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It is reported that Lin Qi has had a simple conversation with the new England patriots during the seasons. The beginning of the conversation is to ask the Patriot Bill Belichick asking Jimmy Garoppolo’s transaction possibilities, and then he asked Bellchik whether it would be willing to trade Tom-Bre Tom Brady.

Maybe Lin Qi thought that Brady was born in the bay area, from a small 49 fans, so dare to try this. In the final result, we also know that Garyopo came to 49 people, while Braddy continued to stay in the patriot.

In the last month of competition, the pirate’s schedule is not difficult. They will host the new Orleans from the new Orleans, the worst of the Union, the wounded, the wounded, the main scene of the Chicago Bear, and the last week to ensure the main break of the first battle after the first week. Carolina Panther. Of course, if you want to enter the playoffs, pirates have to point out a detachment in the Minnesota Vijing and Seattle Hawks.

Pirate coach: put the rest of the game as a playoffsYoung Tampawan Pirates still have the opportunity to enter the playoffs under the leadership of Jameis Winston. The team is currently 6 wins and 6 losses, the recent state is excellent, and the target is naturally a piece of external card. The coach Lovie-Smith said in an interview that the team needs to treat the remaining games as the playoffs.

49 people managed to listen to the transaction Braddy probabilityJohn Lynch, the first year of San Francisco, the first year of San Francisco, is an idea. He interprets that «how to try it is impossible to know that it is impossible».

After the mandatory mini training camp did not participate in June, Encuvi has always hoped to get a new contract for yourself through the way. The last year of the rookie contract was originally sold this year’s salary only more than 2 million US dollars.

«I think he is ready,» Malone said. «He is ready to participate in training. He has always been great, ready to train. He is an anxious person. He doesn’t like the way. He wants to participate in training and he is ready to train, he wants to go all out This is his essence. «

Pony: Chapsinsky continues to serve as an offensive coordinatorRob Chudzinski will continue to serve as an offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis. On Thursday, Xiaoma announced that Chassinski will stay for a long time and become a formal offensive coordinator. He and the team’s coach Chuck Pagano had a deep feelings, and the trust of the two for the other party also promoted one of the reasons for this appointment.

Now that the expectations of Smith will be much better than he is selected in the fifth round of the show in 2014. During the event of Florida State University, he helped the team a national champion and a player who had the most ranking in the season.

Smith said: «In the past 4 games, we will be 3 wins and 1 loss. This is a good sign. Now we have 4 games left. To enter the playoff game, we need to pay attention to every game, will pay each The fields are considered to be a playoff game that can only win. In the locker room, we believe we can do it. «Due to the Atlantian big fountain fell into low tide, the external card seat is not far from the pirate.

This season, Chassinsky has been questioned by the outside world after the admission coordinator. The reason is that he did not have a sufficient number of vertical routes for the young external connections, so that they could not play their speed advantage. On the other hand, the real reason for the horses offensive is in the quarter gains. Due to the injury of Andrew Luck, the Pony had to enable the old Matt Hasselbeck. Although the latter is more than expected, he also suffered from injuries, the team can only use Charlie Whitehurst or even Josh Freeman.

Monday, about to enter the final year of his rookie contract Kerrigan said:. «What will happen will happen, but renewal for me still is a very important thing I hope we can reach an agreement, I am very confident. «Kerrigan, 26-year-old completed 13.5 sacks last season, a total of 51 times to put pressure on the quarterback result, these two data in all 3-4 outside linebacker in the league are listed second. In March, Buffalo Bill and Jerry red setter — Hughes (Jerry Hughes) on a five-year, Cheap Jerseys $ 45 million contract agreement. Kerrigan’s new about this will be in line.

«Finally, they have the opportunity to give me a long but fail, so now is this situation,» Enacai Weekday said. «I just came here as I said. I love football. I love my teammates, I am here to participate in the game.»

After losing Ola Kebo, the Redskins defense group Kerrigan seen as a new core of players. The team hopes to learn from experience, get an early start to contract work, we strive to keep the white red setter.

Jacksonville America Tiger and Line Wei Terrin — Smith Contains for 4 yearsThe Jacksonville American Tiger Defense Group finally made the lineup that accumulated in recent years played a role in the field, and an important member of them was the line of Telvin Smith.