Диспетчер: 8 (395) 52-51-10, Аварийная служба после 17-00   8-924-631-00-04

«I think Meers have the right mentality, that is, I want to get the honor of MVP, but we need him to be the best player for us, no matter what happened,» Woods said on Thursday. «Now, I think he is very good.»

In the 11-year end of the legend, Pelson has grown from the rookie into the league, and finally selected the best lineup, 3 times selection of professional bowls, selected the best lineup in the 1970s and helped Dallas denim win the 12th Super Bowl championship. . His whole career has spent 489 games in 156 games in 156 games, and ranked fourth cheap jerseys from china the history of the cowboy. In addition, it also achieved 48 times. Person’s performance in the playoffs is equally colorful, and it has achieved 8 reachaes in 22 playoffs, and the number of games and regular performances are flat.

Jay Gruden, said: «It is very important to give him the ball. To give him a few times, let him find the rhythm, adapt to the ground attack, being hit, being hug, learn to protect Ball & Hellip; & Hellip; I think he is good tonight. «

Small horse truncation mimics red white machine celebration

Although in the last week’s competition, the Indianapolis pony failed to develop the new England Patriots, but the small horse appearance Anthony-Castezo (Anthony Castonzo) was imitated in the red and white machine game. Action still has a deep impression on people.

«I think that in this alliance as a young player, you will experience many different periods, so I certainly think he will learn from the incident from last season,» Woods said. «We really didn’t discuss this thing after he resumed the appearance. He focused on becoming better. He focused on becoming a good teammate. He participated in the meeting. He is working hard to bear more leaders Role. I certainly think he is moving in the right direction and has the right mentality. «

Noxs also coached the Los Angeles ram in 1973 and 1992 to 1994, and the 69 wins and 48 negative records were obtained. Knox was a two-digit game in five consecutive seasons in the first paragraph of the ram. He joined Bill in 1978 and stayed in 1982. He returned to the ram in 1992, but he won’t exceed 6 games in each season, which caused him to be dismissed in 1995.

Knix got the first coach work in NFL in 1963 & mdash; & mdash; served as New York jet offensive front line coach, he worked in 1966, and then he went to Detroit Lion in 1967 to 1967. Location coach. He has achieved 186 wins in the regular game in the colors of the colors, and he won 7 wins and 11 losses in the playoffs.

It was not affecting the physical condition of the Gain last year. He said: «I spent a long time, brother. But I know this is what I need, I need to stand on the court, feel the foot, and find my true level in the collision. «

Florez is one of the eight coach in history to win the super bowl of championship in the first two seasons. It is also one of the two teams who have worked in the time of the player’s era. One of the leaders of the superb bowl champion. He eventually taught the Seattle Hawks as the final chapter of his coach career in 1992-1994.

Dru Person and Tom — Florez finally candidate list

Drew Pearson’s Sacred 88 jersey will encourage the next owner to reach the legendary standard he set up in the game, and Pelsen I may raise the standard to the celebrities.

After receiving the passage of 4-point Wei Andrew Ruk (Andrew Luck) at 1 yard line, Cas is unusually excited, Centummaths.Com and the body is constantly moving in the end area and waving the arm. After the game, a journalist who was eye-catching was in the case of imitating the ancient 16-bit red white machine game, the latter gave a sure answer: «Yes, I am imitating the streets 2 Zhongdalshi Action, he is actually a bit like a disapers, always uses hands to block the enemy of the enemy. In addition to this celebration, there is a movement in the air, but I can’t prepare this one. «

Fremman’s career passed success rate is 57.6%, and 80 reachaes and 57 cases have been completed. The best season he played was 2010. He completed 25 Dalun, only 6 copies, leading pirates completed the first 10 wins and 6 losses in the past six years.

The connection between Florez and the raid is over here. When AFL was established in 1960, Florez is the first first quarter-off. As a main brush, his coaching rate ranking team is second, second only to John Madden. Florez has proved his strength in the playoffs, and he led the raid to Los Angeles in the 1983 season again win the super bowl of championship again.

Person has been selected as the final candidate of 2021 professional football celebrities. As the coach leads the Auckland raid, Tom Flores, who won the super bowl of champions, was selected as a coach candidate for senior entrant categories.

In 1983, from 1983 to 1991, Knohwag was coached, and six seasons were taken to achieve more than little records in six seasons. Knox was a good start in the first season of the Sea, which led the team to win 9 games and entered the United States championship. After a season, the Sea Eagle won 12 games but was eliminated in the playoffs. .