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Flashing Team Security Wei Den — James right foot unfortunate fracture

Beijing August 17th, the flash, cheap jerseys from china Safety Wei Den-James, right foot, unfortunate stress fracture

German-James, as one of the temporary star defensive players, will always have a wonderful performance, but unfortunately, this excellent safety war right has put on protecting boots, did not participate in the team Training on Friday.

This second-grade newcomer safety is diagnosed as the fifth toe of the right foot, and the team will evaluate the injury.

According to NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort, James has to completely rehabilitate for a long time, but it doesn’t matter how long it takes to see it.

The Lightning Team coach Anthony — Lynn told reporters on Friday, is currently unable to determine James’s return time, but he hopes that James can return to the stadium this year.

Although James has just entered the league, only a season, but he has become one of the top security guards of the league.

As a rookie defensive player, he successfully selected a professional bowl this year and harvested 105 cuddles throughout the season (75 alone completed), 3 cases and 3.5 times of perfect data. According to the official data record of nfl jerseys, he is one of the only eight rookie safety sans in history to meet this data.

The flash is lost to the superb bowl of championship in the semi-final last season. This summer has experienced a turbulent station. Now James is injured. This is not for the flashing team who wants to continue to hit the super bowl. Good news.