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Erben-Meier: Will not leave the Jaguchi to go to the South to increase the job

After Clay Helton, the coach of the University of Southern California was empty. Although it is considered one of the candidates, the Justban MEYER is not competitive.

Mile said in the interview on Wednesday that he left NFL for buy google jerseys the southern coach position, and said, «I will work hard to build a team.»

Mile acquired 187 wins in the college coaching, 32 losses, three times to win the national champion, twice (2006,2008) at the University of Fronda, once (2014) in Ohio State University. He is from 65-15 and 83-9, respectively, in these two universities.

Meer’s training in the training camp with Gardner Minshew scored a training with the first lineup, china jerseys free shipping and finally decided to let Lawrence started. Ming repair was traded to Philadelphia eagle before the start of the season.

Lawrence’s vast show ended with 37-21, the Jaguquan team lost his head and lost his hand, but he had to use 2 pauses in the first section to avoid delayed competition fouls. After that, the Jaguchi also had multiple unlaminated fouls, and there was 12 people to foul. Lawrence himself passed three times.