Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

According to the legal issues of the cheap nfl jerseys official website, the judge’s question questions in the NFL party in more than two hours of oral statement is difficult to ask questions about the NFL player trade union. Such a difficult government will affect the judge’s ruling on this case, but the judge clearly said that he has not made a decision.

With the 8-yard connection completed with Running Dex Burkhede (Rex Burkhead), Braddy passed the number of passes transcended 70000, and became a player who had achieved such a score in history. Unfortunately, the Patriot 10-17 lost the game, and he did not end the opponent Pittsburgh steel man.

And the ram, the whole season, they have almost no challenges, more than half of the games are the rhythm of «three knots to get off work», and the two battles lost will be 10 points. The offensive group of the stars kill the killing, data and professional bowls, which allowed them to maintain the first offense of the league. The defensive defenders in 2000, also taken to the union, and it seems that no one can block their defending. After the National Fedimental game, after they were flattering the packages and the eagle, they as the defending champion and the biggest popular, and the opponent patriot in front of them were like two years ago.

Before the game, Braddy was still 141 yards to reach the milestone. He passed the ball to 279 yards, reached once, was copied once, and the current career passed into 70,138 yards, ranking Drew Brees (73908), Pedon Manning (71940) and Brett Favre.

And in turn, look at St. Louis Ram, after 1999, after the «Cinderella» won the season, their offensive group has kept all the main strengths, including three of the famous Hall of Hattle: The most great counterattack in history 4-point guards — Warner, the most all-around running guards in history, Marshall, Folk, and the first-class Orlando-Ps, which passes the ability to protect the power. In the future, it is possible to select the two outer hands of the Haven Hall, the Bruce and the «Big Competition» Tori Holt’s blessings, this ram offensive group is simply indestructible, and the defensive group, future celebrities Corner Willians — Williams in order to come to the champion «Hugarea», Luovo Smith became a new defensive coordinator, and the defensive of the ram also enhanced a lot, two years ago «Cinderella» championship In this season, I became popular.

Braddy is willing to admit that it failed to cooperate with «ventilation» investigation

When Tom Brady participated in the team training, his lawyers were still negotiating in New York and NFL to negotiate to solve his lawsuit. Judge Richard Berman (Richard Berman) continued to hear the process on Wednesday, he heard the oral statement of both parties.

Jerry Reese, general manager of Giants, is the talent and experience of Mei Liwise. Although this old injury is not optimistic, the team has confidence to help him retrieve the state, at least to make up for the vulnerability in the lineup at this stage.

Williams has been serving the Los Angeles ram for the past three seasons. Williams was known as the Golden Gate of the New Orleans Saint Golden Gate, and there was a banned punishment for nearly one year.

Washington team rushing Hands, Yang: Not satisfied with the Temporary Terminal Liandong District

The Washington football team became the head-term team of Guo Dian East as a result in the end of the season.

Nfl official website reporter Ian Rapople, Albert Breer, reported that Braddy is willing to negotiate according to the insider news, and recognizes that he has not cooperated to a survey, and he is willing Accept a penalty or a penalty that lost the competition. But Braddy is still reluctant to accept the conclusions of the «ventilation» survey report and the ban.

In this competition, Yang took 1 time, 6 times, 2 hit four-point guard, 1 time, causing the number of damage to the number, 2 times destroyed, once forced the ball and 1 time The ball is off. The Washington team got 2 forced the ball, 1 copy of the copy, 4 times, 12 attacks, four defigues and 11 times destroyed.

Yang became a 5-single game in 2000, and once forced the ball, one time to grab the ball, 1 time of the ball and twice to destroy the ball. He is also a new show player who has achieved this data since 2000. In addition, Yang is also only a three-game season since 2000, and one forces the rookie and a rookie of the ball and 1 time.

Although Meliwet is difficult to make substantial changes for the two-wires of the giant, now the team does not have any of the law. Since the beginning of the training camp, seven second-line players can only supervise the war due to injuries. For giants, to strengthen the team’s competitiveness, the primary task is to ensure the health of the player.

In the 2001 season, the future of the next season, the future, the future, the left side of the famous Hall of Haven, Prous Armstrong announced the retirement, and the star rushing handwitel — McKinnis entered the career and was injured. The effects of the disease, the other positions of the team have not been significantly reduced. Team leaders and cores, 1993 Dian Shi Dru-Bledso is a 29-year-old, can provide stable data every season, but no one will believe that he can returned with patriots like five years ago. Super bowl.