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Two important players were injured by two important players in the snow, packing package

Green Bay packaging work in Seattle is not only embodied in the final score. The injury of two important players made them on snow. Their offensive Diagonal Bryan Bulaga was left by the knee sprain, and the EDDIE LACY was arrogant in the fourth quarter and confirmed the brain shock after the game. He has also lost 1 game due to the brain shock in the last season.

Chris Ballard, General Manager of Xiao Ma, said: «Brian joins the offensive front line is very excited, and his all-roundness attracts us, and it will make the team’s position in the team more intense.»

The two teams have played in the sixth week, and the black panther 27-23 defeated the opponent. The current sea eagle pays more attention to the ball attack. As one of the best angular swings during the regular season, Norman’s performance will also affect the trend of this game.

If the Brazza is missing for a long time, his injury will become a big hidden danger. He hurts after the second section and teammates collided with Richard Rodgers. Braga took the next, and then his left knee was examined. Last year Braga’s same knees have experienced the former cross ligament torn caused him to reimburse him throughout the season. Braga’s injury has a rapid and substantial impact on the results of the game. His derek shel-Sherod defeated by the Haiying defensive group and obtained 2 killing. One of them caused the attack failed to successfully complete the 4-speed conversion, and the other will lead to safety points.

Norman said: «Life is difficult, if you don’t overcome suffering, how to prove that you are the best. This is the way we live in this society. We hope that things can be simple, but we will not Well, we hope that others can do something for us, but we will not think that this is a matter. «When asked if it is more willing to face the green bay packager or Washington red skin, Norman said it is very happy to be able to use the Hawk. competition.

Black Leopard Norman is expecting the challenge from Hawks

Carolina Black Leopard will be on the week. In the case of being asked and how to view this game, Josh Norman said he expected to accept challenges.

The jet application is interview with the Holy Polic Probe

Beijing May 30th, the New York jet is still searching for the general manager candidate, this time they target the target of the United States.

Raybi is one of the best players in this game is the best player. Although the data does not come out (15 yards of the 15th mushrooms), Leis can continue to run out more distance Cheap jerseys from China the team friend. The problem is: The offensive front line of the package is unable to open a road.

Fang Tainnot has worked in the Saint Work 17 years, with the general manager Mickey Lubis, Assistant General Manager and University Scout Jeff — Ireland (Jeffe Ireland) and the head coach Sean-Pedon Sean payton, together, cast a big list of Saints.

After the lineup, there is no quartz and start reconstruction, and the coach Shanahan and the general manager John Lynch has to retain a few key offensive players. They retained Colee before the free player market opened.

49 people lacking external hands, Coleese became the most reliable pass target. He completed 64 battles last season to get 667 yards 3 times. The four-point guard will pass 115 times, and 52 times in Quinton Patton is ranked second.

The property of the patriot player is in the middle of the night.

The cheap nfl jerseys from china Alliance arranged a superb bowl before local time on Tuesday, but it was not sufficient to rest in the first night of the new England patriots. The reason is that at night, the hotel in the patriot players suffered fire, which obviously affects the rest of most people.

There is no reason to be triggered by the hotel, but some fans still can’t help but think. Some fans on the Internet are guessing, and the supporters of the opponent Seattle Hawks deliberately in order to affect the rest of the patriot player. Of course, this guess is no basis for the fans. Anyway, in order to give a fans a more exciting game, we hope that every player can get a sufficient rest before the game.

NFL official website reporter Jeff Darlington revealed in his online social media in the morning, and the property of the patriot player suffered fire alarm at 1:30 in the local time on Tuesday. The fire lasted for 10 minutes. It was good to investigate the relevant personnel. The hotel determined that the fire was a confusing scene and did not really occur. The only fire alarm is the rest of the patriot player.

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