play Stephen Gostkowski once in April, I want to continue to fight for 2020 season, and I have no team for myself. I don’t feel worried.

Tiger running Wei Hill should have more ball after returning to Bernard

On Wednesday, Cincinnati-ranks running Giovani Bernard returns to training, he will have the opportunity to debut in the game this week. The offensive coordinator Hugh-Jackson said that no one will become the first run from the week, but he determines that Bernard will return to the venue.

The second grade of the bear is four-defense receiving shoulder surgery

According to FOX Sports Network, the second grade of the Chicago Xiong team David Fales received shoulder surgery in the lunar season.

For Jeremy Hill, Jeremy Hill, a rookie, who is grabbed during the Bernard’s War, Jackson also has its own ideas. He believes that Hill should have more ball rights: «He has more opportunities, Jeremy’s performance is very good. He completed the game with the right way, we didn’t doubt his ability.» At 11 Within the month, Hill ran all the running guards with 361 yards. Today, he handed over 556 yards, which is more excellent than any rookie.

It is reported that Faus, 24-year-old this year, is limited by surgery, which cannot be quickly participated in training, but will not quickly leave. He is the quartz third replacement of the bear team, will compete with a big list of SHANE CARDEN.

«There is no one in training, so I will not miss and compete with some players in the rest training. If things are developing as I hope, no matter when wholesale Nfl jerseys decides when I started training camp, I will get a chance at that time. «Gustoski said. «I want to work hard to find the team I have the opportunity to compete. For the position of playing, there is usually the position of 2, 3, 4 teams, but you have to find the right team.»