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It is reported that Romo will be willing to abandon 5 million in the last season of $ 17 million. At some extent, Romoken actively puts forward the salary and admiration for the retention of good friends. But the question is that if the team boss Jerry Jones, Jerry Jones, Romo is still when it is possible to join the team’s running saves, the Adrian Peterson is saved. Will you choose to sacrifice for the team?

In 2007, the third round of draft selection was rapidly became the first hair in the rookie season and became a collar in the past 13 seasons. Yangda may not be the best offensive front line player on the field, but he has an extremely excellent skill. He can drive a number of defensive players with a strong force when he is open.

Tampa Bay pirate explosion and detachable killing Pittsburgh steel manOn September 29th, Beijing time, at a point in the morning, a focus of NFL’s fourth week of the competition, the main scene of Pushpitzburgh, hosted the challenger Tampawan pirate. The pirate was hung by Atlanta Falcon, which was hung by Atlantan Falcon, which made the 9 days ago, and the 27: 24 reversed steel people. There are still 7 seconds, and Mike Glennon passed the ball to Vicent Jackson, the latter completed the 5 yards of the lodging.

Demacho finally asked me: & lsquo; why can’t you pay a salary? & Rsquo; «Romo said in recent interviews in the near future,» My promise he can pay for him. «But in the end, the Cowboy is still Adhere to your quotation, the things of Romo pay the salary have never been mentioned, and Murray finally went to Philadelphia, joined the Philadelphia eagle that proposed a more rich salary.

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The coach of the United States Tiger is one of the most attractive opportunities. They have a small sign, a number of first-round draft, with patience boss, some young outstanding players, and a large amount of salary space.

Like most of the offensive front line players, Yangda’s performance is often overlooked and cannot be recognized. But his performance in his career made him certainly in the future. In addition to 8 times selected professional bowls, Yang Da has also selected the best lineup for 2 times, 5 times in the best lineup, and won a super bowl of championship.

The American tiger will finally make a final decision on Malone until the end of the season, but if the Jiji feels confident in finding the right successor, Malone’s leave is considered to be unexpected.

Informed people said that the American tiger has expressed interest in the former Florida University and the Ohio State University Cohand — Meer (Urban Meyer). Meer has already developed a list of coaching teams and tells the circle, and the close-up close to the circle will expect to join the Jaguji.

If Meer does not become the final choice for the Jaguji, or he decided to continue to retire, then the American tiger focused on the coach cheap jerseys From china the attack. The Jigi is expected to represent the intention of the Ryan Day that is about to lend Ohio State University. Wearing will lead the team in the University of Alabama in the NCAA National Championship.

The most exciting in the competition, first pirates played a score, poured the score 20:24, and then the defending group stopped the steel person near the midfield, the steel people were forced to kick. In the game, there is still 7 minutes, the pirates have got the ball, Glennong continues to pass, and it is 2 minutes when the game is 2 minutes, and it is promoted to the steel people’s red zone. At this time, the steel team was successfully defended, and the game was 1 minute 49 seconds, the pirate team was off-attack, and Glenn’s pass did not complete. The ball is converted to the hand of the steel man. But the pirate hand holds two pauses to stop watching. The three-step twice of the steel man did not complete the 3 gear conversion. At this time, the steel man’s abandonment kicked only 29 yards. Pirates at the 46-yard line of the Steel Man, got the ball for 50 seconds. Murphy launched in the ball and promoted 41 yards, came to the 5-yard line of the steel man. After the first pass to Jackson, Glennong has 12 seconds, and then passed forward to Jackson. Jackson sways the defenders, and then connects the ball, 27: 24 against the ratio. The steel man is also unable to return to the day. In the end, Tampawan pirate 27:24 didn’t kill the steel man.

America tiger may dismiss the master Shuai Daoge-Malone intentionally Erben — MeierJacksonville American Tiger has not yet made the final decision on the future of the Doug Marlone. But according to informed people, the Jaguchi is expected to dismiss him after the end of the seasons against Indiana Polis, and they are expected to chase at least one well-known coach candidate.